API Fortress Launches Automatic Test Generation with RAML


Partnership Integrates API Fortress Monitoring and Testing with Apiary’s API-First Design Platform

San Francisco, CA - November 8, 2016 - API Fortress, a leading provider of API monitoring and test solutions, and Apiary, the leader in API-First design platforms, today announced new integration capabilities. The joint functionality provides mutual customers with the ability to complete the entire API development lifecycle by allowing API design contracts to automatically create scenarios to be used in test-driven development.

Test-driven development for APIs has traditionally been hard to achieve. Now, you can login to your Apiary account from within API Fortress and automatically generate tests from your Apiary Blueprints. The tests generated can be used against both staging and production environment and connects the API-First development power of Apiary with API Fortress’s robust monitoring and testing.

The joint functionality will be available on all API Fortress accounts, and the Apiary API Flow Pro plan.

Free trials are available with full functionality are available on both www.apifortress.com and www.apiary.io.

About Apiary
Apiary provides the world’s first platform, Apiary APIFlow, designed specifically to help companies accelerate and control the development of APIs. Over 230,000 API developers from 3800 companies with 2.1M consumers have created API products with Apiary that their customers, business partners, and machines love to use.

About API Fortress
API Fortress handles testing and monitoring for APIs. Get notified the moment flaws or vulnerabilities are found, and the platform facilitates the process of taking corrective action. All without writing any code.

For more information, please visit apifortress.com.

Western Union Announces Digital Enhancements Benefitting Both C2C and B2B Customers

Reflecting its strategic focus in digital expansion, The Western Union Company (NYSE: WU) today outlined specific enhancements to its services for its consumer-to-consumer (C2C) and business-to-business (B2B) customers.

A new omni-channel feature on the Western Union mobile app gives consumers the flexibility to send money to more than 200 countries and territories using multiple payment options. They can use the in-app payment choice of bank account, card or now use cash via an agent location. This new feature is available in the US and the UK and is planned to be rolled out globally over the coming year.

The company also announced an expansion of its payment platform for businesses that enables large enterprises to send high volumes of cross-currency and cross-border payments simultaneously.

“Consumers and businesses demand freedom of choice in today’s world,” said Western Union President and CEO Hikmet Ersek. “Western Union makes the lives of our customers easier and less complex – whether someone wants to send money from their phone that can be picked up in person, or helping businesses of all sizes grow.”

Western Union C2C Omni-Channel Mobile App

Western Union has expanded its digital footprint significantly, and consumers can now send money globally via WU.com in 37 countries orWestern Union mobile app in 16 countries. The omni-channel enhancement provides additional convenience of starting the transaction on their smart phone, even if paying with cash, which significantly speeds up the in-store transaction. The company expects to roll out the service in the coming months in France, Germany, and Canada.

“Omni-channel choice is a thoughtful innovation which brings the advantages of digital transactions into a physical world,” said Western Union President of the Americas and European Union Odilon Almeida. “Our large, fast-growing digital network, combined with our regulatory understanding and compliance infrastructure, gives us opportunities to drive real value in all money transfer scenarios.”

Western Union Business Mass Payments

Corporate and Financial Institutions can now conveniently and efficiently send high volumes of payments across a multitude of countries and currencies. The enhanced Mass Pay offering builds on the core payments platform that underpins the company’s proprietary award-winning WU® EDGE™ platform, leveraging Western Union’s unique global banking network to drive speed and efficiency in making global payments.

“Our enhanced Mass Payments product offers unprecedented ease whereby Corporate and Financial Institutional customers can implement an international Mass Payments solution for their business. With an enriched suite of integration options, including a direct application programming interface (API) as well as SWIFT FIN connections, our customers can be up and running with our new service in days. This release reinforces our unique capabilities that have led us to become one of the largest non-bank providers of international payments in the world,” said Western Union Business Solutions President Kerry Agiasotis.

About Western Union

The Western Union Company (NYSE: WU) is a leader in global payment services. Together with its Vigo, Orlandi Valuta, Pago Facil and Western Union Business Solutions branded payment services, Western Union provides consumers and businesses with fast, reliable and convenient ways to send and receive money around the world, to send payments and to purchase money orders. As of June 30, 2016, the Western Union, Vigo and Orlandi Valuta branded services were offered through a combined network of over 500,000 agent locations in 200 countries and territories and over 100,000 ATMs and kiosks, and included the capability to send money to billions of accounts. In 2015, The Western Union Company completed 262 million consumer-to-consumer transactions worldwide, moving $82 billion of principal between consumers, and 508 million business payments. For more information, visit www.westernunion.com.

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Visual IQ Acquires Refined Labs, Expanding Reach In Global Attribution

Visual IQ, the leading cross channel marketing attribution software provider, today announced it has acquired Refined Labs, a leading German attribution and customer journey analytics provider. The addition of Refined Labs' analytical prowess will strengthen Visual IQ's global attribution offering and provide more brands and agencies with solutions that match their goals, business requirements and level of marketing sophistication, regardless of the size of their advertising spend.

Based in Munich, Germany, Refined Labs provides advanced measurement, search performance management and TV measurement solutions that help agencies, direct search advertisers and affiliates optimize their ROI on advertising money spent. The addition of Refined Labs' technology will enhance Visual IQ's solution, the IQ Intelligence Suite, by enabling marketers across a broad spectrum of spend to leverage attribution to understand the complex customer journey and determine how to best allocate budgets across channels, tactics and campaigns, both online and offline as well as across devices.

Refined Labs currently has more than 60 customers, who will all gain immediate access to Visual IQ's highly regarded support staff and its advanced measurement and optimization capabilities. The acquisition will strengthen Visual IQ's presence in EMEA, and the addition of Refined Labs' dynamic engineering, client services and sales teams will further advancements in business development, support services, product enhancements and more.

“The global market is looking for a single vendor to provide attribution products with varying degrees of sophistication based on their business goals and objectives. Our acquisition of Refined Labs will extend our capabilities in critical areas to help more marketers achieve meaningful results,” said Manu Mathew, co-founder and CEO of Visual IQ. "We’ve been providing marketing attribution for over 15 years and have learned that marketers are in desperate need of a platform that provides a cohesive approach for analyzing and attributing marketing performance in real-time. We're thrilled to welcome Refined Labs, including its talented team, so our joint customers are armed with the information and recommendations needed to make the most of their marketing budgets."

Visual IQ's IQ Intelligence Suite provides marketers with an advertiser-trusted, publisher-agnostic approach for measuring and optimizing cross channel performance and quantifies the true impact that every marketing touchpoint across the purchase funnel has on a conversion. The addition of Refined Labs’ attribution and customer journey analytics, search and TV offerings will strengthen Visual IQ's ability to provide brands and agencies with solutions that match their unique measurement and optimization needs.

"Visual IQ is the world's largest independent attribution provider, and we are thrilled to be joining the company in its pursuit of developing the most efficient and robust advanced measurement offerings," said Thomas Bindl, Refined Labs founder and CEO. "As part of Visual IQ, we now have the support to bring our vision for marketing measurement and optimization to the next level. We are grateful for the support by our clients over the last eight years and are looking forward to continue delivering massive value for them."

All of Refined Labs' two dozen employees will become part of Visual IQ, effective immediately, and over time, Refined Labs' offerings, including its robust API integrations, will be incorporated into the IQ Intelligence Suite.

To learn more about Visual IQ's attribution solution or the acquisition, visit www.visualiq.com.

About Visual IQ
Visual IQ produces the world’s most powerful cross channel marketing attribution software products. As a pioneer in the space, the company has been offering products since 2006. Its SaaS-based IQ Intelligence Suite reveals cross channel performance insights hidden deep within companies’ marketing data, providing actionable recommendations and optimized media plans to improve marketing effectiveness. These recommendations enable marketers and agencies to adjust their advertising strategies and tactics to significantly increase marketing ROI across their entire marketing mix – both online and offline. The functionality behind these products combines a powerful, user-friendly interface with multi-dimensional fractional attribution science and predictive analytics that clearly and accurately show marketers where opportunities exist for improvement.

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Unit4 Deliver Student Administration for Large Higher Education Institutions

Unit4, a fast growing leader in enterprise applications for service organizations, today announced it is the first to deliver full student administration capabilities in the cloud for large, complex higher education institutions.

Unit4 has successfully deployed enterprise applications to over 1000 colleges and universities globally including 75 of the top 100 largest public universities in the UK. Customers include, the Singapore Institute of Management, the University of Bristol, HEC Paris, University of Liverpool, American University of Paris, University of Nottingham, Robert Morris University, University of York, Baylor College of Medicine, Queen Mary University of London, and Kings College London.

The first to market with a cloud Student Information System (SIS) covering all core capabilities of institutions, Unit4’s Student Management system has become the fastest selling enterprise solution for Higher Education in the company’s 35-year history. Unit4 has added API integrations and Superstructure capabilities supporting institutions to run multiple, independent configurations from a single instance.

The University of Aberdeen is an example of Unit4’s early success. An ancient institution consistently ranked in the top one percent of the world’s higher education institutions, it will roll out Unit4 Student Management, on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, to over 16,000 students and staff. It is expected the solution will stimulate growth in the number of applicants, improve student retention rates and enhance the effectiveness of student operations.

Eduventures study: An overview of cloud-based Student Information Systems (SIS)

In a new report from Eduventures, Unit4 is described as, “the first cloud SIS that delivered on 100 percent of the core capabilities for institutions”; and one of the only vendors that can provide this feature coverage in the cloud today. “Its ability to tie CRM-like workflows to non-traditional students, informed by analytics and predictive tools, is unparalleled across the platforms reviewed for this report…The scalability afforded through Unit4’s partnership with Azure Cloud Services means Unit4 Student Management scales for institutions of any size and transactional volume, including large online programs.”

First to deliver full student administration capabilities for large, complex institutions

Unit4 is bringing 21st century innovation into the hands of students, faculty and campus administration. Built on Microsoft Azure, institutions benefit from the smart technology in Azure’s PaaS platform components including predictive analytics, machine learning, event stream analysis and complex event processing and Microsoft Office 365 integrations. The software becomes self-driving by making intelligent suggestions based on smart patterns. Users are supported to take better decisions, or tasks are automatically executed with permission from the user. Unit4 Student Management is the only next-generation Student Information System on the market supporting robust, campus-wide capabilities with an innovative “touch-first” interface.

On the back of significant global success, Unit4 is making its cutting edge Student Management system available to larger, more complex institutions through new simple to manage Superstructure capabilities. A “superstructure” capability allows customers to run multiple, independent configurations of the product with a single instance of the software. Whether they want to run separate configurations for individual schools within the system (e.g., business school, medical school, law school, etc.) or for individual campuses across a multi-campus system, they can do this all from a single instance of the software, including roll-up reporting capabilities for all.

New functionality also includes API integration, enabling Learning Management System integration, and enhancements to Block Registration, Requisites (courses and non-courses) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to manage relationships at an organizational level. Uniquely, institutions can manage most CRM, degree audit and student engagement/service delivery tasks from the Unit4 system without additional products or integrations. In many cases, complex customizations when migrating from legacy platforms can be eliminated entirely through its off-the-shelf workflow.

Showcasing innovation at EDUCAUSE 2016

Unit4 is at the forefront of Higher Education technology innovation. Unit4 will showcase a new Student Chatbot for Higher Education at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2016 (booth 1311) in Anaheim, California, October 26-27. Built for Unit4 Student Management on Azure it’s the first of its kind. Taking advantage of Microsoft’s Bot Framework and Microsoft Cognitive Services, it has the ability to change the student college or university experience and help institutions better serve students. Bot innovation will be a big focus over the next few years.

Comment on the news

“Unit4 Student Management will deliver a service to help the University stand out from other institutions,” said Professor Peter McGeorge, Vice-Principal for Learning and Teaching at the University of Aberdeen. “This new technology will enable potential and enrolled students to interact with timely, personalized information no matter where they are in the world. Their contact with the University will benefit from the same easy-to-use digital experience they get outside of University with social media and other retailers. By removing the burden of paper work, and delivering a digital experience, they can focus on learning. Additionally, University staff will have the tools they need to better understand and deliver student-focused, personalized support.”

“New information sources and digital technologies offer new opportunities for institutions to reveal insights, improve processes, and deliver unique and differentiated services,” said Jami Morshed, Vice President, Global Higher Education at Unit4. “Our Student Management system is the only one on the market that really embraces advances in technology, delivering institutions a new experience and making things possible that weren’t before. Institutions of all sizes can truly benefit from the transformative nature this technology offers to improve learning outcomes, improve access, and even reduce institutional overhead costs.”

About Unit4
Unit4 is a leading provider of enterprise applications empowering people in service organizations. Unit4 delivers ERP, industry-focused and best-in-class applications. Thousands of organizations from sectors including professional services, education, public services, not-for-profit, real estate, wholesale, and financial services benefit from Unit4 solutions. Unit4 provides student management, ERP and research management solutions to over 1000 colleges and universities globally to help them accelerate growth, boost student success, improve institutional effectiveness and deliver research excellence. Clients include Oxford and Cambridge Universities, HEC Paris, University of Waterloo, American University of Paris, Robert Morris University, Baylor College of Medicine, Hult International, and University of Dubai. Unit4 is in business for people.

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Staples Easy Button Comes to Life with IBM Watson

Staples (NASDAQ: SPLS) announced today that it has reached the next phase of its Staples Easy System pilot program, unveiling the new cognitive-enabled “Easy Button” office supply reordering system which integrates IBM’s Watson technology to simplify office supply management for Staples Business Advantage Customers.

The Staples Easy System brings the “on-demand” world to businesses, allowing customers to order anytime, anywhere, from any device they prefer. By tapping into IBM’s Watson Conversation service, Staples now offers a seamless ordering interface for customers across the Staples Easy System ecosystem – whether it’s via Staples’ proprietary next-generation Easy Button, through the app, text, email, over Facebook Messenger or with a Slackbot. The Watson-enabled interface simplifies the customers’ shopping experience, allowing them to quickly reorder supplies, track shipments or chat about customer service needs.

In addition to facilitating simpler interactions with customers, cognitive capabilities built into the system and powered by a combination of Watson Knowledge Studio and Staples’ own internal personalization APIs will help the Staples Easy System learn more about each businesses’ preferences over time, including their preferred products and quantities. Eventually, the system will even be able to make product and services recommendations based on the customer’s current needs.

“Staples and IBM have combined the power of Watson technology with Staples’ expertise in helping small and medium businesses to transform how companies shop for everything they need for their office,” said Faisal Masud, executive vice president, eCommerce and customer experience, Staples. “With the Easy System, administrators will have greater overall management of their organizations’ procurement processes, ultimately saving them time they can instead spend on running their office. It’s the assistant’s assistant.”

Since announcing the Staples Easy System solution earlier this year, Staples’ Applied Innovation, e-Commerce and IT teams have been working on adding features and services to benefit business customers, including:

  • Speech-to-text capability, translating the inbound audio stream from the customer to Staples, which then allows for recognition of what they want to order or ask the Easy System.
  • The ability to view and playback all requests received from the customer’s Easy Button, allowing both the customer and Staples to listen to captured audio, review submissions from any of their devices and verify the requested items.
  • Strengthening the customer service chat feature with IBM’s Watson Conversation service, allowing the system to quickly respond to common requests, like checking on product availability.
  • Self-monitoring status updates through an API that sends a request to the Easy System from the Easy Button to check if button is online or not. If the Easy System detects that button is not online then it will send an email to the customer to alert them before the next time they try and make an order.

“A critical component of Watson’s technology is engagement, facilitating better interactions between brands and consumers, deepening connections and enhancing how people engage,” said Steve Abrams, distinguished engineer and vice president of developer advocacy, IBM Watson. “Our collaboration with Staples puts cognitive in the palm of the consumer’s hand, streamlining business operations and creating a frictionless customer experience.”

The Easy Button is being rolled out via Alpha Test to a small subset of Staples Business Advantage customers in the Austin, TX market. This will be followed by a broader Beta Test rollout to over 100 additional customers in Austin and New York before the year-end.

Staples is continuing to investigate other applications for the Easy System technology, including integrating additional Watson-related APIs in the future that could help with other tasks like booking a flight, ordering flowers or even making dinner reservations. Other future applications could come from the Easy Button’s “Internet of Things” capabilities, allowing it to connect to, and communicate with, other smart devices, like a printer that tells the button when it’s low on toner.

Businesses interested in learning more about the Easy System, including how to sign up to be a Beta customer, can visit www.staples.com/easy.

The Alpha and Beta tests of the Easy Button are part of a larger initiative from Staples to make easier shopping happen, which also includes the recently announced “Scan My List” functionality for Staples’ iOS mobile app, which lets a customer scan their shopping list or even take a picture of their breakroom to generate a Staples.com order.

About Staples, Inc.

Staples retail stores and Staples.com help small business customers make more happen by providing a broad assortment of products, expanded business services and easy ways to shop, all backed with a lowest price guarantee. Staples offers businesses the convenience to shop and buy how and when they want - in store, online, via mobile or though social apps. Staples.com customers can either buy online and pick-up in store or ship for free from Staples.com with Staples Rewards minimum purchase. Expanded services also make it easy for businesses to succeed with in-store Business Centers featuring shipping services and products, copying, scanning, faxing and computer work stations, Tech Services, full-service Print & Marketing Services, Staples Merchant Services, small business lending and credit services.

Staples Business Advantage, the business-to-business division of Staples, Inc., helps mid-market, commercial and enterprise-sized customers make more happen by offering a curated assortment of products and services combined with deep expertise, best-in-class customer service, competitive pricing and state-of-the art-ecommerce site. Staples Business Advantage is the one-source solution for all things businesses need to succeed, including office supplies, facilities cleaning and maintenance, breakroom snacks and beverages, technology, furniture, interior design and Print & Marketing Services. Headquartered outside of Boston, Staples, Inc. operates throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. More information about Staples (NASDAQ: SPLS) is available at www.staples.com. 

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NTT DATA to Hold Global Contest in Search of New Venture Businesses

NTT DATA, a global IT service provider, announced today that it will host preliminary contests in 10 locations worldwide to attract ideas for venture-business collaborations. Any startup company is welcomed to submit a proposal for a venture business in a field such as FinTech, IoT, energy, insurance tech, big data, digital marketing, blockchain, API, personal data, AI, cyber security, virtual/augmented reality, or robotics. The winner of each preliminary contest will be invited to the Grand Finale contest in Tokyo in March 2017, with NTT DATA covering the travel and related expenses for one presenter from each winner to attend. The Grand Finale winner will receive a three-month in-kind contribution worth 30,000 USD to support the development of their proposed new business.

NTT DATA envisions the winning venture business as a triple-win proposition for the startup, NTT DATA’s clients (major companies, banks and public institutions) and the NTT DATA group itself. As the result of previous contests, for example, Money Forward, Inc., Freee, Inc. and NTT DATA developed a FinTech service for internet banking that was commercialized in February 2016. Also, Sassor, Inc. and NTT DATA are working toward an energy-management initiative that is expected to provide energy-consumption analysis as an IoT service.

According to Koutaro Zanma, Head of Open Innovation and Business Incubation Business Strategy Department at NTT DATA, “Our biannual contest to promote collaborations with startup companies worldwide is one of many initiatives on which NTT DATA will capitalize in hopes of surpassing 10 billion yen (about 100 million USD) in annual business by 2020. We want to help solve key issues in global society by combining knowledge, technologies and networks both inside and outside of our company.”

NTT DATA, Japan’s leading systems integrator, is playing a vital role in building out IT infrastructure in Japan and also is engaged in IT business in more than 40 countries worldwide. The company believes that IT and Open Innovation are the keys to solving pressing economic problems, such as decreasing population, aging societies, environmental destruction, energy depletion, rising costs of healthcare, reduced self-sufficiency in food, and economic disparities. To help address such problems, NTT DATA has hosted four venture-business contests in Japan, and now the company has decided to expand the host cities globally. By sharing ideas and collaborating innovatively, NTT DATA aims to create new businesses that will help to solve global problems.


Open Innovation Business Contest

Application:   3 PM, October 26, to 5 PM, December 19, 2016
Venues:   Tokyo, San Francisco, London, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Madrid, Barcelona, Singapore, Beijing and Sao Paulo
Qualified entrants:   Legally incorporated startup companies
Venture themes:  

FinTech, IoT, energy, insurance tech, big data, digital marketing, blockchain, API, personal data, AI, cyber security, virtual/augmented reality, or robotics

Schedule:   Application deadline – Thursday, December 19
    Preliminary contests – February or March 2017
    Grand Finale in Tokyo – Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Application documents must be written in Japanese or English

Applications may be submitted online at http://oi.nttdata.com/en/contest


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Mastercard Enables Microsoft Wallet, Android Pay and Samsung Pay Users

 Mastercard today announced agreements with Microsoft, Google and Samsung to bring online payments capabilities to U.S.-based users of their digital wallets. Starting early next year, Mastercard cardholders that use Microsoft Wallet, Android Pay or Samsung Pay will be able to shop online at the hundreds of thousands of merchants around the world where Masterpass is accepted.

Announced earlier this year, the enhanced Masterpass solution uniquely empowers banks and other partners to deliver a branded and customized all-digital payment solution. With Masterpass, consumers are able to make fast, simple and secure digital payments – across devices and channels – anywhere they want to shop: online, in-app and in-store using contactless. To speed up and simplify the online checkout process, consumers’ credit, debit and prepaid card information, along with shipping addresses, are all securely stored in one place. Consumers then complete a purchase with as a little as one click or touch on their favorite connected device.

The speed and simplicity of online checkout with Masterpass will now be extended to the millions of consumers who currently use Microsoft Wallet, Android Pay or Samsung Pay. Consumers using those wallets will be able to use their same secure tokenized credentials and device authentication methods to complete online transactions at any merchant site that accepts Masterpass. The optimized checkout process creates a seamless shopping experience, protected by multi-layers of security.

“We’re excited to bring Masterpass to Microsoft Wallet users,” said Eric Lockard, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft. “Masterpass provides an additional payment option for our customers who look to the Microsoft Wallet to conveniently checkout at their favorite online shopping sites.”

“With this partnership, Android Pay and Masterpass will deliver a seamless purchase experience at thousands of merchants that support Masterpass,” said Pali Bhat, Global Head of Payments Products for Google. “We’re excited to extend the reach of Android Pay by giving online shoppers even more ways to use Android Pay across the web.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Mastercard to bring online payments to the masses and make the online shopping experience as convenient and seamless as possible,” said Thomas Ko, VP and Global GM, Samsung Pay, Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics. “Through our partnership, our users will be able to simply and securely make payments across their devices and enjoy a variety of benefits all through Samsung Pay.”

The integration of Masterpass with digital wallets delivers benefits for the entire payments ecosystem including consumers, banks and merchants. Consumers retain choice in their use of wallets and digital payments services, while gaining access to hundreds of thousands of Masterpass merchants for a secure and simplified online checkout experience. For the hundreds of banks who already participate in these digital wallets, they will now be able to offer expanded acceptance via Masterpass to their consumers. Merchants, who can easily integrate Masterpass into their websites and mobile apps via the Masterpass API, now have an opportunity to reach the millions of consumers currently using Microsoft Wallet, Android Pay or Samsung Pay – without additional development work.

“The integration of Masterpass with multiple digital wallets demonstrates that Mastercard is committed to scaling the digital commerce opportunity in a way that promotes interoperability,” said Jordan McKee, Senior Analyst at 451 Research. “This is an important step in the continued evolution of Masterpass that serves to expand its value to merchants, issuers and cardholders alike.”

Masterpass is currently available in 33 markets, with planned expansion to 35 by the end of 2016. Masterpass online acceptance for consumers using Microsoft Wallet, Android Pay or Samsung Pay will begin to rollout in early 2017.

“Mastercard is working to ensure that every one of our accounts is as digital as the people using them,” said Garry Lyons, Chief Innovation Officer at Mastercard. “Enabling our cardholders to use digital wallets to shop online via Masterpass is the latest example of our work – alongside our banks, merchants and digital partners – to deliver rich, innovative, compelling and secure ways to pay and get paid across all channels and devices, redefining commerce globally.”

About Mastercard
Mastercard (NYSE:MA), www.mastercard.com, is a technology company in the global payments industry. We operate the world’s fastest payments processing network, connecting consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories. Mastercard products and solutions make everyday commerce activities – such as shopping, traveling, running a business and managing finances – easier, more secure and more efficient for everyone. Follow us on Twitter @MastercardNews, join the discussion on the Beyond the Transaction Blog and subscribe for the latest news on the Engagement Bureau. 

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ManagedMethods Teams with Check Point to Defend Against Zero-Day Threats

ManagedMethods, a leading provider in the cloud access security broker (CASB) space, today announced its newest integration with Check Point Software Technologies Ltd (NASDAQ: CHKP). The combined solution integrates ManagedMethods’ Cloud Access Monitor CASB product with Check Point’s SandBlast Zero-Day Protection API, allowing IT teams to automatically detect and quarantine malware in both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps.

“We are very excited about this evolution in our partnership with Check Point,” said Charlie Sander, CEO of ManagedMethods. “Now in addition to audit and control of popular cloud apps, Cloud Access Monitor will have the additional benefit of zero-day malware detection so companies can defend themselves against these malicious attacks. Our combined solution provides a comprehensive defense against cloud-based threats.”

Benefits of the new integration include:

  • Gain visibility into Shadow IT and sanctioned cloud application usage so you know who is using which cloud apps and what data is being shared in the cloud.
  • Detect and block Zero-Day malware before your company is exposed to risk.
  • Extend threat protection beyond the network perimeter leveraging cloud-native APIs with popular cloud collaboration apps including Office 365/OneDrive, Google Apps, Box, and Dropbox.
  • Identify risk level of all cloud apps in use, including behavioral analysis of user activity over time.

“A large portion of the value in today’s security products can be measured by how well they integrate into existing investments,” said Adrian Sanabria, Senior Security Analyst at 451 Research. “The concept of fourth-party interactions exists in the world of SaaS, but is invisible to in-line proxies or firewalls. This is due to the interaction occurring between two third parties (saving a file from Office 365 directly into Box, for example), meaning it doesn’t come across ‘the wire.’ Visibility into this blind spot requires some level of API integration with the SaaS provider. Conversely, CASB vendors generally have no malware detection capabilities, making a malware analysis partnership ideal.”

ManagedMethods and Check Point have formed this partnership to deliver enhanced network security and cloud control. The integration of the two security solutions ensures high-performance network and cloud application protection in our rapidly evolving threat landscape.

“Managed Methods brings value to our partnership by integrating Cloud Access Monitor with Check Point’s SandBlast Zero Day Protection API,” said Alon Kantor, Vice President of Business Development at Check Point Software. “Our integration with ManagedMethods allows our customers to gain visibility of unsanctioned and high-risk cloud applications while also elevating network security to the next level with evasion-resistant malware detection. SandBlast Zero-Day Protection employs threat emulation and threat extraction capabilities that provide comprehensive protection from the most dangerous attacks.”

About ManagedMethods

ManagedMethods develops Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions that provide organizations visibility and control over Shadow IT and sanctioned cloud apps. ManagedMethods' solutions provide DLP, Threat Protection, Malware Scanning, Policy Enforcement and Discovery, and complement your existing network security investments (NGFW, UTM). Our solutions can be deployed on-premise or 100% in the cloud. Learn more at managedmethods.com. 

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Clarifai Raises $30 Million Series B

Clarifai, the leading visual recognition AI company that uses sophisticated machine learning to understand images and videos, today announced the raise of a $30 million Series B round led by Menlo Ventures, with additional participation from existing investors including Union Square Ventures, Lux Capital, Qualcomm Ventures, Osage University Partners, and others. Clarifai has raised $41.25 million in combined funding to date.

The new funding will be used to accelerate the expansion of Clarifai’s engineering and business teams, hire key research talent and continue rapid artificial intelligence innovation with new product releases. Clarifai is the foremost independent artificial intelligence and machine learning platform that can be used by any developer and business.

“Clarifai was built upon the belief that everyone should have the power to use artificial intelligence, regardless of their budget, infrastructure or skill level, in order to improve their products and our quality of life,” said Clarifai founder and CEO Matt Zeiler. “As an independent company, we have the unique ability to move quickly and innovate at a more consistent and rapid pace, all while solely focusing on leveraging data for each partner’s specific business needs. This new funding enables us to supercharge our innovation and continue our mission to create an AI platform that makes powerful AI tools available to the masses.”

“We're at the beginning of a long, exciting, and impactful era of innovation using AI,” said Matt Murphy, Managing Director at Menlo Ventures. “From day one, Clarifai has focused on the big vision of enabling anyone to unlock the power of AI. Matt and his team are uniquely positioned to deliver on this vision and Menlo Ventures is thrilled to be backing them.”

This funding news comes on the heels of Clarifai’s latest product releases: Custom Training and Visual Search. Custom Training puts the power to train artificial intelligence into everyone’s hands, allowing anyone to “teach” Clarifai’s visual recognition API new concepts in a matter of seconds regardless of their technical ability. Visual Search allows any user to easily organize, access, or recommend their images or products by visual similarity and/or keyword, enabling developers and businesses to better connect their users with what they’re looking for. This advanced technology, previously only available to large tech companies, is now available to anyone through the Clarifai API.

"Figuratively doubling down, and literally quadrupling down, is our strongest vote of confidence not only in Clarifai's execution to date and Zeiler's unabashed hunger to drive Clarifai as the leader in the emergent AI space - but also in our conviction that a stand-alone company needs to exist that democratizes AI outside the confines of the mainstay technorati,” said Lux Capital’s Zavain Dar.

To date, Clarifai has amassed a suite of clients that range from Fortune 500 companies to startups and small development teams, including Buzzfeed, Trivago, 500px, StyleMePretty, and many more. Clarifai’s visual recognition API recognizes more than 11,000 different concepts in photos and videos, and also provides domain-specific recognition tools, including the Not Safe For Work adult content moderation model, which can recognize potentially offensive nudity; the Travel model, which can recognize travel-related concepts like “hot tub,” “kids area,” and “indoor swimming pool;” and most recently, the Food model, which can recognize food images down to the ingredient level.

For more information visit http://www.Clarifai.com.

About Clarifai
Clarifai is an artificial intelligence company that excels in visual recognition, solving real-world problems for businesses and developers alike. Founded in 2013 by Matthew Zeiler, a foremost expert in machine learning, Clarifai has been a market leader since winning the top five places in image classification at the ImageNet 2013 competition, and predicts more than 1.2 billion concepts in photos and videos every month. Clarifai’s powerful image and video recognition technology is built on the most advanced machine learning systems and made easily accessible by a clean API, empowering developers all over the world to build a new generation of intelligent applications.

About Menlo Ventures
Menlo Ventures provides capital for multi-stage consumer and enterprise technology companies. Since 1976, the firm's market-driven analysis has led to the identification of opportunities and successful investments in innovative technology markets. Notable areas of investment have included mobile/mobile marketplaces (Siri, Uber, Machine Zone, Roku, Rover.com, Getaround, Munchery), social & ecommerce (Tumblr, Lumosity, Poshmark), Cloud (Carbonite, EdgeCast, Dropcam, Vidyo), storage & Big Data (3Par, Coraid, Tintri, Avere Systems), digital advertising (Flurry, YuMe, DataXu, Dstillery, eXelate), and security (Cavium, IronPort, nCircle, BitSight, vArmour). Menlo's portfolio includes more than 70 public companies and more than 100 mergers and acquisitions. Menlo Ventures has $4.65 billion under management and is currently investing Menlo Ventures XII, a $400 million fund with $15 million allocated to the Menlo Talent Fund for fast seed funding, and the Menlo Opportunity Fund, a $250 million fund that targets solely early growth investments.

About Lux Capital
Lux Capital is a venture firm based in New York City and Silicon Valley investing in counter-conventional, seed and early stage science and technology ventures. The firm manages $700 million in assets across four funds. For more information, please see http://www.luxcapital.com. Follow Lux on Twitter @Lux_Capital

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Best Western Hotels Announces Launch of New Global Website

Best Western® Hotels & Resorts today announced the launch of an all-new BestWestern.com. The company’s latest endeavor into optimizing and streamlining customer interactions across all digital channels, the reimagined site incorporates highly visual, interactive elements and responsively adapts to the screen size of the device a customer is using – whether that be a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. The result is an intuitive, image-rich, engaging online consumer experience.

“For five consecutive years, BestWestern.com has won Dynatrace’s Best of the Web. That said, we knew that we needed to demonstrate agility with our digital presence in order to continue connecting with Today’s Travelers,” said David Kong, Best Western Hotels & Resorts’ president and CEO. “Our team made the decision to start fresh, building a flexible new digital platform that would really resonate with our customers. We believe the new site will earn just as many if not more accolades as the last and that it will further position Best Western as an innovator as we progress through our 70th birthday year.”

The new BestWestern.com significantly reduces the number of steps and clicks needed to complete a booking and implements smart filters to help travelers find the perfect hotel. Integration of world-class technology, such as Google’s Places API for mapping and nearby attractions, leverages the very best the web has to offer. Additionally, modifying travel plans or canceling online is now easier than ever.

“Over the last thirteen months, Best Western has worked diligently to revitalize our customer serving technology,” said Greg Adams, Best Western Hotels and Resorts’ Chief Digital Officer. “We are confident that our new brand website will enable us to engage with our guests in a more compelling, intuitive manner, delivering a superior customer experience along with increasing revenue for our hotel members.”

The launch of Best Western’s new brand website is part of an overall strategic investment into technology, one that is laying a solid yet flexible foundation for future enhancements. Additional recent deliveries include more than 2,000 new individual property websites - one for every hotel in North America. A new mobile website and new apps have also been introduced; increasing revenue delivery three fold from mobile devices. Each of these channels aims to bring consumer-driven features to the forefront, with dynamic search functions and components such as an engaging interactive map, which highlights nearby attractions and points of interest.

To experience the all new website, please visit BestWestern.com.

About Best Western Hotels & Resorts:
Best Western® Hotels & Resorts headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., is a privately held hotel brand with a global network of 4,100* hotels in more than 100* countries and territories worldwide. Best Western offers seven hotel brands to suit the needs of developers and guests in every market: Best Western®, Best Western Plus®, Best Western Premier®, Executive Residency by Best Western℠, Vīb®, BW Premier Collection® and GLō℠. Now celebrating 70 years of hospitality, Best Western provides its hoteliers with global operational, sales and marketing support, and online and mobile booking capabilities. More than 26 million travelers are members of the brand’s award-winning loyalty program Best Western Rewards®, one of the few programs in which members earn points that never expire and can be redeemed at any Best Western hotel worldwide. The brand’s partnerships with AAA/CAA, Minor League Baseball, and Harley-Davidson® provide travelers with exciting ways to interact with the brand. Best Western continues to set industry records regarding awards and accolades, including Business Travel News naming Best Western as the best midscale hotel brand in 2014 and Best Western Plus as the best upper mid-price hotel brand in 2014 and 2015, four consecutive Compuware Best of the Web gold awards for best hotel website, and seven consecutive AAA/CAA Hotel Partner of the Year awards. Nearly 60 percent of Best Western branded hotels earned a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence award in 2016.

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AppTek Releases DIVA, a Mobile E-Commerce Meta-Search Application

AppTek is happy to announce the Alpha release of its latest product – the Digital Intelligent Voice Agent (DIVA). DIVA is a mobile e-commerce meta-search application which leverages AppTek’s deep learning, automatic speech recognition technology as well as natural language understanding to deliver a voice-driven e-commerce experience.

“The growth of conversational voice interfaces is being driven by the great R&D happening at AppTek and other places. DIVA is a great example of how you can use voice to make almost any process simpler and more intuitive,” commented Adam Sutherland, AppTek’s CEO. “We are convinced that voice will be the primary interface for IoT, business and consumer computing within the next decade, which is why we continue to grow our AI and deep learning resources and team.”

DIVA’s API structure pulls item results from multiple providers to give the user more choices. Currently available for download on the App Store in English, AppTek is also planning Spanish, Arabic and Chinese versions.

As a pioneer in automatic speech recognition, machine learning and artificial intelligence; AppTek partners with its customers to provide solutions focused on closed captioning and subtitling, call center content discovery and mobile intelligent voice agents. In today’s hyper-connected and data-rich marketplace, enterprises are seeking to drive revenue, save costs and increase productivity. Customers rely on AppTek to solve for these issues by delivering the market’s robust speech technology solutions focused on mining for business insights, ensuring compliance and delivering value across the enterprise.

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SmartBear Releases Enhanced Support for REST API Security Testing

SmartBear Software, the leader in software quality tools for teams, released a major update to its API readiness platform, Ready! API, focusing on the security of APIs. The release comes at a time when security risks for APIs in particular have become a major issue, as many enterprises continue to move digital assets to the cloud. Experts too have identified API security as a major link in the chain leading to other security incidents including those with Buffer, Apple iCloud and Adobe. SmartBear’s Ready! API is a unified set of graphical and code-based testing tools that includes Secure Pro for dynamic API security testing, SoapUI NG Pro for functional testing, LoadUI NG Pro for load testing, ServiceV Pro for API service virtualization and TestServer for Continuous Integration environments.

“Most of the APIs in the cloud are based on the popular REST methodology, and these are universally accessible and open to threats from hackers,” said John Purcell, Vice President of Products, API Readiness at SmartBear. “It has become a priority for organizations to determine and fix security loopholes in their REST APIs, and this new update to Secure Pro allows organizations to do that. With most of the vulnerable content in REST API being transported in the message body, Secure Pro now provides thorough scanning of RESTful payloads. These scans are easy to create and are pre-configured to find the most commonly found vulnerabilities.”

In addition, SmartBear also made major productivity improvements to SoapUI NG Pro. Groovy scripting capabilities have been enhanced to include script debugging, a feature request from many customers.

“After evaluating the new version of SoapUI NG Pro, the debugger is an excellent tool, simplifying my workflow and opening up the possibility of taking full control of the test cases,” said Stefan Poon, Senior Test Consultant at CAG Senseus, an IT services company based in Sweden.

With Ready! API 1.9, organizations committed to API enhancement and API quality can now integrate Virts fully with Continuous Integration processes in ServiceV Pro through automatic deploy, start, stop and un-deploy. They can also now measure the impact of load tests on Oracle DB servers by monitoring server parameters in LoadUI NG Pro.

About the Ready! API Framework
SmartBear’s Ready! API is a unified set of graphical and code-based testing tools that includes Secure Pro for dynamic API security testing, SoapUI NG Pro for functional testing, LoadUI NG Pro for load testing, ServiceV Pro for API service virtualization and TestServer for Continuous Integration environments. For more information, visit: https://smartbear.com/product/ready-api/overview/. For updates, follow @ready_api on Twitter.

About SmartBear Software
Supporting more than four million software professionals and over 25,000 organizations in 194 countries, SmartBear is the leader in software quality tools for teams. The company’s products help deliver the highest quality and best performing software possible while helping teams ship code at nearly impossible velocities. With products for API testing, UI testing, code review and performance monitoring across mobile, web and desktop applications, SmartBear equips every development, testing and operations team member with the tools to ensure quality at every stage of the software cycle. For more information, visit: http://smartbear.com, or for the SmartBear community, go to: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.

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rSmart to Showcase New Features in OneCampus Service Discovery Portal

rSmart is ready to take on EDUCAUSE 2016 and showcase the latest features in its flagship product, OneCampus, a service discovery portal. The conference, held in Anaheim, CA, October 25-28, brings together leading higher ed IT professionals demonstrating best practices as well as sharing ideas and effective processes with colleagues.

OneCampus, an Internet2 NET+ service offering, takes a fresh, new approach to organizing web-based campus services. Unlike traditional portals, OneCampus is a cloud-based platform with powerful APIs that allow popular campus programs such as a finance system, LMS, or SIS to push data to OneCampus. OneCampus features a Google-like search, and ratings & reviews to effectively identify what services are most popular. For users, finding and discovering campus services has never been easier; OneCampus makes it simple to search for essential information with a mobile-friendly, highly intuitive, single sign-on platform. Users can now enjoy exciting features in their own OneCampus portal:

  • Alerts - Banner alerts provide administrators a quick and easy way to share urgent messages with all institutional users 
  • Global Announcements - Administrators can communicate campus-wide updates or news feeds to all end users in a timely manner 
  • Google Analytics Enhancements - More detailed usage data now sent to Google Analytics

“Working with the Internet2 community through the NET+ program has allowed us to engage institutions in a much more collaborative manner. rSmart constantly gathers feedback from our customers and the NET+ community process really helps to advance discussions on where OneCampus should be going.” said rSmart CEO Tony Potts. “Internet2 has been an invaluable partner, working with us to more easily provide an exceptional product and partner experience that colleges and universities really enjoy. We look forward to showcasing OneCampus in the rSmart booth at EDUCAUSE with our Internet2 colleagues and we welcome attendees to visit our booth to learn more about the NET+ OneCampus solution.”

The NET+ OneCampus service is the result of the collaboration between seven universities, Internet2, and rSmart to provide a unique offering to the higher education community. The Internet2 NET+ service validation was completed by BYU-Idaho, Clemson University, Indiana University, University of Maryland, University of Nebraska at Omaha, University of Pittsburgh, and University of Utah, who worked together to guide and shape this Internet2 NET+ validated solution. OneCampus has now been implemented in over 30 higher ed institutions across the country.

“It has been a pleasure to continue our work with the community focused team at rSmart. Through the efforts of rSmart and universities on the NET+ OneCampus Advisory Board, we have seen growing interest and adoption of this service and engagement across the Internet2 membership.” said Shel Waggener, Senior Vice President at Internet2. “We are confident the offering will continue to evolve based on the needs of higher education and rSmart’s willingness to listen and embrace an ever changing community.”

The EDUCAUSE conference is expected to host over 4,000 colleagues and more than 275 exhibitors. Visit rSmart at EDUCAUSE booth #1451 to learn more about OneCampus, talk with customers and Internet2 representatives, and see a OneCampus demo. To pre-schedule a personalized tour of OneCampus at any time, visit https://www.rsmart.com/schedule-demo/ or call 866.874.4338.

About Internet2
Internet2® is a member-owned advanced technology community founded by the nation’s leading higher education institutions in 1996. Internet2 provides a collaborative environment for U.S. research and education organizations to solve common technology challenges, and to develop innovative solutions in support of their educational, research and community service missions.

Internet2 also operates the nation’s largest and fastest, coast-to-coast research and education network, with Internet2 Network Operations Center powered by Indiana University. Internet2 serves more than 90,000 community anchor institutions, 317 U.S. universities, 70 government agencies, 42 regional and state education networks, 80 leading corporations working with our community and more than 65 national research and education networking partners representing more than 100 countries.

Internet2 offices are located in Ann Arbor, MI; Denver, CO; Emeryville, CA; Washington, DC; and West Hartford, CT. For more information, visit http://www.internet2.edu or follow @Internet2 on Twitter.

About rSmart
For more than 15 years, rSmart has been changing the way higher ed thinks about technology by delivering solutions that reduce costs, improve productivity, and simplify the user experience. The OneCampus product is a lightweight, mobile-friendly technology that makes finding campus services faster and easier than ever. rSmart is privately held and headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ. Learn more at https://www.rsmart.com.

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iBusiness Features SyncDog SentinelSecure Mobile Container Technology

SyncDog, Inc., the leading ISV for mobile application containerization, today announced SentinelSecure™, its containerized mobile security software, is the featured cover story in the most recent edition of iBusiness Magazine. For seven years, iBusiness Magazine’s bi-monthly publications have focused on highlighting innovative enterprise solutions for businesses using cross-platform technologies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google. iBusiness Magazine’s featured article on SyncDog analyzes IT security challenges brought about by the proliferation of BYOD in enterprise environments, and details how IT administrators can leverage SentinelSecure™ to secure enterprise data from vulnerabilities originating in mobile computing.

The SentinelSecure™ containerized workspace provides a secure data platform that encrypts and transports data between the enterprise and secure, “sandboxed” applications running on employees’ mobile devices. The workspace protects client enterprise networks with a secure, partitioned FIPS 140-2 certified* container on both iOS and Android devices and secures data both at rest and in transit using AES 256-bit encryption.

“iBusiness Magazine does an excellent job keeping businesses current on the best solutions, and we’re honored to have been featured on the cover of this latest edition,” said SyncDog CEO, President, and Founder Jonas Gyllensvaan. “Many CIOs and CISOs are not doing enough to secure enterprise data from the vulnerability inherent in growing numbers of BYOD users. SentinelSecure™ is designed to give IT administrators and technicians security and control over enterprise data as it is accessed from mobile devices.”

New Release of SentinelSecure™ Version 2.5

SyncDog has just released SentinelSecure™ version 2.5, including industry-specific container configurations for Healthcare and U.S. Government Department of Defense workflows. Version 2.5 adds significant security enhancements, increased application offerings in the secure mobile workspace, and FIPS 140-2 certification* from NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). The SentinelSecure™ container has been designed to address four main workflows for users accessing enterprise file stores and applications: Secure Communications, File Management, Secure Internet/Intranet Access, and Secure Location-based Services. Available secure applications include:

  •     SharePoint
  •     Enterprise and Local Chat
  •     Geo-location Services
  •     DropBox
  •     A Personal Information Management (PIM) suite
  •     File Annotation
  •     Office Suite
  •     Secure Mobile App Management & Development
  •     Briefcase
  •     File Sync
  •     and many others

See the full list of available applications within the SentinelSecure™ container, here.

SyncDog’s Partner Ecosystem

SyncDog has been actively building its partner system over the last year, securing certified APIs for the option to integrate SentinelSecure™ with a broad network of EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) providers. This flexibility allows customers the choice to deploy SentinelSecure™ as a standalone container or as a complementary layer of security to existing EMM investments, including:

  • MobileIron EMM
  • Snow Software EMM
  • Notify Technology EMM
  • Apperian Mobile Application Management Platform

SentinelSecure™ also has field integration with most name-brand EMM and MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions.

About iBusiness Magazine
iBusiness Magazine – business innovation solutions – is the distinct choice for business end-users who are using cross-platform technologies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google. Unlike any other magazine, iBusiness Magazine focuses on providing information around business and enterprise solutions running on mobile and desktop technologies. For more information, visit ibusinessmag.com.

About SyncDog, Inc.
SyncDog is the leading independent software vendor (ISV) for building secure infrastructure frameworks that protect enterprise networks from cyber breach from mobile computing sources. The SentinelSecure™ product line for application containerization and IoT (Internet of Things) module monitoring provides the industry’s most proactive approach to securing enterprise mobility computing.

The SentinelSecure™ data security solution delivers military-grade (FIPS 140-2 certified,* AES 256-bit) secure mobile device partitions or “containers” that can secure emails/contacts, calendar items, IM apps, Internet browsers, mobile file stores and other business apps provisioned on personal devices to be used in a BYOD setting.

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Hyperwallet Augments Existing Payout Optionality with Visa Direct

Hyperwallet, a leading global payouts provider to digital marketplaces, today announced the addition of Visa Direct, a real-time push-to-card payment solution, to Hyperwallet’s existing payout methods. Visa Direct will allow U.S. payees to transfer their earnings onto an existing Visa debit card. Additionally, Hyperwallet anticipates that payees will be able to transfer global payment disbursements onto Visa debit cards issued outside of the U.S. in Q1 2017.

The Visa Direct platform has the ability to transfer funds within minutes to more than 200 million Visa debit cards in the United States. Visa can also transfer funds to non-Visa branded debit cards. Funds are transferred into the recipient’s account linked to a debit card without the need for complicated deposit account number or bank routing code details.

“Having the ability to allow payees to deposit their earnings onto existing debit cards—in near real-time, no less—is just one of the many ways Hyperwallet is helping new economy companies pay their supply-side drivers, taskers, and sellers, faster,” explained Hyperwallet CEO, Brent Warrington. Companies using the Hyperwallet payout platform have had the ability to issue global real-time payments via Visa virtual prepaid cards and personalized Visa prepaid cards since 2010.

“Today’s workforce expects to receive their earnings in the fastest, safest, and most convenient way,” said Bill Sheley, head of global push payments, Visa Inc. “The addition of Visa Direct to Hyperwallet helps eliminate the need for direct deposit or cashing checks. With Visa Direct and Hyperwallet, workers can transfer their earnings in near real-time onto eligible debit cards resulting in immediate, reliable access to their money.”

Max International, one of Hyperwallet’s longtime clients, will be the first to implement the functionality within their system. “Offering real-time payout capabilities to our growing roster of U.S. distributors is something we’re very excited to implement,” explained Bob Kaelin, General Manager of North America. Max International distributors who choose this payout method will receive near real-time payment of their earnings into their bank account. “Now, instead of having to find their bank account details, our distributors can simply pull out their bank debit card, punch in the 16-digit number on the front, and transfer their earnings directly into their account. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s something we’re confident our distributors will love.”

“Thanks to our Pay Portal and new API suite, our clients have the ability to tap into Visa Direct to support payouts to debit cards with little to no coding effort,” explained Hyperwallet’s Chief Product Officer, Bill Crowley. Crowley is most excited to offer the Visa Direct functionality through Hyperwallet’s new Widget implementation method. “With our new JavaScript Widget, clients will be able to quickly plug into our platform and offer near real-time payout capabilities within their native application, minimal coding required.” Clients will be able to integrate through the Widget implementation method in January of 2017.

About Hyperwallet
Hyperwallet’s payout platform that provides growing organizations with a frictionless, transparent, and reliable way to manage payments and enhance the payee’s experience anywhere in the world. Trusted by enterprise, ecommerce, and on-demand platforms, Hyperwallet’s advanced payment architecture unifies fragmented financial infrastructure in a singular environment. Put your payees in control of their earnings with enhanced financial management tools, integrated payment tracking technology, and payment choice. Hyperwallet has offices in San Francisco, Austin, and Vancouver. You can learn more at http://hyperwallet.com.

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Concepture Chosen by Bridge Purchasing System

Concepture, Inc., an Austin, Texas-based software technology leader was chosen by Bridge Purchasing System, LLC to rapidly deliver a business-to-business platform that is designed to be the future model for all B2B and employee purchasing programs.   

On-boarding of new clients began immediately, only three weeks after Concepture began work on the custom web-based system.  To meet the demanding time-line, Bridge Purchasing System leveraged Concepture’s hyper-agile development framework called BILDR to provide the targeted market solution.
“We went from Zero to Transaction in a matter of weeks and our time-frame would have been impossible to meet without using Concepture’s amazing BILDR no-code application development framework,” said Bridge Purchasing System CEO, Ken Erickson.
Bridge’s new business-to-business purchasing system, with online sign up at http://www.bridgemart.com, makes it easy for businesses and government agencies to save money by allowing their employees to directly purchase products using company-issued electronic (or plastic) gift cards, including products such as:

  • Safety products
  • Eyewear and safety eyewear
  • Vision plans for all insurance providers
  • Durable medical equipment (DME)

Signing up with Bridge Purchasing System enables a company to benefit from very competitive low pricing, and allows the company to eliminate all of the cost and hassle of reimbursement, OSHA and other compliance reporting.
“Concepture was honored to be selected by Bridge Purchasing System to deliver this new technology solution. Our BILDR framework, which is scheduled to be released to beta in the coming months, can be used by designers, developers and agencies to rapidly build any web-based software, including business applications, social networks, marketplaces, full end-to-end CRM and ERP suites, as well as HIPAA-compliant healthcare applications such as EHR and EMR suites and more – all with responsive mobile access,” said Tim Magnuson, CEO of Concepture.
About Concepture’s BILDR framework
Based in Austin, TX, Concepture is the creator of BILDR, an advanced software technology framework that allows designers, developers and agencies to rapidly create full-stack web applications using an easy-to-use drag & drop interface, without writing a single line of code. In addition, coders can easily wrap their custom code in BILDR APIs for use within the BILDR framework. Over the last decade Concepture has used the BILDR framework to build and deploy complex web-based applications in many markets including retail, manufacturing, service and healthcare, among others. Concepture has been developing and using the BILDR framework as an internal toolset and is gearing up to release it to be used by the public. Stay in touch for exciting news about its release by signing up at http://www.bildr.com.

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The Weather Company Announces Watson Ads To Humanize The Ad Experience

The Weather Company, an IBM Business (NYSE: IBM) (Weather), is announcing Watson Ads, an industry-first capability in which consumers will be able to interact with IBM Watson through advertising, by being able to ask questions via voice or text and receive relevant information about the product or offering.

Marketers have long sought an advertising solution that can create a one-to-one connection with the consumer, that can be personal, relevant and valuable; and can scale across millions of interactions and touchpoints. Watson Ads will help marketers achieve those goals, and can also help them uncover consumer and product insights faster than ever before, revealing connections previously invisible to human data scientists. This will be the first consumer use of IBM Watson technology for advertising purposes.

IBM Watson can understand natural language, reason, learn and interact with humans. Leveraging Watson technology, Watson Ads will help marketers outthink their current strategies by harnessing the power of cognition and the learnings to:

  • Better understand brand perception and favorability
  • Help consumers make more informed decisions at point of consideration
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Aid product information
  • Inform and optimize creative strategies
  • Help marketers use data more effectively

"The dawn of cognitive advertising is truly a watershed moment. Now as part of IBM, we have even more tools and technologies at our disposal to inspire innovations within advertising, artificial intelligence and storytelling," said Domenic Venuto, general manager, consumer products, The Weather Company. "This is a huge opportunity to expose consumers to all of the surprising and delightful experiences that Watson has in store for them - and to make advertising a truly valuable interaction for both our fans and our marketing partners, which is always our goal."

Campbell Soup Company, Unilever and GSK Consumer Healthcare will be the first marketers to collaborate with The Weather Company on Watson Ads. GroupM's MEC and Mindshare, serving as Campbell's and Unilever's media agencies of record, drove the data strategy and discussions around this collaboration. GSK Consumer Healthcare was brought on by PHD.


The goal is to delight consumers with a fun, surprising or informative experience based on the campaign's purpose, but with true contextual relevance for the individual user. When viewing a Watson Ad, a consumer will be able to ask Watson questions via voice or text about the product or offering, and Watson's machine learning and natural language capabilities will allow it to provide accurate responses.

For example, one might ask by voice interaction, "What can I make for dinner tonight?" Based on its machine learning and reasoning ability from the data it has ingested, Watson can sort through ingredient and flavor profiles to make recommendations based on the weather, time of day, location and even ingredients users have on hand – all surfaced via dynamic ads. Further, IBM Watson's ability to process and create context from large amounts of unstructured data will help marketers provide consumers with meaningful, true brand and product engagement. In this example, creating recipes on the fly from ingredients consumers already have on hand. Watson Ads benefits from the world's most accurate weather data provided by The Weather Company, which will be factored into query responses. Whether that be historical data, current conditions like temperature, precipitation or the current weather forecast, maximum relevance can be created for each individual consumer - in turn helping them make decisions quickly and directly in the ad unit without leaving the experience.


"Transforming ourselves and industries is part of The Weather Company DNA," said Jeremy Steinberg, global head of sales, The Weather Company. "We've embraced big data and leveraged it to improve every aspect of our business, from forecast accuracy to ad targeting. Now we've set our sights on cognition. We believe human interaction is the new 'search,' and that cognitive advertising is the next frontier in marketing – and we're leading the charge to make it a reality."

To advance the industry, The Weather Company intends to create the Watson Ads Council, in which the company will work closely with a team of marketers who will act as a sounding board for the latest innovations leveraging Watson Ads and cognitive advancements in advertising. As the first brand marketers signed on for Watson Ads, Campbell Soup Company, Unilever and GSK Consumer Healthcare all plan to participate in the Watson Ads Council.

"Our members will help us learn how to best leverage cognitive computing, machine learning, and natural language generation and processing. They'll help us drive the industry and lead the direction for how cognition can improve advertising," said Steinberg.

"While in this increasingly cluttered world it is getting harder and harder to breakthrough and engage people, technology is helping to find ways to connect with more relevant content," said Keith Weed, chief marketing and communications officer, Unilever. "This will help us to create better, more engaging content that matches our consumers' interests and unique preferences."

"We often talk about the holy grail of advertising being 'the right content delivered through the right medium at the right time.' Watson Ads leverages cognitive computer intelligence to triangulate on all three of those simultaneously based on its understanding of human behavior," saidAdam Gerhart, US CEO, Mindshare. "We're entering an era of not just computer intelligence but simulated human intelligence that evolves the typical Ad experience and brings our vision of Adaptive Marketing to life."

"We are excited that consumers will be able to engage directly with Chef Watson for meal ideas," said Marci Raible, director of global media and marketing services at Campbell Soup Company. "Chef Watson will take into account a person's local weather, time of day and location as well as ingredients they have on hand to offer tried and tested recipes from Campbell's Kitchen. Using the data to offer quick and easy meal solutions in real time is exactly the experience we are looking to drive with consumers."

"We are optimistic of Watson technology's ability in driving forward the future of marketing and are thrilled to have Campbell's and The Weather Company lead this transformation," said Carl Fremont, global chief digital officer, MEC. "For the first time, we are enabling consumers to interact directly with Campbell's weather-triggered desktop and mobile ads through the use of voice and text commands. This one to one human-like interaction will offer valuable insights on consumer behavior as well as ingredient trends to further optimize our client's future marketing campaigns."

"Cognition humanizes the use of data as we move from intent-based advertising to actual one-to-one interacting. It also gives consumers easy access to information to make better decisions about their healthcare in real time," said Theresa Agnew, chief marketing officer, GSK Consumer Healthcare. "We have produced a number of successful campaigns with Weather and value their steadfast commitment to creating a quality advertising and consumer engagement experience for their fans."

"We are always looking for innovative ways to help brands connect with their audience, and this is truly unlike any ad experience we've seen before," said Craig Atkinson, chief investment officer, PHD USA. "We believe these represent the first steps towards a new era in cognitive advertising, and we're excited to not only see what the future holds, but be part of crafting it."

Watson Ads will launch first exclusively across The Weather Company properties, but this is expected to have broad implications for other marketing channels, including out of home, television, connected cars, social media platforms and more.

The Weather Company, an IBM Business
The Weather Company, an IBM Business, is the world's largest private weather enterprise, helping people make informed decisions – and take action – in the face of weather. The company offers the most accurate, personalized and actionable weather data and insights to millions of consumers and thousands of businesses via Weather's API, its business solutions division, and its own digital products from The Weather Channel (weather.com) and Weather Underground (wunderground.com). The company delivers up to 26 billion forecasts daily for 2.2 billion locations.

Weather's portfolio includes award-winning products such as the fourth most-downloaded app and a top weather app on all major mobile platforms globally; the world's largest network of personal weather stations; a top-20 U.S. website; the seventh most data-rich site in the world; one of the world's largest IoT data platforms; and industry-leading business solutions.

Weather Means Business™. The world's biggest brands in aviation, energy, insurance, media, and government rely on The Weather Company for data, technology platforms and services to help improve decision-making and respond to weather's impact on business. For more, visit www.theweathercompany.com.

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Startup Grush Taps IBM Cloud to Create Gaming Toothbrush

IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that startup Grush is leveraging IBM Cloud's cognitive capabilities for its interactive gaming toothbrush for children. Grush turns brushing into a real-time interactive app on mobile devices through Bluemix and the Watson Analytics API.

Using advanced motion-sensing technology, Grush captures thousands of data points while a child is brushing and sends them via Bluetooth to the IBM Cloud, where they are analyzed and turned into fun mobile brushing games. For example, the "Toothy Castles" game allows children to wipe away monsters in the areas of the mouth that have not been brushed.

The data is also made available to the Watson Analytics API, which provides predictive analytics and data visualization through a mobile dashboard app that allows children's parents and dentists to track their brushing.

Grush was able to easily connect the mobile and analytics pieces of its solution thanks to the newly launched IBM Cloud Architecture Center, a library of cloud architectures and sample code to help developers speed development cycles and connect all their services on Bluemix, IBM's cloud platform. There, Grush leveraged an IoT architecture and quickly extended it to include mobile and analytics, saving considerable development time and hassle.

Grush also turned to IBM for its Global Entrepreneur program, which provides startups with access to resources like IBM Cloud credits, tech support and business mentorship. IBM supports Grush by helping the startup refine its pitches, tweak its business model and perfect the backbone of its solution—its IBM Cloud Bluemix environment.

"We see ourselves as a true technology and go-to-market partner for our developers and startups," said Sandy Carter, IBM's General Manager, Developer Ecosystem and Startups. "Their success is our success."

"The personalized, first hand support from the IBM Global Entrepreneur program is unparalleled," said Ethan Schur, cofounder and COO of Grush. "IBM will talk with you in depth to understand your goals and needs and work with you on a plan of action. For us, this has been critical."

About IBM Cloud:
For more information, visit: http://www.ibm.com/cloud-computing

About Grush:
For more information, visit: http://www.grushgamer.com

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SparkPost Cloud Email Service Delivering 15 Billion Messages A Month

SparkPost, the most performant cloud email delivery service available, today announced it has surpassed the 15 billion messages per month milestone, despite having been generally available for just 18 months.  Moreover, SparkPost continues to increase the volume of messages delivered by more than 1 billion month over month, making it the fastest-growing cloud email service on the market. SparkPAost's now 15,000+ active customers range from small startups to fast-growing major technology companies including Pinterest, Zillow, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, and Intercom.

Developers' Preferred Service. SparkPost is now the preferred choice of developers for API-driven email delivery. This was evidenced by the recent migration of many Mandrill users to SparkPost after Mailchimp announced it would no longer be available as a standalone service. The resulting surge of users to SparkPost was captured in a recent Notablist report analyzing the Mandrill market disruption; this analysis found that over 21 percent selected SparkPost – 5 percent ahead of the closest competitor — prompting Notablist to state that "SparkPost Won the Battle for New Users."

True Cloud Reliability. SparkPost quickly has developed a reputation as the most reliable and flexible email delivery service provider. Unlike other email delivery providers who continue to expend resources and focus on building and maintaining their own datacenters, SparkPost is the only full-featured cloud email delivery service built 100 percent for the modern cloud.  SparkPost's leverage of Amazon Web Services, the industry's preeminent Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform, allows customers and partners alike to experience the benefits of a secure, scalable, and elastic cloud infrastructure -- like guaranteed burst rates -- while allowing SparkPost to remain focused on developing and expanding its core service offerings and technical innovations.

Premier Partnerships. The company's impressive list of partners continues to grow, totaling 30, including strategic partnerships with innovative marketing technology (MarTech) companies such as Iterable and Boomtrain. These marketing application providers give SparkPost customers the combined benefit of leading-edge MarTech functionality with the high-performing email delivery service that is SparkPost's clear focus.

"2016 has proven, thus far, to be our most successful to date," said Phillip Merrick, CEO of SparkPost. "Surpassing 15 billion cloud email messages per month – nearly half of our chief competitor's volume – in such a short time is remarkable, given how long each solution has been in the market. Additionally, we've found that their former customers who have switched to SparkPost are actually more successful without the limitations of a dated technology architecture; many wonder why they didn't become our customer sooner! These achievements serve as proof that SparkPost is the new leader in cloud email delivery services."

About SparkPost
SparkPost is the world's #1 email infrastructure provider, offering the most performant cloud email delivery service available. Customers including Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Groupon, Marketo, Zillow, CareerBuilder, the Financial Times, and Comcast send over 3 trillion messages a year, more than 25 percent of the world's non-spam email. These companies chose us to provide the deliverability, speed to launch and data insights they need to drive customer engagement for their business. Follow us on Twitter @SparkPost or go to sparkpost.com.

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Mooreland Partners Advises EZSource on its Sale to IBM

Mooreland Partners, the leading independent investment bank providing M&A and private capital advisory services to the global technology industry, today announced that it acted as the exclusive financial advisor to EZLegacy Ltd. ("EZSource") on its sale to IBM. The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of 2016. The acquisition of EZSource further strengthens Mooreland Partners' position as a leading global M&A advisor on transatlantic, strategic transactions in the Enterprise Software segment.

Headquartered in Israel, EZSource is an application discovery company that helps software developers quickly and easily understand and change mainframe code based on data displayed on a dashboard and other visualizations. The Company's solution provides a visual dashboard to show developers which applications have changed to ease the process of modernizing applications, exposing APIs and more efficiently leveraging development resources.  IBM's current DevOps offerings, including IBM® Application Delivery Foundation for z SystemsTM and IBM® Rational Team Concert, coupled with EZSource's application discovery technology, are designed to enable developers to evolve legacy assets at the speed of business with reduced risk to the enterprise.

"IBM customers will benefit from EZSource helping them understand how to build, manage, maintain and modernize their mainframe applications," said Anne Perlman, Executive Director at Mooreland. "Over 75% of Fortune 500 companies run mainframes, including for cloud computing, yet modernizing the applications that run on those systems is challenging."

Founded in 2002, Mooreland Partners is a leading independent investment bank providing M&A and private capital advisory services to the global technology industry, serving clients from its offices in LondonNew York, and Silicon Valley. Mooreland's team of nearly 50 professionals delivers industry domain and transaction expertise across all major technology sectors including industrial technology and electronics, enterprise software and services, communications technology, as well as mobile and digital media. Learn more at www.moorelandpartners.com; read our blog.

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KeepTrax Secures U.S. Patent for Its Location Tracking Technology

KeepTrax, Inc., a Venture Capital backed Location-as-a-Service company, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO") has issued U.S. Patent 9,432,944 for determining whether a mobile device user is substantially stationary within a geo-fence.  This patent broadly protects the methods used by KeepTrax that leverage mobile device sensors to efficiently deduce a user's motion state to trigger actions such as location data capture, content delivery, and other field-oriented requirements.

"We are pleased that this latest patent issuance covers the core technology underlying the KeepTrax location capture and curation platform," said Kedar Benegal, Founder and CEO of KeepTrax.  "This fundamental patent covers not only current market applications of our technology, but establishes a precedent for other patent applications that have been submitted on our portfolio of next-generation automatic journaling, tracking, geo-profiling, and location-based machine learning solutions."

The patent issuance reinforces that KeepTrax is on the leading edge of location-based services and motion-sensing technology.  KeepTrax today offers a range of solutions including, 

KeepTrax for Field Management: A solution specifically for field force / sales force management, this version allows integration with client and sales prospect databases to develop rich field visit histories, and also real-time tracking, messaging, and monitoring features. Captured data can be easily shared with peers and managers in real-time, and integrates seamlessly with standard CRM solutions.

KeepTrax for Travel: A travel-optimized version of KeepTrax that allows Travel companies (Travel Agencies, Airlines, Hoteliers, etc.) to deliver branded location journaling solutions to their customers. The offering includes base KeepTrax features and more advanced sharing and travelogue capabilities.  In addition to allowing Travel Companies to offer advanced journaling to their Travelers, the solution also provides rich data capture and curation capabilities to develop insights to help better understand user behaviors and preferences.

KeepTrax SDK: Advanced APIs and iOS, Android and Web SDKs available to developers that want to integrate KeepTrax features and functions into their own Apps and Sites. In addition to pin capture and curation (name, dates, times, locations, photos, calendar, etc.), the platform offers advanced reporting and analytics tools and capabilities for a range of use cases and geo-profile development.

About KeepTrax
Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, KeepTrax is backed by Venture Capital firm Naya Ventures. KeepTrax has developed an innovative Location-as-a-Service platform that leverages GPS and other mobile device sensors to convert physical location visits into context-rich digital pins.  The technology is being applied today to a range of use cases, from travel journaling and user geo-profile generation to field sales optimization and location-based insight development. To learn more about KeepTrax please visit www.keeptraxinc.com.

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Kandy.io Inaugurates Ottawa Cloud Center of Excellence

Kandy.io, GENBAND's award-winning communications Platform as a Service, announced today that it is opening a new Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE) inOttawa to deliver the next generation of cloud-based API offerings to cross-vertical global enterprises, Communications Service Providers (CSPs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and the developer community. OttawaMayor Jim Watson will attend the opening ceremony on June 9, 2016 at 9:30 a.m.

"The Kandy Cloud Center of Excellence will be a tremendous addition to our thriving tech landscape," said Mayor Watson. "I am proud of our City's ability to attract world-class R&D companies, thanks to our skilled technology workforce and growing innovation community. I am confident that Kandy will see many benefits derive from its Ottawa location, and that it will have a positive impact on our City."

The 70,000 square foot CoE, which will complement GENBAND's already-existing Ottawa facilities, boasts a state-of-the-art lab. In addition to the leaders of R&D, product management, security and tech support, and part of their globally distributed teams, the CoE will house newly-hired local employees, many of them new graduates.

"The appetite for embedded real-time communications is only growing, fueled by the Internet of Things and a recognition that contextual real-time communications are the best avenue towards value creation in today's digital landscape," said Paul Pluschkell, founder and CEO of Kandy. "The CoE will enable us to further propel our development of these solutions and Ottawa, aptly named 'the Silicon Valley of the North,' allows us to draw on a tech-savvy talent pool while participating in a thriving ecosystem." 

The opening ceremony will include an ideathon for customers, employees and local developers. Kandy's state-of-the-art demo-equipped RV, the Kandymobile, will also be on site, and Mayor Watson will present a prize for the best product presentation.

"Businesses and developers around the world are leveraging the Kandy platform to connect over the cloud and deliver more human applications," added Sacha Gera, Senior Vice President of Cloud Products. "Much of the intellectual property that supports Kandy was developed in Ottawa over the decades, so it's fitting that Ottawa-based engineers will once again play a key role in transforming the communications world."

About Kandy 
GENBAND's Kandy communications Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is a real time software development platform built from GENBAND's core communications, presence, security and real time technologies. Kandy enables service providers, enterprises, software vendors, systems integrators, partners and developers to enrich their applications and services with real time contextual communications, providing a more engaging user experience. With Kandy, companies of all sizes and types can quickly embed real time communications capabilities into their existing applications and business processes. For more information visit kandy.io.

GENBAND, a 2015 CNBC Disruptor 50, is a global leader in real-time communications software solutions for service providers, enterprises, independent software vendors, systems integrators and developers in over 80 countries. Kandy, its award-winning, disruptive real-time communications software development platform, is built from the company's global telecommunications network and security technologies. The platform enables these companies to easily embed a full suite of voice, video, chat, screen-sharing and collaboration capabilities into their existing business, web and mobile applications.  The company's Network Modernization, Unified Communications, Mobility and Embedded Communications solutions enable its customers to quickly capitalize on growing market segments and introduce differentiating products, applications and services. GENBAND's market-leading solutions, which are deployable in the network, on premise or through the cloud, help its customers connect people to each other and address the growing demands of today's consumers and businesses for real-time communications wherever they happen to be. To learn more visit genband.com.

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IBM Signs US$300 Million Services Agreement with Emirates Airline


 IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that it has signed a ten-year technology services agreement with Emirates Airline worth approximatelyUS$300 million. IBM will provide IT Infrastructure delivered as a service, allowing the airline to improve efficiency on its passenger support systems and functions.

The agreement provides fully managed services for the IBM mainframe and storage that will help Emirates encrypt data in near real-time.  Additionally, the platform allows the airline to build new apps that will support the API Economy - a commercial exchange of business functions, capabilities, or competencies as services packaged in APIs.

Emirates also collaborated with IBM earlier this year to enhance its Passenger Service System (PSS). IBM technology and services will allow Emirates to re-design its business processes and streamline airport operations.

By moving its IT Infrastructure delivery into a managed services model, the airline will benefit from improved business application performance, resilience, scalability, an agile service delivery model, and significant operational savings.

Emirates has run its ticketing and reservations system on the IBM mainframe for more than 30 years. IBM's z Systems is the foundation for all of the airline's mission critical data and transactions.

z Systems technology has enabled Emirates Airline to process ultra-high volumes of real-time business transactions including flight reservations, inventory, check-in, ticketing, and flight information. Emirates Airline has selected IBM technology to provide its travelers with the benefit of reliable, secure ticketing and gate information when and where they need it, anywhere in the world.

About Emirates:
Established in 1985, Emirates flew its first routes out of Dubai with just two aircraft. Today, Emirates Airline is the world's largest airline in terms of international traffic, with a fleet of more than 250 aircraft.

About IBM:
For more information about IBM travel and transportation industry expertise, please visit www.ibm.com/industries/traveltransportation/

For more information about IBM Infrastructure Services, please visit: ibm.com/services

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Fonality Click to Dial Grows with Outlook

Calling a phone number in an email by dialing or copy/paste is so retro. Fonality customers can stop wasting time and dialing wrong digits with the company's new Click to Dial for Microsoft Outlook.

Similar to Fonality Click to Dial for browsers, the new Outlook plug-in turns phone numbers into a hyperlink that dials through the user's Fonality line when clicked. Click. Call. It's that easy.

"We're always looking for ways to make users' lives easier and so improve their business performance. Expanding Click to Dial does just that," said Ali Rizvi, Fonality's director of product management. "Fonality customers can start a call from their Outlook emails, popular web browsers, and even third-party applications. And save a ton of time dialing with a single click."

Expanding Click to Dial represents the latest way Fonality and valued integration partners are extending the usefulness – and unified experience – of the company's business phone system. Click to Dial works by turning phone numbers into dial-ready hyperlinks on web pages, in Outlook, and inside select third-party software.

Click to Dial benefits customers three ways:

  • Dial Faster. Can it get any quicker than one click?
  • Improve Performance. Manual dialing wastes time and diverts attention.
  • Eliminate Dialing Errors. Never clumsily dial the wrong number again.

One-click dialing works great with desk phones. It's even handier when using Fonality's Heads Up Display™ unified communications (UC) platform – including its integrated web phone.

4 categories of Click to Dial and counting
With the addition of Outlook, Fonality Click to Dial is now available across four categories. In addition to the company's own options, several partners have added the feature to their software using Fonality's API. The Click to Dial family now includes:

  • Outlook. Appears as a Fonality icon on the ribbon and activated by the user's Fonality login. This plug-in can call phone numbers in the email body or signature in the Inbox as well as Sent Items. Available for download here.
  • Browser. This customer favorite since 2012 offers one-click dialing from web pages. Extensions are available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer here. Watch for browser updates later this summer.
  • CRMLink for Salesforce. Fonality recently refreshed its CRMLink for Salesforce integration, which includes Click to Dial along with many other features that enhance business communication and customer relationships.
  • Third Party. Several partners offer shared customers the convenience of one-click dialing from within their applications, including Blitz Lead Manager and Abacus Data Systems.

All Click to Dial versions are free for Fonality customers and use their existing logins.

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Experian launches innovative new platform for fraud and identity services

Experian, the leading global information services company, today unveiled the fraud and identity industry's first open platform designed to catch fraud faster, improve compliance and enhance the customer experience. Experian's CrossCore™ gives companies an easier way to connect any new or existing tools and systems in one place, whether they are Experian, internal or third-party partner solutions. This "plug-and-play" capability allows companies to rapidly adapt to changing conditions and risks.

"Our clients have expressed frustration over the lack of a truly holistic industry solution that delivers the level of confidence and control they need without requiring a massive multiyear project to replace everything they have," said Steve Platt, global executive vice president, Fraud and Identity, Experian. "New fraud threats, updates to regulatory requirements and customer expectations for a hassle-free experience are making it challenging for fraud and compliance teams to keep up. CrossCore will give them the flexibility they need to balance customer protection with customer experience."

The CrossCore open platform enables organizations to manage services through a common access point that supports a layered approach to managing risks across providers. CrossCore includes powerful workflow and strategy design capabilities that allow fraud and compliance teams to create and adapt strategies based on evolving threats and business needs. This helps them to respond more quickly and reduces the burden on IT.

Fraud and compliance teams must constantly respond to new fraud threats and changing regulatory requirements by implementing new tools on top of existing solutions. "A layered approach is imperative, because fraudsters can break through each layer individually, but they will face greater barriers with each additional layer imposed," said Avivah Litan, vice president and distinguished analyst, Security and Privacy, of Gartner.1 Over time, as layers have been added and fortified, systems have become increasingly complex, expensive to integrate and difficult to manage, often increasing customer friction.

A key feature of the CrossCore platform is the ease of integration with third-party partner solutions. At launch, CrossCore will support fraud and identity services provided by third-party partners, including Acxiom® (Identity Solutions), TeleSign and many others already integrated with Experian solutions, with more being added to the platform. Previously, integrating third-party solutions required tremendous time and effort, which often challenged in-house teams to execute in a timely, efficient manner. Through CrossCore, the responsibility of integrating additional tools and systems moves away from those teams to the platform itself, enabling clients to select best-in-class solutions from multiple providers without creating a strain on resources.

Al Pascual, senior vice president, research director and head of fraud & security for Javelin, said, "There are so many great niche solutions to work with, and new ones come out almost every day. To really have a world-class approach, the client has to put all those little things together, because there never will be one vendor who does it all. The market challenge is about how to make it faster and easier to bring things together to enable a more dynamic and fluid approach to managing risk."

CrossCore features

  • Common access through a flexible API connects disparate systems to improve risk controls while reducing integration cost and complexity
  • An open approach enables clients to connect and optimize a portfolio of best-in-class solutions across Experian, third-party services and existing systems
  • Powerful strategy design and workflow decisioning functions enable fraud and compliance teams to apply services in any combination to get the level of confidence required
  • A modern Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture provides scalability and the ability to make strategy changes dynamically with no down time

Experian, which offers fraud and identity services in more than 44 countries, developed CrossCore to address the widespread market need consistently expressed by its clients for a faster, easier way to get more out of their existing systems and add new tools to improve their customers' experience while minimizing risk.

Companies can begin accessing CrossCore immediately, with the ability to turn on Experian services through a single integration, connect their own fraud and identity capabilities with a common API and turn on new services as they are added. The initial release includes key Experian products: FraudNet for Account Opening; Hunter®, for application fraud detection; Prove-ID, for international identity verification; and Precise ID®, for U.S. identity verification, including knowledge-based authentication. (KBA). Third-party fraud and identity service providers can engage with CrossCore to connect their services.

"Now, companies can implement a new approach to managing fraud and identity services — one that will give them greater control over their risk exposure and enable them to provide a safer and more enjoyable experience for their customers," added Platt.

Learn more about CrossCore at http://www.experian.com/crosscore

About Experian
We are the leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to our clients around the world. We help businesses to manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers and automate decision making. We also help people to check their credit report and credit score and protect against identity theft. In 2015, we were named one of the "World's Most Innovative Companies" by Forbes magazine.

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E-filing Market Leader SPAN Enterprises Launches ACAwise

SPAN Enterprises has always had a passion for solving problems with progressive software solutions designed to maximize efficiency. ACAwise, SPAN’s newest cloud-based program, aims to be that solution for the Affordable Care Act compliance management and e-filing requirements for applicable large employers, insurance providers, and tax professionals.

With its passing, the Affordable Care Act enacted new IRS Internal Revenue Code Sections 6055 and 6056, which require Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) and other providers of health insurance to meet certain coverage conditions and report them to the IRS each year. In order to successfully comply with these new requirements, employers and insurance providers will need to track information of coverage offered throughout the year and submit their results on Forms 1094 and 1095.

ACAwise is the first IRS-authorized e-filing software to also offer in-depth compliance tracking for users throughout the year; it really is a one-stop-shop for ACA compliance.

Created specifically for high-volume filers, ACAwise is a customizable software designed to be personalized for each account holder and even offers API Integration. ALEs and other business owners can use ACAwise to track and manage coverage offered to employees. With the real-time dashboard, users can enter employee and coverage data throughout the year. At the beginning of each filing season, ACAwise will create reporting Forms 1094 and 1095 based on the information the user provided. Upon approval, these forms are securely e-filed directly with the IRS and recipient copies are mailed from ACAwise’s headquarters in South Carolina.

Employers aren’t the only ones who stand to benefit from ACAwise. Accountants, insurance providers, and other compliance and consulting companies, known as third-party administrators, can create an account with ACAwise to manage their clients’ ACA reporting needs. They also have the option to sign up for a White Label account which, in addition to the real-time compliance tracking and e-filing offer with each account, includes a custom portal site with a personalized URL, branding, and color scheme. Through this portal site, accounting and compliance firms can provide information about the services they offer, promote their own company as the ACA provider, and answer any questions for their clients.

At the heart of every SPAN product, including ACAwise, is the support team of e-filing experts trained to provide world-class customer support. ACAwise will offer 24/7 US-based support in English and Spanish from the company’s headquarters in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Joining the established ExpressTaxZone, which includes products like ExpressTruckTax and ExpressIRSForms, ACAwise is sure to make a place for itself within SPAN’s growing line of e-filing products while standing out among competing ACA e-filing services.

SPAN Enterprises launched ACAwise this week and will offer free e-filing for ALEs based in York County, South Carolina for the 2016 tax year. SPAN’s vision is to help other businesses succeed and the decision to offer free ACA compliance and e-filing to ALE’s in their community reflects that vision.

For other interested businesses, a monthly subscription charge for ACAwise is still being determined, but potential users can call ACAwise account managers for a quote based on their filing size.

ACAwise is on the forefront of the ACA compliance and filing industry. SPAN Enterprises anticipates a lucrative launch and subsequent success for ACAwise as the need for simple and reliable ACA compliance retention and management continues to rise.

For media requests, please contact Crystal O’Gorman, Communications Manager at SPAN Enterprises at (704) 234-7120 ext. 105 or email her at crystal(at)spanenterprises.com

Also, visit our website for more information, http://www.ACAwise.com

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DataMotion Health Enables Industry to Direct Message to Patients at Scale

 DataMotion Health™, a provider of clinical data delivery services and solutions, today announced the DataMotion Direct Provisioning Portal (DPP), a new resource aimed at extending Direct Secure Messaging (Direct) to patients nationwide. The DPP web-based tools are part of the company's plan to enable healthcare organizations and health IT solution providers to integrate and deliver Direct addresses to entire clinician and patient communities efficiently and at scale. Direct is a powerful communications protocol for secure health information exchange, which requires a time-consuming multi-step process to ensure the security and identity of its user base. The new DPP streamlines and automates provisioning to successfully and cost-effectively achieve scale. The DPP includes APIs for programmatic provisioning by applications such as EHRs and mobile health apps.   

"The way to improve health outcomes is to improve access to clinical information across care teams and patients and their families alike," saidDavid C. Kibbe, M.D., president and CEO of DirectTrust, an independent non-profit trade association created by and for participants in the Direct Secure Messaging community. "There are now more than 1.2 million Direct addresses that allow professionals in more than 58,000 healthcare organizations to securely communicate with each other. It's time that community is extended to include consumers and patients, which is the primary goal of our new Partnership for Patients Project. Millions of Direct addresses are required to bring patients into the fold, and through DataMotion Health's innovation in the provisioning process, along with similar efforts by other members of DirectTrust, it can finally occur at a scale and cost that will make this a reality." 

Creating Direct accounts involves several steps. These include obtaining necessary digital certificates, registering and activating accounts - a process that is ripe for automation as adoption among providers accelerates and patients are added. The DPP simplifies, automates and expedites this by combining user registration, certification and account management functions, enabling provisioning for organizations of any size and at any volume through a self-service portal that dramatically reduces overhead. The intuitive interface eliminates complexity in provisioning new Direct addresses and in managing provider and patient accounts. It also offers centralized reporting for ONC compliance needs.

For software and app developers, a DataMotion Direct Developers Program includes a Software Developers Kit and pre-production sandbox. This makes it easy to integrate clinical data exchange and be leveraged by mHealth solutions, a market that MarketsandMarkets projects will reach$59.15 billion by 2020. Hackensack University Medical Center, the largest provider of inpatient and outpatient health services in New Jersey, has leveraged the technology to enhance their mobile app for an industry-first solution – patient self-enrollment with multi-factor identity validation. docsnap, a mobile app offered through primary care providers, has integrated DataMotion Health functions to give patients a centralized copy of their clinical and lab records, as well as the ability to share information with care team members.

"DPP provides easy, cost-effective provisioning of Direct addresses for organizations, providers and patients," said the CTO and Co-founder of DataMotion Health, Bob Janacek. "At the same time, the implications in mHealth are enormous, empowering the consumer with easy exchange of their medical records, labs and fitness data with care team members and clinical systems, and even allowing pre- registration when visiting a new doctor. It's not only convenient, it places the patient at the center of care, and by doing so, all involved in treatment can be on the same page to deliver more cost effective treatment and better health outcomes."

About DataMotion and DataMotion Health
Since 1999, DataMotion secure data delivery technology has enabled organizations of all sizes to reduce the cost and complexity of delivering electronic information to employees, customers and partners in a secure and compliant way. Ideal for highly regulated industries, the DataMotion SecureMail portfolio offers easy-to-use encryption solutions for email, file transfer, forms processing and customer-initiated contact. In the healthcare sector, DataMotion Health is an accredited HISP (health information service provider) of Direct Secure Messaging. The DataMotion Direct service enables efficient interoperability and sharing of patient data across the continuum of care. DataMotion is privately held and based in Florham Park, N.J. For the latest news and updates, visit http://www.datamotionhealth.com/, follow DataMotion on LinkedIn or Twitter® @datamotion.

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Circonus Announces C:OSI

Circonus, Inc., creators of the Circonus real-time monitoring and analytics platform, today announced C:OSI (Circonus: One Step Install), a feature which enables one prescriptive way to collect performance data from systems. This elegant methodology provides strong consistency in data collection, which allows the user to explore more dynamic applications.

Site reliability engineers, and people in DevOps organizations responsible for monitoring their environments, know that standing up new systems can be a time consuming task. Efficiencies created by C:OSI save time and prevent errors found in more complex onboarding processes. With this dynamic enhancement, Circonus monitoring customers can run a single command on new machines that will "self-instrument" important metrics, graphs, and worksheets.

C:OSI represents one feature in a long pipeline of continuous innovation underway at Circonus. Upcoming enhancements slated for Q3 & Q4 will broaden the flexible Circonus collection, visualization, and alerting tools, further enabling sophisticated statistical analysis.

Since launching in 2010, Circonus has been an innovator in the DevOps monitoring and analytics space. With patent-pending histogram-based technology, the Circonus platform stores raw data which allows for infinite analysis and review. Referred to by engineering blogger, Erik Hollensbe, as the "hacker-grade monitoring system," Circonus has been adopted by leading enterprises and allows DevOps teams to more intelligently interpret and analyze the vast amounts of data produced by their apps, tools, and services.

Customers rely on Circonus to reduce time and effort resolving issues that impact service delivery to their own customers. Industry trends, microservices, and DevOps-centric continuous delivery environments changed user expectations. "Slow" is the new "down," and ensuring a quality online experience is critical to a company's reputation. Superior analytics and monitoring tools, such as Circonus, are increasingly necessary to meet users' expectations of service quality.

Demo Circonus: http://bit.ly/1r0sJG1

About Circonus
Circonus is a microservices monitoring and analytics platform built for on premises or SaaS deployment. Its fully automatable API-Centric platform is more scalable and reliable than systems it monitors. Developed for the requirements of DevOps, Circonus delivers percentile-based alerts, graphs, dashboards, and machine-learning intelligence that enable business optimization. If you're not using Circonus, your results are average.

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Proof of Effectiveness for E-Money Transactions by arara Using Blockchain

arara, inc. announces that it has performed validation testing for the use and application of Blockchain as part of arara’s efforts to expand e-money services, using mijin, a base Blockchain platform available from Tech Bureau. Testing results have confirmed that Blockchain technology is highly applicable to emoney services.

arara provides point + plus, a customer relationship management service, using in-house e-money solutions as a major service offering for stores and shops like supermarkets and cafés. The validation testing that arara performed has examined the potential to construct internal cash settlement systems that are friendlier to actual services and system configurations, and to grow those systems into actual services. This is in terms of both the zero system downtime and the guarantee for data consistency when transactions occur in distributed controls, which are enabled with Blockchain technology.

Results of the validation testing confirmed that mijin offers performance at a level of a minimum of 3,000 secured transactions per minute, which equates to at least 200,000 such transactions per hour, even when run on comparatively inexpensive servers. The practical applicability and superlative ease-of-use of mechanisms that both block data spoofing and prevent data losses were also confirmed. arara now expects that the per-transaction cost will be kept to levels that are 30% of existing systems.

The usefulness and cost benefits of systems that can transfer money among multiple accounts has been verified by validation testing performed elsewhere. The validation testing performed by arara goes beyond that to confirm the effectiveness of a system that involves massive transaction volumes from multiple accounts to a single account.

Effectiveness of a Private Blockchain System for eMoney

  • Confirmed availability
  • Confirmed consistency
  • Confirmed anti-spoofing capabilities
  • Potential for cost savings
  • Confirmed potential for e-money systems

Please check out website to see detailed information of this validation testing.

Moving Forward

arara has continually developed this system because we anticipate that the use of Blockchain will enable large-scale savings for transactions with major retailers and lead to future growth. A great deal of attention is focused on Blockchain technology, particulary among financial institutions within Asia, where investments in financial infrastructure is a large burden and communication networks are not yet as robust. For that reason, arara will continue to make great strides to aggressively develop real-world applications. It is expected that results from this validation testing will be reflected in real-world applications by arara within one year.

About Blockchain

Blockchain is a peer-to-peer distributed ledger technology for a new generation of transactional applications.

About Mijin

Mijin is a private blockchain solution that uses the NEM blockchain technology. Please visit its website for more details: http://mijin.io/en/

About Tech Bureau

Tech Bureau provides cryptographic currency and Blockchain technology using exchange API to handle currency encryption. Please visit the Tech Bureau website for more information:

About arara

arara is one of the founding members of the Blockchain Collaborative Consortium (BCCC). arara also started joint capital investment ventures with Techbureau on April 28, 2016. Please visit the arara website for more information:

arara and the arara logo are trademarks of arara, inc. in Japan and other countries. Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

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Paragon Application Systems Extends Capabilities of Web FASTest

Paragon Application Systems, the leading independent testing services provider for the financial services industry, today announced the latest version of its Web FASTest solution. These enhancements expand the automation and configurability of the product, allowing financial services companies to test more code in less time. Organizations using the solution reduce overhead associated with desktop testing and can optimize the skills of their available resources.

The secure, cloud-based solution, introduced one year ago, was built to accommodate the increased complexity and risk that financial services providers are facing in their mission to future-proof their payments systems. Web FASTest provides a testing platform for simulation and validation for ISO based payments schemes as well as next generation transactions. With the latest release of Web FASTest, organizations may quickly adapt to rapidly changing API standards as they implement new digital payments strategies, while ensuring the integrity of their core payments systems.

Web FASTest allows a test engineer to build functional tests and execute them through a secure performance test engine. This provides real-time updates that automatically configure each connection, further enhancing efficiencies. The APIs used in the solution eliminate the time and hassle of exhaustive manual searches. Users can also automatically customize test cards, empowering them to better tailor Web FASTest for their organization’s unique needs.

Users can choose to deploy Web FASTest in a multi-tenant test cloud environment, providing the flexibility of on-demand testing across multiple sites for multiple users. This testing as a service (TaaS) offering delivers a continuously updated platform with access to numerous financial message formats, giving users the freedom to securely test whenever and where is most convenient. The solution can also be deployed onsite for those organizations who have testing needs that are continuous.

“As new payment methods and avenues are added by the day and the overall payments infrastructure becomes increasingly complex and sophisticated, our testing methods must concurrently evolve to ensure the end customer can consistently and reliably complete secure, successful transactions,” said Jim Perry, CEO of Paragon. “With the latest enhancements to Web FASTest, we deliver more automation, customization and options than ever before. Now, users have the power to use the solution in a way that makes the most sense for their organizations’ specific use cases and business structures, reducing overhead and increasing quality.”

Additional enhancements in the recent release include:

  • Payment API support. Organizations can quickly and efficiently adapt to rapidly changing payment API standards to offer new payment solutions across the global payment infrastructure.
  • Extended automation. The ability to expose the functionality in Web FASTest via API extends testing automation by allowing other enterprise systems to make queries concerning available test cards, schemes by user, profiles and cases that can be executed.
  • Efficient performance testing. Organizations can more efficiently conduct performance testing providing graphical display of statistics in real time, the ability to stop/start testing while a system is under test (SUT) and automated activation of multiple connections eliminating the need to manually configure connections.
  • Single page application (SPA) editing. Web FASTest provides optimally responsive editing capabilities usually expected in a desktop application. These advancements allow engineers to use their time executing test cases rather than performing arduous manual processes.
  • Testing with EMV Cards. While users often rely on Paragon’s powerful soft card technology to design test cases without the plastic, there are certain use case scenarios where the real card is required. Now, users can seamlessly acquire a transaction in the test environment using the plastic card.
  • Simplify Support Requests. A single click feature in Web FASTest allows an engineer to capture the most important test artifacts and forward them with a support request to Paragon, saving the time typically spent on importing and recreating the support issue.

Advancements to Web FASTest represent Paragon’s latest efforts to revolutionize payments testing. For more than 20 years, the company has provided software testing solutions to the world’s leading financial services brands, including the top six global card brands, the top 50 merchant acquirers, the top 10 payment processors, the top 50 retailers and the top 300 banks in the world.

About Paragon
Paragon Application Systems is the leading independent provider of simulation, configuration, certification and end-to-end testing solutions for the financial services industry. Paragon enables more than 600 financial institutions, major interchanges, software providers and payment processors across 90 countries to improve their quality and reduce time to market. The company’s software and services empower financial services organizations to deliver the services their customers need when they need them. Visit www.paragonedge.com for more information, and follow our blog at www.testingrevolution.com/blog.

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Megaport's Elastic Interconnection Fabric to Enhance Verizon Digital Media Services

Megaport, the global leader in software defined networking based elastic interconnection, today announced that Verizon Digital MediaServiceswill utilise Megaport's Elastic Interconnection Fabric to enable direct connections to Verizon Digital Media Services' solutions, while also localising content delivery network services to consumers.

Megaport simplifies scaling network capacity by provisioning direct connections to Verizon Digital Media Services' solutions in any market where Megaport and Verizon Digital Media Services both have a presence, through its award-winning portal and API. Localising traffic through direct connections enables fast and reliable performance to key content for Verizon Digital Media Services' direct customers.

Denver Maddux, Chief Executive Officer, Megaport said: "The addition of Verizon Digital Media Services brings enormous value to our ecosystem. Content and E-Commerce services exhibit similar network behavior as Cloud services where there is a need to move tremendous amounts of data between service regions and ecosystem partners. Plus, there is a need to localise traffic to ensure better performance to consumers. We're very pleased Verizon Digital Media Services has chosen Megaport to be their enabler for next-level interconnectivity."

Verizon Digital Media Services will utilise the Megaport Internet Exchanges in Sydney, Melbourne, and Singapore, and utilize the Megaport Elastic Fabric at several locations in the United States, including New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, the San Francisco Bay Area, Ashburn andDallas. Verizon will join additional Internet Exchanges in Europe and additional markets, in the near future.

"Our long-term agreement with Megaport is a demonstration of our commitment to quality and performance through the continuous expansion of our content delivery network," said Verizon Digital Media Services' Chief Technology Officer Rob Peters. "We're excited to work with Megaport to further develop our network, so that Internet users can quickly and reliably access online content, no matter where they are."

Verizon Digital Media Services is part of AOL, a Verizon Communications, Inc. company, and offers a fully automated end-to-end platform, powered by a robust digital distribution network. The company has an open peering policy, and can enable public peering at Megaport facilities for any interested network. For additional details, visit http://as15133.peeringdb.com or https://www.verizondigitalmedia.com.

About Megaport

Megaport Limited (ASX:MP1) is the leading, global, independent and neutral provider of Elastic Interconnection services. Using Software Defined Networking, the Company's global platform enables customers to rapidly connect their network to other services across the Megaport Fabric. Services can be directly controlled by customers via mobile devices, their computer or our open API. The Company's extensive footprint in Australia, Asia Pacific, and North America provides a neutral platform that spans many key data centre providers across various markets.

Megaport operates in 67 data centres across fifteen markets in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, and the UnitedStatesand is currently expanding its presence into additional data centres in North America and key markets in Europe, including London, Dublin,Amsterdam, and Stockholm.

To learn more about Megaport's SDN-based interconnection fabric and continued expansion into North American markets, please visit https://megaport.com.

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Frost & Sullivan Applauds In-vehicle Remote Diagnostic Platform

Based on its recent analysis of the in-vehicle scan tools market, Frost & Sullivanrecognises Mobile Devices with the 2015 European Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation. Mobile Device's Munic.io solution, powered by advanced technology and innovative proprietary algorithms, enables easy diagnosis of vehicle data by car users. The product is supported by an on-board diagnostics (OBD-II) dongle (the Munic.box) and a cloud platform, CloudConnect, to enable users to easily understand the vehicle's condition without the need for additional specialised scanning hardware tools.

"Mobile Devices has uniquely positioned its Munic.box dongle as an open platform for the scanning of every car manufactured after 1996. While the OBD-II port of vehicles provides data, the CloudConnect solution analyses the data collected in the cloud," said Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Swapnadeep Nayak. "The easy-to-install OBD-II dongle along with cloud connectivity makes it the ideal scan tool for car owners, irrespective of the car's vintage, brand, and segment."

Mobile Devices
Embedding a powerful ARM processor @664MHz and supported by wireless 2G, 3G, or 4G cellular communication, the Munic.io platform collects in-vehicle data and processes it onboard and remotely in a cloud platform, for real-time scanning. The most important part is the company's unique Multistack technology which allows the solution to:

  • Dynamically load the vehicle-specific part of the OBD stack in the device to automatically match the configuration of any light or heavy vehicle
  • Combine multiple original equipment manufacturer (OEM) stacks to offer the largest coverage of vehicles in the market
  • Multistack allows programming in a very simple way (through scripts) high level CAN or other vehicle stacks to interact with vehicle and retrieve real-time information

Apart from the in-device storage of 256 Mbytes to process application procedures, the platform's cloud has been designed to collect, process, store, and distribute the real-time data of millions of devices in the field. The platform's cloud already manages 350K+ devices daily. All electronic control unit (ECU) data from various sensors fitted in the vehicle are constantly synchronised at short intervals to ensure that Munic.io customers receive the latest information from their vehicles.

Importantly, Mobile Devices addresses the security issues inherent in in-vehicle scanning by supporting the transfer of data from the vehicle to the user's own secured servers through hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) post notification. The end-to-end is ensured through Mobile Devices' KryptX technology, where all sensitive data is encrypted and signed.

Mobile Devices has gained yet another competitive edge by creating a driver-profiling algorithm that leverages an inertial navigation system and accelerometer data to periodically compute the position of the vehicle while moving. The algorithm assigns a confidence index to each evaluation of location information and it predicts driver behaviour from the raw data.

Mobile Devices has shown remarkable vision in providing CloudSDK, a suite of programming tools that enable application developers in the connected car space to easily connect their innovative applications with the Munic.io solution. This gives application developers the flexibility to easily obtain in-vehicle data without worrying about the complexity of the ECU. Notably, Mobile Devices offers a catalogue of third-party telematics applications with the Munic.Box solution in addition to a range of free in-house services for integrators.

"Mobile Devices not only boasts a host of extra feature sets, such as free telematics applications, a device manager software suite, and many more features that are not available with other scan tool solution providers, but also keeps its solution's pricing competitive," noted Nayak. "Similarly, Munic.Box's strategy of extending its solution to meet vehicle standards across the world underlines its primary focus on customers' needs."

Overall, for understanding customer needs in the in-vehicle scan tools market and developing an innovative new product to address those needs, Frost & Sullivan is pleased to present Mobile Devices with the 2015 European Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has developed an innovative element in a product by leveraging leading-edge technologies. The award recognises the value-added features/benefits of the product and the greater return on investment (ROI) it offers customers, which, in turn, improves customer acquisition and overall market penetration potential.

"Mobile Devices has done a remarkably good job of understanding customer needs in the vehicle scan tools industry and developing an innovative new product to address those needs," said Frost & Sullivan Global President & Managing Partner, Krishna Srinivasan. 'Its Munic.io Product' is uniquely positioned for sustained success because it addresses the core issues that customers care about—quality, functionality, and reliability." 

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards recognise companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry.

About Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices is a global leader in the design of telematics devices and associated device management platforms that combine exclusive features:

  • High-performance compact electronics
  • Flexible software with 5000+ APIs for programmers
  • A comprehensive suite of programming tools (onboard and offboard), including embedded SDK, Statemachine editor, vehicle protocol stack description language, CloudSDK
  • A unique store of third-party applications.

Mobile Devices has 3 best sellers:

  • C4 Dongle OBD family (also called Munic.box) with largest support of OEM stacks
  • C4Max family for fleet applications including full truck support (J1939, J1708...)
  • Dreevo telematics tablets

All products are available in 2G, 3G, 4G with Wi-Fi Hotspot/BTLE option. 
Products are available in 2 commercial packages:

  • Munic.io package with all above Munic.io services
  • Bare devices without the full suite of Munic.io services

Established in 2002 in France with offices in the United States and China, the company serves most verticals of telematics, including fleets through telematics services providers (TSPs), all types of automotive sector suppliers (insurance, spare parts, dealerships, diagnostic, leasing), and OEMs.

About Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, works in collaboration with clients to leverage visionary innovation that addresses the global challenges and related growth opportunities that will make or break today's market participants.

Our "Growth Partnership" supports clients by addressing these opportunities and incorporating two key elements driving visionary innovation: The Integrated Value Proposition and The Partnership Infrastructure.

  • The Integrated Value Proposition provides support to our clients throughout all phases of their journey to visionary innovationincluding: research, analysis, strategy, vision, innovation and implementation.
  • The Partnership Infrastructure is entirely unique as it constructs the foundation upon which visionary innovation becomes possible. This includes our 360 degree research, comprehensive industry coverage, career best practices as well as our global footprint of more than 40 offices.

For more than 50 years, we have been developing growth strategies for the global 1000, emerging businesses, the public sector and the investment community. Is your organisation prepared for the next profound wave of industry convergence, disruptive technologies, increasing competitive intensity, Mega Trends, breakthrough best practices, changing customer dynamics and emerging economies?

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BlockCypher and ShoCard Provide Identity Management for Blockchains

BlockCypher and Shocard have partnered to provide the market’s first identity management solution that scales across public and permissioned blockchains.

Identity management challenges have increased dramatically as rising attacks on centralized identity databases give hackers almost unfettered access to millions of user records. Multiple companies within the same industry duplicate expensive efforts to maintain identity information for operational purposes, audits, and regulatory compliance. These efforts cost banks, healthcare companies, and government organizations hundreds of millions of dollars a year in manual labor and redundant systems.

“Increasing security costs, the pervasive use of social security numbers as universal identifiers, and the fact that policy is often multiple steps behind criminals leads to an identity crisis that screams for a new way of protecting identity,” says Catheryne Nicholson, CEO of BlockCypher.

As a consequence, government agencies, financial institutions, healthcare providers, airlines, and travel companies are all investigating how blockchain solutions can address identity management. Public blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum provide the benefits of immutability and transparency in an open and trustless environment. Permissioned blockchains address access control and the scalability to support thousands of transactions per second.

ShoCard uses BlockCypher, the leading Blockchain Web Services™ (BWS) company, to provide identity solutions on a combination of public and permissioned blockchains that can be integrated with existing company systems. ShoCard provides end users an application to manage and control the visibility of their data using both types of blockchains. BlockCypher allows companies to switch from one chain to another seamlessly by providing the same APIs across blockchains.

“It allows enterprises who are not yet ready to adopt a public blockchain to first deploy a permissioned blockchain-based identity management solution and then decide whether to move to a public blockchain,” says Armin Ebrahimi, CEO of Shocard. “The flexibility that BlockCypher gives in connecting multiple blockchains is critical in providing the transparency, access, and scalability our customers need.”

BlockCypher Identity™ accelerates the development of blockchain-based identity management applications. BlockCypher Identity™ includes:

  • Address API - generates addresses for identity transactions
  • Data Endpoint - stores encrypted information
  • Identity Wallet API - groups multiple identity addresses together
  • Transaction API - enables publishing transactions to store an identity into a blockchain
  • Metadata API - adds informative descriptions.

About BlockCypher
BlockCypher is the leading Blockchain Web Services™ company. Their web services enable blockchain applications to be built easily. BlockCypher takes care of the complexity of building and running blockchain infrastructure so companies can focus on their business applications. BlockCypher is blockchain agnostic and runs multiple blockchains - open and private - on the same infrastructure.
For more information about BlockCypher, visit http://www.blockcypher.com

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Solace Announces Open Data Movement Initiative

Solace, the leading provider of data movement technology, announced today a set of product enhancements and strategic commitments that reflect a corporate initiative called Open Data Movement which will give developers unprecedented freedom as they design, deploy, connect and scale enterprise applications, big data systems, cloud services and Internet of Things projects.

“The crux of Open Data Movement is unified support for all of the tools and techniques people use to create the application infrastructure that drives their unique business practices,” said Solace CTO Shawn McAllister. “We are on a path that leads to unified support for every open API, protocol and cloud environment that people care about, all with enterprise grade reliability.”

Today Solace unveiled nine new product and company announcements in support of the Open Data Movement initiative:

  • AMQP 1.0 and Apache Qpid Support: Solace message routers will support AMQP 1.0, the first open standard protocol for enterprise-class messaging, by early 2017. Solace’s support for AMQP 1.0 will include certified interoperability with existing Apache Qpid APIs. Solace will continue to participate in the evolution of the AMQP 1.0 protocol as a member of the OASIS working group.
  • Additional Cloud Support: Over the coming months, Solace will expand its already robust cloud support by adding support for Microsoft Azure, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, RedHat OpenShift and IBM BlueMix.
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry Tile: A Pivotal Cloud Foundry tile that offers easy access to Solace messaging capabilities is now available as part of the PCF marketplace.
  • New Virtual Message Router: Solace has released version 7.2 of its Solace Virtual Message Router that offers much higher performance than previous versions, and adds new functionality such as compressed client connections and enhanced security.
  • VMR Community Edition: A free version of the Solace Virtual Message Router called the Community Edition offers the same messaging/streaming functionality and performance as the company’s Enterprise Edition, and is available for immediate download.
  • DevOps Integration and Automation: Solace now supports and leverages popular DevOps tools including GitHub, Maven Central, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Ansible and Spring Cloud.
  • REST Management API: Version 2 of Solace Element Management Protocol will be released this fall. SEMP v2 is a REST API that enables tools like Chef, Puppet, Ansible and Bosh to automate the configuration and provisioning of Solace message routers.
  • Solace Labs: A new resource called Solace Labs is home to open source code-based projects that make it easier to implement and extend Solace technology. Projects related to Spring Cloud and Cloud Foundry are available today, and the company is actively seeking contributions from the developer community.

“The changes we’re announcing today will help enterprises leave behind the days of being locked in to architectural decisions, commercial products or specific cloud environments,” said Solace CEO Craig Betts. “The level of change CIO’s are driving requires pervasive choice now along with flexibility to change your mind later, and we’re committed to giving that to them.”

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Red Hat Expands Mobile Vision to Containerized Mobile App Development

Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced the release of Red Hat Mobile Application Platform as a fully containerized offering designed to run in any public cloud, private cloud or on-premise infrastructure that supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Together with Red Hat's existing SaaS-based mobile app platform, enterprises now have a wider set of deployment options to integrate, manage, and scale their mobile app initiatives to meet their business objectives.

The move to a fully containerized platform, Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, based on docker-format containers and Kubernetes, is part of Red Hat's strategy to provide a single, integrated platform for modern application development that is cloud native, mobile-centric, microservices-based, and API-driven. This new generation of app development tools also support DevOps and agile processes to help businesses innovate and respond to the ever-changing needs of the digital enterprise.

Deployment of Red Hat Mobile Application Platform on OpenShift provides a common platform to support mobile workloads running alongside traditional enterprise applications that need to be moved to the cloud. With the new option for a fully supported on-premise deployment capability, customers can meet their specific management, regulatory and policy requirements for their mobile solutions.

In keeping with its commitment to open source, Red Hat also announced the availability of workforce management (WFM) modules as a tech preview, based on the open source FeedHenry RainCatcher community project. These JavaScript and Node.js-based modules can help speed the creation of customized mobile workforce management solutions that automate, optimize and simplify field workforce processes. Using the modules, organizations can compose mobile apps more quickly and easily to drive greater efficiency in field workforce operations.

Supporting Quotes

Cathal McGloin, vice president, Mobile Platforms, Red Hat

“The pursuit of digital transformation is giving rise to a new mobile enterprise, where application development is increasingly defined by emerging architectures, processes and platforms that can deliver greater business agility. Red Hat offers organizations a powerful stack, based on these modern technologies, to develop, integrate, deploy, and manage mobile applications alongside traditional workloads running in this portable cloud-agnostic containerized environment.”

About Red Hat, Inc.

Red Hat is the world's leading provider of open source software solutions, using a community-powered approach to provide reliable and high-performing cloud, Linux, middleware, storage and virtualization technologies. Red Hat also offers award-winning support, training, and consulting services. As a connective hub in a global network of enterprises, partners, and open source communities, Red Hat helps create relevant, innovative technologies that liberate resources for growth and prepare customers for the future of IT. Learn more at http://www.redhat.com.

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Omnivore Revolutionizes Restaurant Industry with Point-of-Sale System API

With decades of collective experience working to create innovative cloud-based solutions, Mike Wior and Mike Taczak saw major challenges in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Operators were increasingly seeking better ways to seamlessly integrate a variety of capabilities into their point-of-sale (POS) systems. But, smooth POS integration was still blocked by a disconnection of disparate systems.

To solve this integration problem and move the restaurant industry forward, Wior and Taczak set their sights on building a better and more efficient way to connect restaurant POS systems with consumer applications. Wior brought years of experience in security and infrastructure at Wells Fargo to the table, while Taczak had extensive knowledge in API and platform development. Together, their focus was to develop a robust cloud-based API that would serve as the new standard in universal communications for the restaurant industry. In 2014, Wior and Taczak launched Omnivore, a universal API that connects restaurants, developers and suppliers while streamlining the POS process.

“App developers want the ability to communicate directly with diverse POS systems,” said Wior, CEO and co-founder of Omnivore. “Restaurants want a seamless end-to-end solution. Suppliers want real-time consumer engagement opportunities. Omnivore was designed to bridge those gaps, making the possibilities for better engagement endless. The key that will differentiate restaurants from each other in the future is the customer experience they offer, and the technology they employ to achieve it. With that in mind, there was a real need for an API like Omnivore to provide a new level of connectivity.”

What sets Omnivore apart is its ability to universally communicate with many different POS systems. Before Wior and Taczak introduced their product to the market, developers were often left with no other option but to build their products multiple times, once for each system, dramatically increasing the cost of development and maintenance. With Omnivore, the functionality and data model of many POS systems is normalized into a single API, allowing developers to build only once, and immediately be compatible with popular systems like Micros, Aloha, POSitouch, InfoGenesis and Dinerware.

"With hundreds of types of POS systems in the world, it's incredibly difficult to develop and maintain integrations with each one, while simultaneously building an application that delivers value and a great customer experience. The integration work takes over the entire development process. We're completely focused on perfecting those integrations, so our restaurant and application partners can stay focused on what's important to their own mission," said Taczak, CTO and co-founder of Omnivore.

Now, Omnivore is becoming the go-to API for POS systems, not only at the restaurant level, but across all hospitality sectors. Dozens of global companies are already finding rapid success on Omnivore’s platform, including many of the leading restaurant technology companies in sectors like discovery, reservations, delivery, CRM loyalty, ordering, payment, analytics and more. In the years to come, both Wior and Taczak believe their platform has the power to help take the entire industry to a never-before-seen level of data-driven convenience. From the beginning, Chris Sullivan, co-founder of Outback Steakhouse and OSI Restaurant Partners, advocated, shaped, and supported Omnivore's mission. Sullivan is Omnivore's first investor and uses the Omnivore platform throughout his restaurants.

“The restaurant industry is undergoing dramatic changes. To remain a profitable business opportunity, restaurants must deploy technology to maximize ROI in areas such as revenues and table turns. Omnivore’s platform is impacting how venues can connect to new apps and successfully engage customers, which enhances sales, productivity, loyalty and the experiences of customers, staff and vendors,” said Sullivan, Omnivore investor.

“We’re already witnessing how our API is shifting the entire restaurant technology landscape,” Wior said. “It’s clear that Omnivore truly is the missing ingredient for restaurant apps and analytics - we can’t wait to be a part of the exciting future that our technology helps unlock.”

Revolutionizing the worlds of hospitality and retail, Omnivore connects a retailer’s point-of-sale (POS) with new technologies, driving engagement through the full lifecycle of the consumer experience. Omnivore’s cloud-based platform enables a single integration through their API, seamlessly facilitating the connections to POS systems now and into the future. The platform helps restaurants discover apps for payment, reservations, delivery, loyalty, analytics and more to connect with millions of consumers around the world. Omnivore enables access to real-time, quality consumer level point of purchase intelligence. Located in the San Francisco Bay area, Omnivore is a privately held company. For more information, please visit omnivore.io

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Nuance Advances OCR Technology with New OmniPage Server

Nuance Communications today announced a new OmniPage software developer kit and server that provide powerful modules and APIs to create innovative document conversion and data capture solutions. The OmniPage Capture Software Development Kit (SDK) adds extraordinary new capabilities on top of the world’s most accurate OCR technology providing new choices and unparalleled capabilities in document classification, routing and processing automation to software engineers. OmniPage Server is a highly scalable, 24/7, industrial strength standalone server product for document conversions or for linking business applications requiring high-volume document processing and conversion.

“Context aware capture technology enables organisations to utilise OCR solutions that drive strategic business processes with direct lines to revenue generation and employee productivity, said Ron Glaz, research director, document solutions and services at IDC. “The OCR solutions driving the most meaningful business results in the industry today start with premium character recognition which in turn delivers accurate word identification for the best possible contextual awareness. The organisations that move from image to awareness the fastest with the minimal effort realise the maximum benefits.”

OmniPage Capture SDK for Windows

Leveraging the new features and functionality of the updated Capture SDK, users can create powerful productivity applications with enhanced automation tools, greatly reducing manual verification for faster time to market. New capabilities include:

  • Document Classifier empowers developers to create applications that separate documents consisting of multiple types and apply different processing technologies to each document type. This helps businesses create automated document preprocesses, such as invoice sorting and document routing, within an organisation.
  • Intelligent Workflow Runner features a new XML descriptor that defines the conversion processes with as many settings as required to produce the best possible format and OCR results from the original documents. It also includes a utility that converts OmniPage Ultimate Workflows into XML, and an API that connects into a COM Server to queue up and manage conversion jobs. The unmatched level of automation in this feature ensures that developers don’t have to dedicate time to creating these processes on their own.
  • The Mixed Raster Content compression method to create small-sized PDF files with perfectly legible textual content has been enhanced with the latest JPEG2000 compression technology and now delivers faster, more efficient PDF creation.
  • Improved Logical Form Recognition technology with support for radio buttons and enhanced recognition of checkboxes. This enables more accurate conversion of scanned forms into fillable PDF forms.
  • Central Licensing significantly increases the productivity of developing server applications with OCR capabilities. This unit can manage multiple OmniPage SDK runtimes to provide automatic scalability to server applications for high volume document conversion processing. Also available with this new licensing are page and term-based licenses that can be tailored to meet specific business needs.

OmniPage Server for Windows

The new OmniPage Server with APIs gives developers and business process owners a sophisticated new tool for high volume document conversion that can be run standalone as a complete solution or connected to business system applications for more comprehensive workflows. It is the ideal solution for organisations that want to quickly and easily create automated, watched folder conversion processes with minimal effort from their local IT. The server also allows more sophisticated business application developers to programmatically connect to other applications further enhancing and advancing business infrastructure and processes. Product capabilities include:

  • A simple-to-use API enabling developers to integrate OCR functions into client applications which can support virtually all operating system platforms for desktop computers and mobile devices
  • Web browser integration allowing end users to initiate conversion processes and access the results using their preferred browser
  • Watched Folder Support providing users the ability to quickly process scanned documents in network folders that automatically place the converted, editable and searchable files into output subfolders for archival or additional use in the document workflow.

“The two OmniPage solutions, OmniPage Capture SDK and OmniPage Server, address a wide spectrum of developer needs ranging from assembling reliable and fast document conversion applications with low effort to developing sophisticated and robust workflow solutions,” said Chris Strammiello, vice president of global alliances and strategic marketing, Nuance Document Imaging. “They provide the high OCR accuracy and quality document imaging needed to create strategic, impactful applications.”

The OmniPage Capture SDK 20 and OmniPage Server with APIs delivers to developers everything they need to add robust imaging, optical character recognition (OCR), and PDF creation and conversion capabilities into applications as well as barcode recognition technology, intelligent character recognition, zonal recognition and more. The OmniPage Capture SDK version 19 also features editions that support Linux and Macintosh. Please go to http://china.nuance.com/products/by-product/omnipage/for-developers/index.htm for more information and a detailed comparison by features.

About Nuance Communications, Inc.

Nuance Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of voice and language solutions for businesses and consumers around the world. Its technologies, applications and services make the user experience more compelling by transforming the way people interact with devices and systems. Every day, millions of users and thousands of businesses experience Nuance’s proven applications. For more information, please visit www.nuance.com

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Neurotechnology Releases New Face Recognition Algorithm

Neurotechnology, a provider of high-precision biometric identification technologies, today released the new VeriLook face recognition algorithm. Based on deep neural networks, the new algorithm provides five times higher accuracy in identifying full frontal faces and 10 to 15 times higher accuracy for unconstrained facial recognition. With VeriLook, Neurotechnology also introduces a new face verification component with a simpler, more intuitive interface for easy integration and use in authentication tasks such as user verification for mobile banking transactions. VeriLook is included in the new MegaMatcher 9.0 line of biometric software development kits (SDK), also released today, which includes fingerprint, face, iris, palmprint and voiceprint (speaker) identification technologies that work seamlessly together and can be used in any combination for multi-biometric solutions.

"With this new version our development team focused on face recognition in real-world, unconstrained environments," said Dr. Justas Kranauskas, project lead for Neurotechnology. "We achieved a ten-fold accuracy improvement on faces captured in lower resolution, with complex illumination, expressions and head rotations. This enabled us to offer a new face verification component which greatly simplifies user authentication by face, especially in mobile applications, while also enabling the face recognition algorithm to be used for complex 1:N identification," Kranauskas added.

Improvements to the face recognition algorithm have resulted in much higher accuracy in facial identification compared to the previous version, based on False Rejection Rate (FRR) at the same False Acceptance Rate (FAR) value. This not only improves the user experience by resulting in fewer errors, it makes the product significantly easier to use and apply to a much broader range of face recognition applications, such as conducting automated facial image searches in large databases without the need for manual review. Faster face detection and more accurate estimation of facial attributes, including gender, smile, closed eyes, open mouth, glasses and dark glasses are also included. The new facial landmarks detection and tracking capabilities are more robust in a wider range of facial poses.

The new face verification component greatly simplifies both the technical and commercial use of facial recognition technology for user authentication purposes. The easy-to-use, intuitive interface makes it highly suitable for use in mobile banking transactions and other applications which require both high security and simplicity. The component is optimized to make it easier to enroll and verify faces captured from cameras. Optional liveness detection determines if the system is viewing a live person vs. a photograph. A specialized API simplifies integration into a variety of solutions, and component pricing makes the face verification component economical for large-scale deployments on millions of devices.

Additional updates to the MegaMatcher 9 line include an enhanced iris algorithm that improves extraction speed and iris segmentation quality. It can accurately detect eyelids and can be used to locate irises in images that are captured in both the NIR range and in visible light. The iris image quality estimation is adapted to ISO/IEC 29794-6:2015 standard.

MegaMatcher 9.0 and the entire Neurotechnology biometric product line can be purchased from Neurotechnology and through distributors worldwide. A free 30-day trial is available and, as with all Neurotechnology products, the latest version is a free upgrade for existing customers. For more information, go to neurotechnology.com.

About Neurotechnology
Neurotechnology is a provider of high-precision software development products for biometric fingerprint, face, iris, palmprint and voice identification; object recognition; AI and robotics. Drawing from years of academic research in the fields of neuroinformatics, image processing and pattern recognition, Neurotechnology was founded in 1990 in Vilnius, Lithuania and released its first fingerprint identification system in 1991. Since that time the company has released more than 130 products and version upgrades for identification and verification of objects and personal identity. More than 3000 system integrators, security companies and hardware providers integrate Neurotechnology's algorithms into their products, with millions of customer installations worldwide.

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Neuron ESB Releases Update, Expands .NET Integration of Cloud Services

 Neuron ESB, an application, service and workflow integration platform, announced today Neuron ESB's Cumulative Update 4 (CU4), providing a slate of new features and enhancements designed to expand secure cloud connectivity and API interoperability. Neuron ESB is the only integration product built for the Microsoft .NET platform, quickly and easily connecting business critical platforms, systems and applications, both on premises and in the cloud.

Neuron ESB's CU4 feature pack provides over 60 new features, enhancements and connectors. The numerous enhancements include, Swagger/API management, workflow, connectors and OAuth integration. CU4's host of new connectors for cloud-based tools and services include CertainSafe, NetSuite, Dropbox, Amazon, Marketo, Twilio, Apple Push Notifications and more.

"We're very excited about this update from Neuron ESB," said Brett Raven, Chief Technology Officer for Australia-based ecommerce company, Lux Group. "We depend on Neuron ESB to manage each and every backend transaction for our company. We are eager to get our hands on the new powerful functionality and host of new features that CU4 brings to the platform."

The CU4 feature pack enables users to better capitalize on emerging cloud applications, building on Neuron ESB's proven time-to-market advantage using the Microsoft .NET Platform. Users have an intuitive framework on which to build their own connectors, in addition to a comprehensive slate of pre-built connectors for most commodity transports, queuing technologies, databases and on premise/cloud applications.

"By delivering a richer, more complete set of features, enhancements and connectors with every release, Neuron ESB enables even faster deployment of cloud tools and services, streamlines integration and reduces development resources. Development teams are more productive, building secure end-user solutions quickly and easily by capitalizing most effectively on their internal .NET capabilities," said Marty Wasznicky, Vice President, Neuron ESB.

In addition to workflow enhancements, the CU4 release also introduces a number of new JSON/Swagger-enabled features to augment existing API management support. CU4's new repositories and access methods make using APIs easier and useful for organizations incorporating a greater number of REST (HTTP)-based services. OAuth integration has been added to easily authorize web service calls using Neuron ESB's Service Broker and supported connectors (HTTP/REST service endpoints); supported authorization services include Amazon, Azure Active Directory/ADFS, Google, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! and more.

CU4 provides significant enhancements to Neuron ESB's Rabbit MQ transport, supporting SSL security protocols and increasing performance by three-fold while, while extending the reliability of Rabbit MQ's transactional model.

Through its comprehensive connector library and interoperable APIs, Neuron ESB enables users to embed a broad range of services and applications in their custom solutions. For instance, modernizing capabilities such as marketing through Marketo can include integrating services with ERP, ecommerce and CRM applications such as NetSuite, Salesforce and Dynamics CRM. Neuron ESB's Amazon Web Services (AWS) connector complements Neuron ESB's Azure Service Bus connector enabling easy integration with solutions in the cloud. Its Zuora connector allows commerce, billing and finance SaaS products to be built directly into the developer's own subscription-based services. Neuron ESB now interacts easily with iOS mobile devices, both sending receiving alerts and notifications via its connector for Apple Push Notifications and Twilio.

About Neuron ESB 
Neuron ESB is an application, service and workflow integration platform that simplifies messaging, system integration and Web service enablement. It facilitates quick integration of disparate applications and speeds up the adoption of service-oriented architecture. Built on Microsoft .NET, Neuron ESB enables clients to leverage existing in-house developer skills and tools to deploy projects in a matter of weeks rather than months. Neuron ESB has clients around the globe in a variety of industries. To learn more, visit www.neuronesb.com.

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Netrounds Partners with NEC and Netcracker to Drive Network Analytics

Netrounds, a leading provider of active network analytics and software-based test and service assurance solutions for communications service providers (CSPs), announced today that it has joined the NEC/Netcracker SDN Partner Space ecosystem and is collaborating with NEC andNetcracker, providers of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) solutions as well as business and operations support systems (BSS/OSS). The collaboration will enable CSPs to capture new revenue opportunities by accelerating agile deployments of assured network services and incorporating active test and assurance solutions via open APIs into OSS workflows for increased efficiency and decreased operational expenditures. 

Netrounds' software-based active test and assurance platform will be integrated with NEC and Netcracker's orchestration and network monitoring solutions to allow CSPs to deploy an active solution that covers the entire service lifecycle in an automated, DevOps-based and operationally efficient way. This will accelerate the delivery of dynamic network services by eliminating manual efforts that prevent full automation of fulfillment and assurance workflows.

"For our customers, the ultimate end goal is to become more agile and to capture new business opportunities, and this requires solutions built on software, supporting comprehensive end-to-end automation of both operational and lifecycle processes. The integration of Netrounds with NEC and Netcracker's orchestration and network monitoring solutions allows our customers to utilize Netrounds' complete API to automate assurance and active analytics in their networks," said Mats Nordlund, CEO & Co-founder of Netrounds. "The use of our open API for easy integration with OSS, NFV orchestration, service quality management and other adjacent support systems will assist our CSP customers in their quest for zero-touch automation and greater degrees of flexibility and dynamic control."

"Service assurance and analytics are essential components in a truly open multivendor SDN/NFV ecosystem," said Timur Aliev, Head of Product Strategy and Innovation at NEC. "With Netrounds joining NEC/Netcracker SDN Partner Space program and working together with NEC and Netcracker to deliver assured network services, we mitigate the operational risks feared by many in the virtualization journey, giving our customers the ability to combine commercial-ready network and cloud applications seamlessly."

"Fast time-to-market and agile service delivery will be key differentiators in tomorrow's communications market," said Rahul Chandra, Vice President of Worldwide SDN/NFV Business Development at Netcracker. "NEC's and Netcracker's IT and networking expertise combined with Netrounds' service assurance and testing solutions will allow service providers to drive their virtualization initiatives forward, helping them redefine customer engagement models and become preferred services partners."

To learn more about how Netrounds is assuring CSP networks with active network analytics and NEC's and Netcracker's open ecosystem of SDN/NFV solutions visit http://www.netrounds.com and http://www.sdnspace.com. To schedule a product demo, contact [email protected] .

About Netrounds 

Founded in 2007, Netrounds is an active network analytics solution provider for physical, hybrid and virtual networks. Netrounds' programmable, software-based test and service assurance capabilities enable communications service providers to enhance the end user experience of IP-based services such as Internet, TV, voice and other quality-demanding business services. Its extensive feature set covers all network and service layers for assurance and visibility of the full service lifecycle - service activation testing, ongoing quality monitoring and remote troubleshooting. Netrounds solutions are used by more than 270 network operators, service providers and enterprises worldwide and it is headquartered in Lulea, Sweden, with offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Stockholm, Sweden. For further information, please visit http://www.netrounds.com.

About NEC Corporation 

NEC Corporation is a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies that benefit businesses and people around the world. By providing a combination of products and solutions that cross utilize the company's experience and global resources, NEC's advanced technologies meet the complex and ever-changing needs of its customers. NEC brings more than 100 years of expertise in technological innovation to empower people, businesses and society.  For more information, visit NEC at http://www.nec.com.

The NEC Group globally provides "Solutions for Society" that promote the safety, security, efficiency and equality of society. Under the company's corporate message of "Orchestrating a brighter world," NEC aims to help solve a wide range of challenging issues and to create new social value for the changing world of tomorrow. For more information, please visit


NEC is a registered trademark of NEC Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Other product or service marks mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners. ©2016 NEC Corporation.

About Netcracker Technology 

Netcracker Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, is a forward-looking software company, offering mission-critical solutions to service providers around the globe. Our comprehensive portfolio of software solutions and professional services enables large-scale digital transformations, unlocking the opportunities of the cloud, virtualization and the changing mobile ecosystem. With an unbroken service delivery track record of more than 20 years, our unique combination of technology, people and expertise helps companies transform their networks and enable better experiences for their customers. 

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mParticle Raises $17.5M In Funding For Multi-Screen Data Platform

mParticle, the multi-screen customer data platform, today announced that it has closed a Series B funding round of $17.5M led by new investor Bain Capital Ventures along with existing investor Social Capital. The company, on track to hit 4x its 2015 revenues in 2016, also announced the hiring of new sales leadership and the availability of new APIs to enable brands to do more with their data in the mobile era.

"Too much valuable customer data is being ignored," said Michael Katz, CEO and co-founder of mParticle. "For the first time, brands can get a complete view of the customer journey across their web, app, and server data, not to mention the data generated by all their SaaS tools. With this unified perspective, they can at last deliver on the promise of multi-screen personalization and marketing across paid and CRM channels."

mParticle serves as the data platform of record to many of the world's leading brands, helping improve marketing and analytics output. The mParticle platform unifies data collection and makes it easy to connect that data to the variety of analytics, marketing, and data warehousing services that brands use to drive growth. The company has grown to manage over 1 billion mobile users each month, capturing over $5 billionin ecommerce transactions, and processing over 250 billion API calls.

In addition to longstanding relationships with renowned customers including Airbnb, King, and Spotify, mParticle has added several more App Store category leaders to its roster since announcing Series A funding in January, including Jet, Hulu, Foursquare, Postmates, and Chic Fil A. mParticle is now used by more category-leading mobile brands than all other customer data platforms combined.

The company has also introduced several major new product enhancements in the past year. Product highlights include: launching tvOS support for AppleTV; launching support for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP); doubling the number of service partner integrations, from 60 to 120; releasing an integration with Google BigQuery; releasing integrations with all three leading marketing clouds (Adobe, Oracle, and Salesforce); releasing cross-device identity matching capabilities; and, implementing industry-leading encryption and security controls.

The $17.5M in additional funding brings the company's total capital raised to $37M since inception in 2013. The new funding will be used to bring even more industry-leading multi-screen products to market and enable the company to scale operations. Scott Friend, who led the investment for Bain Capital Ventures, will join the mParticle Board of Directors. Max Clark has joined the company as the Chief Revenue Officer to lead the global sales force. Prior to joining mParticle, Clark was Vice President, Sales for the Oracle Social Cloud.

"We were attracted to how mParticle created the data platform for the next generation of mobile marketers and how it's now being used by more traditional marketers for whom mobile is of paramount importance but not their only concern," said Scott Friend, Managing Director at Bain Capital Ventures. "The team that's been assembled here has had an incredible amount of prior success scaling marketing and advertising technology businesses, so we are big believers not only in the vision but also in their ability to execute upon it."

mParticle is also announcing today it has launched a new Profiles API. The API enables any customer to query a user record in their mParticle account and append that customer data to any existing system for a more complete view of the customer journey. For example, a customer service rep responding to a help desk ticket would be able to easily review a customer's full set of behaviors across web and app, to understand if the user is a frequent user, if they use the app or website more often, and what they were doing leading up to the issue they encountered.

To learn more about mParticle, visit www.mParticle.com.

About mParticle

Founded in 2013, mParticle is the leading customer data platform that unlocks the full power of data for businesses. The company empowers brands to accelerate their growth strategy to keep pace with their customers by providing the most advanced data platform for web and apps across all devices in the marketplace. A trusted partner among renowned brands such as Airbnb, Foursquare, Hulu, King, and Spotify among many others, the mParticle platform has grown to manage over 1 billion mobile users each month, capturing over $5 billion in ecommerce transactions and processes over 250 billion API calls. Recognized as one of Crain's 100 Best Places to Work in New York City and named to Gartner's "Cool Vendors in Mobile App Development" list, mParticle has 45 employees and is headquartered in New York City with offices inSan Francisco.

About Bain Capital Ventures

Bain Capital Ventures (BCV) partners with disruptive B2B startup founders to accelerate bringing their ideas to market. The firm's investments range from seed to growth stage in enterprise software, infrastructure software and in industries being transformed by data. BCV has helped launch and commercialize more than 200 companies since 1984, including select prior investments in DocuSign, Kiva Systems, LinkedIn, Rapid7, SurveyMonkey and TellApart. BCV has approximately $3.9 billion in assets under management and offices in the Bay Area, New York City and Boston. Follow BCV at @BainCapVC or visit http://www.baincapitalventures.com.

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MDLog Certified by the Allscripts Developer Program

MDOps, a leader in voice controlled clinical application for smarter decision support and instant documentation, today announced its application, MDLog, has been certified by the Allscripts Developer Program (ADP).

Physicians can now talk in their natural language to MDLog's iOS app at the point of care to instantly record, retrieve, and analyze patient data to and from their Allscripts EHR to make smarter decisions and get better outcomes without compromising efficiency.

With the integration into Allscripts electronic health record platform, MDLog simplifies the physician's workflow allowing physicians more time with patients. With a simple online registration and configuration of a smartphone & tablet application, physicians can get going quickly without any complicated IT skills.

MDLog Features:

  • "Mili" – the virtual clinical assistant to place clinical orders as well as retrieve and analyze patient data through naturally spoken commands
  • Dictate instant clinical notes and eliminate the expensive scribe and transcription services
  • Automatically submit encounters to billing for quick claims submissions
  • Manage patient care across multiple settings

"The Allscripts Developer Program enables us to deliver seamless solutions to Allscripts clients with out-of-box integrations that are reliable, secure, and provide unparalleled user experience," said Avinash Kodey, Co-Founder & CEO of MDOps. "Our mission is to help the healthcare providers achieve better outcomes by making technology transparent so physicians can make smarter clinical decisions at the point of care."

The Allscripts Developer Program (ADP) enables third-parties to build integrations quickly that enhance Allscripts electronic health record (EHR), financial and population health solutions. The Allscripts Open platform facilitates bi-directional application programming interfaces (APIs) that are transforming healthcare delivery exchanging nearly 1 billion elements of data every year.

Find more information about MDLog can be found at https://store.allscripts.com. Health IT developers can create a free Allscripts Developer Portal account at https://developer.allscripts.com to access the Allscripts Open APIs and start building or connecting new innovations for Allscripts users.

About MDOps:

MDOps is the leading innovator of voice-controlled physician care. Using our Artificial Intelligence technology powered virtual clinical assistant, physicians can create better patient care outcomes through smarter decisions. For more information, visit MDOps.com.

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Marchex and DoubleClick Deliver Better View of Media Performance

Marchex (NASDAQ: MCHX), a leading mobile advertising analytics company, today announced that it is an approved integration partner of DoubleClick Campaign Manager’s newly released Conversions API. With this integration, marketers can securely upload Marchex Display Analytics data to DoubleClick and attribute inbound phone calls to digital and mobile advertising programs, providing a more complete view of media performance.

Marketers rely on various digital metrics to measure the success of campaigns, but with both online and offline touchpoints in a consumer’s path to purchase, these measurements only offer a partial understanding of a campaign’s impact. Marchex Display Analytics enables digital marketers to accurately measure the impact of display and video campaigns on offline sales from calls. With this integration, DoubleClick customers can now take advantage of the rich phone call data that Marchex provides to better understand their customers and campaigns.

“Attributing offline events to our display advertising is an important priority for many of our clients”, said Samantha Sowinski, Associate Media Director at iCrossing, a global digital marketing agency. “Marchex Display Analytics ties this data together for us, and we look forward to activating this connection within DoubleClick Campaign Manager.”

“Marchex is dedicated to connecting real-world, offline actions to digital and mobile behavior. The integration with DoubleClick Campaign Manager further validates the need for marketers to have a complete picture of their customers’ behavior,” said Marchex Vice President of Product Engineering, Adarsh Nair. “As a preferred partner of DoubleClick’s Campaign Manager, we are pleased to offer even more marketers a proven way to garner deeper insight into the customer journey, while improving ROI.”

The Marchex Analytics platform measures offline sales, audiences and consumer intent from digital advertisements across every channel and every device. By Integrating with Marchex, Campaign Manager can deliver strategic insights on how digital programs impact offline activities to inform future decision making.

For more information on Marchex Display Analytics and the secure, seamless integration with DoubleClick, please visit http://www.marchex.com/display-analytics/.

About Marchex

Marchex is a mobile advertising analytics company that connects online behavior to real-world, offline actions. By linking critical touchpoints in the customer journey, Marchex’s products enable a 360-degree view of marketing effectiveness. Brands and agencies utilize Marchex’s products to transform business performance.

Please visit www.marchex.com, www.marchex.com/blog/ or @marchex on Twitter, where Marchex discloses material information from time to time about the Company, its financial information, and its business.

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IBM Redefines Security, Availability and Economics of Storing Data

IBM (NYSE: IBM) today is introducing a new cloud object storage service that redefines the security, availability and economics of storing, managing and accessing massive amounts of digital information across hybrid clouds. The company's breakthrough new IBM Cloud Object Storage offering derives from IBM's acquisition of Cleversafe and its significant portfolio of patents which are designed to deliver clients better value with industry-leading security.

Though organizations are flocking to the cloud for improved efficiencies and IT agility, clients see a gap in their ability to store increasingly larger volumes of data – on premises and off premises. Presently companies have to choose between storing data on internal servers and storage systems, or in the cloud. It's a dilemma that has hindered business flexibility and raised infrastructure costs. As data volumes continue to grow across industries, the need to create flexible hybrid cloud storage solutions has intensified.

The new IBM Cloud Object Storage storage-as-a-service offerings will enable clients for the first time to scale large unstructured data volumes across on-premises systems as well as public and private clouds quickly and easily. This will dramatically increase IT system flexibility and security. In a price comparison of identical object storage capacity running on a competitive cloud, the new IBM Cloud Object Storage demonstrated more than 25% lower costs for the capacity, environment and locations compared. Built on an innovation called SecureSlice from industry leader, Cleversafe, (acquired by IBM in 2015), IBM Cloud Object Storage is designed to make storing and managing that data on the IBM Cloud reliable and available across regions and around the clock.

"As clients continue to move massive workloads to hybrid clouds there is a need for an easier, more secure and economical way to store and manage mounting volumes of digital information," said Robert LeBlanc, Senior Vice President, IBM Cloud. "With today's announcement, IBM becomes the leading cloud vendor to provide clients the flexibility and availability of object data storage across on-premises and public clouds."

Bitly Migrates 1 Billion Datasets to IBM Cloud Object Storage; Adopts IBM as its Exclusive Cloud Platform

Bitly, the world's leading customer experience platform, is continually looking for new ways to help organizations use its software platform to gain actionable insights about their customers. The company has adopted the new IBM Cloud Object Storage service to more quickly and easily analyze historical data that is being produced by the more than 10 billion clicks it processes each month across the world. This historical data, up to 500TB, includes user interactions across online channels – useful information for marketers that are using Bitly to deliver and measure their efforts across all marketing channels.

"With more than 400 million new links created every month, the Bitly platform is growing at an explosive rate," said Robert Platzer, CTO, Bitly. "We turned exclusively to IBM Cloud because of its leadership in data services. Through this partnership IBM will help us transform our business and build a variety of new cloud services – from advanced analytics and data mining to data research – into our software platform. The new IBM Cloud Object Storage service will enable us to manage all the data from our on-premises and cloud infrastructure with ease and flexibility."

Bitly's adoption of IBM Cloud Object Storage is part of a deep multi-year partnership with IBM. With today's announcement, IBM Cloud has become the exclusive cloud platform for Bitly. Earlier this year, the company moved 25 billion data-infused links to IBM Cloud to take advantage of the high performance and global scale of IBM's nearly 50 global Cloud Data Centers. With that migration complete, the company has turned its attention to managing all 1 billion datasets of the historical interactions behind those links with IBM Cloud Object Storage.

IBM Breaks the Constraints of Today's Storage Architecture

At the heart of the new IBM Cloud Object Storage service is IBM's innovative SecureSlice, which combines encryption and erasure coding for greater security and information dispersal which enhances data availability. These fundamental technologies can help clients satisfy their data compliance security requirements and maintain access to critical data even in the face of a regional outage. These capabilities are also delivered without having to make expensive copies of data, resulting in improved economics to clients. Specifically:

IBM is the only company to have combined erasure coding with encryption and decryption. When data comes into the IBM Cloud Object Storage system, SecureSlice automatically encrypts each segment of data before it is erasure coded and dispersed. The content can only be re-assembled through IBM Cloud's "Accesser" technology at the client's primary data center, where the data was originally received, and decrypted by SecureSlice.

Because of these innovations, IBM Cloud Object Storage can tolerate even catastrophic regional outages without interruption of access to data or the need for customer intervention. Continuous availability is inherent in the architecture. Some traditional cloud storage providers, place the burden of data management and the cost for creating and maintaining a second copy for regional fault tolerance on the client.

As a result of the technology's robust hybrid capabilities, IBM Cloud Object Storage has demonstrated it can, for the compared capacity, environment and locations, reduce certain overall costs of cloud storage. For example, based on internal IBM testing comparing IBM Cloud Object Storage Vault Cross-Region Services to a leading vendor in head-to-head Cross Region service managing ½ petabyte (PB) of data, the IBM solution was close to 24% less expensive for the location and workload compared, and at 5PB the service was more than 25% less expensive.1

Delivering the Flexibility Clients Need to Meet Business Requirements

IBM Cloud Object Storage is offered in two public, multi-tenant services: Cross Region Service, which sends the sliced data to at least three geographically dispersed regions across IBM Cloud data centers; and Regional Service, which holds the data in multiple data centers in a given region. Both the Regional and Cross Region services provide SecureSlice, encrypted erasure coding to protect the data. The new services complement the company's existing IBM Cloud Object Storage System for on premises object storage, and the IBM Cloud Object Storage Dedicated Service, a private cloud offering that runs on bare-metal servers on IBM Cloud. All of the IBM Cloud Object Storage services on or off-premises support Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift interfaces for greater programming flexibility.

IBM Brings Cloud Object Storage to hundreds of Storage Platforms with Transparent Cloud Tiering

Finally, for the first time, IT organizations with on-premises storage will be able to move data seamlessly to and from the cloud. IBM Spectrum Virtualize will add hybrid cloud capabilities to nearly 400 platforms, both IBM and non-IBM. IBM Spectrum Virtualize, IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Scale, use Transparent Cloud Tiering to extend traditional storage to the cloud with policy driven, automated simplicity, security and control.

IBM Cloud Object Storage is available now for enterprise clients across IBM Cloud data centers in the US and Europe and will be available in the Asia Pacific region in December. Availability via digital channels, with swipe-and-go credit card support, will begin in the US starting in December and Europe soon thereafter.

About IBM

For more on IBM Cloud, visit www.ibm.com/cloud-computing.

For more on IBM Storage, visit www.ibm.com/systems/storage.

For more information on IBM Cloud Object Storage, visit https://www.ibm.com/cloud-computing/products/storage/object-storage/.

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Hyperwallet Announces Developer Evangelism Initiative

Hyperwallet, a leading global payouts provider to millions of independent workers, today announced the launch of its new Developer Evangelism program, which will see the company’s focus shift towards building relationships within the wider developer community and taking a ‘developer-first’ approach to future releases.

Hyperwallet further revealed that it had recruited Dan Harrison, a technical solutions expert with a long history of customer advocacy, to head up the program. Harrison will be responsible for fostering relationships within the wider developer community, as well as showcasing the functionality of Hyperwallet’s API integration options.

“Dan is unique both in his ability to rapidly understand complex technology and in his ability to explain its value in a simple, engaging way,” said Bill Crowley, Hyperwallet’s Chief Product Officer. “Hyperwallet is already pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in outbound payments. Dan’s technical expertise will help us further demonstrate to businesses that utilize independent workforces—gig platforms, digital marketplaces—just how easy it is to integrate Hyperwallet’s truly global payout.”

The announcement comes as Hyperwallet continues to pioneer new and innovative technology in the outbound payment space. Three members of the Hyperwallet developer team were credited as inventors for a Hyperwallet patent application recently filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the technology behind the company’s JavaScript payout widget, which enables clients to embed payout functionality directly into new or existing applications.

Anyone interested in getting a closer look at Hyperwallet’s global payout infrastructure is encouraged to join the company’s developer team at FinDEVr Silicon Valley from October 18-19, where Crowley will take the stage to give a live demonstration of Hyperwallet’s developer toolkit.

About Hyperwallet
Hyperwallet’s payout platform provides growing organizations with a frictionless, transparent, and reliable way to manage payments and enhance the payee’s experience anywhere in the world. Trusted by enterprise, ecommerce, and on-demand platforms, Hyperwallet makes it easy to pay up to 7 billion people in a singular payment environment. Put your payees in control with enhanced financial management tools, integrated payment tracking technology, and user-friendly compliance and identity verification. Hyperwallet has offices in San Francisco, Austin, and Vancouver. You can learn more at http://hyperwallet.com.

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ECI's Elastic Network Strategy Takes Root With Many Customer

ECI, a global provider of ELASTIC Network® solutions, announced today the great success of its ELASTIC Network strategy launched mid-last year. The strategy encompasses solutions tailored for communications service providers, strategic industries and for cloud networking.

"The industry's reception of the ELASTIC Network strategy has been enthusiastic. We have gained considerable traction in the market, mainly because our solutions are properly addressing key industry pain points. The net result: over 30 new wins and many new bids coming from first time customers," said ECI CEO Darryl Edwards. "In addition, the success of the ELASTIC Network strategy has catapulted ECI into the limelight as a true visionary and industry thought leader. For example, ECI was recently invited to lead MEF's OpenLSO Service Fulfillment Program and a multi-carrier PoC at MEF16. ECI has also cooperated on joint projects with NIA (the NEW IP agency) and the ONF (OpenFlow Foundation) to further our goal of driving open, vendor agnostic solution."

Since the introduction of the ELASTIC Network in June 2015, ECI has launched many new, innovative solutions all of which have been cited for multiple industry accolades (Light Reading, Heavy Reading, LTE Awards, and Global Telecom Awards). On the list, the 9900 family of high capacity ODU switching product line, the NPT1800 high capacity Carrier Ethernet system, NFV solutions and virtual functions, LightAPPS™ SDN applications and LightSEC™ cyber security solutions.

Telecommunications services and networks are changing more quickly than ever before, making the task of selecting and investing in networks much more complex. In today's ultra-competitive world, challenges include making the right investments to support thriving business for years to come. Networks are 'cloudified' and functions are virtualized, things unheard of only a few years ago. Today the ability of a network to address those trends is key to success. ECI continues to develop open, vendor agnostic and secure solutions, always with an eye on enabling a smooth migration to future technologies.

Central to ECI's ELASTIC Networks is the company's SmartLIGHT™ portfolio framework which leverages the company's vast networking experience.  It is comprised of four interconnected functional blocks: an advanced transport layer, a control layer, an SDN/NFV applications layer and a comprehensive cyber security layer encapsulating the other three. To further its goal of providing truly open, future proof solutions, ECI continues to implement and offer open APIs for full functionality in multi-vendor environments, NFV capabilities and remote software upgrades. ECI's advanced packet-optical product lines continue to combine supreme performance with OPEX saving efficiencies, which ensure they will service customers for many years ahead.  

Mr. Edwards concluded, "With commitment and focus, ECI is and plans to remain on the path to delivering truly open, ELASTIC networks and to doing its part to helping the industry to smoothly transition and remain competitive in the future."

ECI will be showcasing the provisioning of dynamic CE 2.0 services across multiple carriers at the upcoming MEF16 in Baltimore, MD in November. Stop by the ECI booth to hear more.

About ECI  

ECI is a global provider of ELASTIC network solutions to CSPs, critical infrastructures as well as data center operators. Along with its long-standing, industry-proven packet-optical transport, ECI offers a variety of SDN/NFV applications, end-to-end network management, a comprehensive cyber security solution, and a range of professional services. ECI's ELASTIC solutions ensure open, future-proof, and secure communications. With ECI, customers have the luxury of choosing a network that can be tailor-made to their needs today as well as seamlessly and cost effectively upgraded to meet future requirements. For more information, visit us at http://www.ecitele.com.

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YES Prep Public Schools Chooses Certica for K-12 Data Architecture

Certica Solutions (Certica), provider of the Certica Connect™ K-12 data and application integration platform, today announced that YES Prep Public Schools has chosen Certica to deliver a comprehensive platform of data architecture, based on the Ed-Fi data standard and technology. YES Prep Public Schools is a Houston-based public charter school system serving 11,600 students in grades 6-12.

Certica’s Ed-Fi team was created through the acquisition of Educuity, Ed-Fi pioneers based in Austin, Texas, in August 2016 (see release). The Ed-Fi data standard and technology components, developed and licensed by the non-profit Ed-Fi Alliance, enable educators and education technology companies to achieve data integration and application interoperability between education data systems, and enable processes to improve student outcomes.

YES Prep, which was founded in 1998 and operates 16 schools, upholds a mission to serve students from low-income communities and prepare them for college. The organization has been on the vanguard of using data to inform instruction and drive decisions, and strives to provide educators with access to high-quality information and innovative learning applications. YES Prep recently identified a need for a comprehensive data platform that integrates data from multiple information systems and applications; ensures high-quality data; enables operability between applications; and supports data visualizations and analytics to support instruction and student success. YES Prep also wished to lower support costs, improve application ease-of-use, and provide end-user access to critical data.

YES Prep turned to Certica, whose Ed-Fi team has delivered Next Generation K-12 Data Architecture design and implementation services to numerous school districts and state education agencies. Certica will implement its platform-as-a-service, based in part on Ed-Fi, including:

  • The application program interface (API) which integrates data in real-time from education applications;
  • The operational data store (ODS) which unifies data across the organization;
  • A data warehouse to provide historical, longitudinal data;
  • Expert services to install, configure, customize and maintain the data platform to meet YES Prep’s evolving needs.

YES Prep also currently uses Certica’s data validation application, Certify™, which enables K-12 organizations to validate, monitor and improve data related to funding, accountability and state reporting. Certify, employed by more than 200 districts nationwide, helps ensure the integrity of data in YES Prep’s student information system, and enables YEP Prep to report high-quality data to the Texas Education Agency in a timely and streamlined manner.

Said Richard Charlesworth, vice president of technology and analytics at YES Prep, “the data-driven aspect of our learning model is key to our students’ success. Ed-Fi allows us to adopt best-of-breed education solutions and integrate data between them. Doing so will create a more seamless experience for our teachers and leadership, and ensure that users have access to complete, timely and accurate longitudinal data. Certica has deep experience in education data architecture and data management solutions, and their Next Generation K-12 Data Architecture approach aligns with our organizational and learning vision.”

Said Mark Rankovic, Certica’s president and CEO, “YES Prep has recognized that true, personalized learning must be driven by accurate, integrated, real-time data. YES Prep’s vision was consistent with our company’s Next Generation K-12 Data Architecture approach and our Certica Connect platform-as-a-service strategy, which allows for centralized integration, access and enrichment of education data, metadata and content – for K-12 agencies and EdTech providers, alike. We’re excited to deepen our existing partnership with YES Prep and help this organization achieve its goals.”

Certica’s Ed-Fi team, while at Educuity and previously, has experience providing Ed-Fi solutions to a number of state education agencies, including Texas, Delaware, Arkansas, Tennessee, Nebraska, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Mexico, Arizona and Wyoming. Their work with school districts includes six Texas districts, Little Rock, Pasco County, the Denver School of Science and Technology, San Francisco, and Minneapolis.

Certica and YES Prep are attending the Ed-Fi Summit 2016 in Austin, October 11-14. Certica is a platinum sponsor of this event and Certica CEO, Mark Rankovic, will be delivering a presentation on Thursday morning, October 13, during the Kick-off Session.

About Certica Solutions
Certica Solutions is the innovator of the Certica Connect™ platform which provides application interoperability and centralized integration, access and enrichment of education data, metadata and content. The company partners with a diverse network of K-12 application and system vendors, as well as learning content and assessment providers. Certica also delivers solutions directly to more than 500 school districts and numerous charter school organizations, state education agencies and educational service agencies. Certica is based in Wakefield, Massachusetts and has offices in Harvard, Massachusetts; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Austin, Texas.

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Slooce Technology Introduces Mobile Messaging Platform

As more and more enterprises seek to communicate and interact with their customers anywhere and anytime, they increasingly require mobile messaging solutions that are both scalable and cost-effective, and which enable them to reach their users on any mobile device. Slooce Technology's introduction of its universal mobile messaging platform, featuring unlimited enterprise SMS messaging for a flat monthly fee, is a timely answer to meet that growing demand.

“Over the past decade, our messaging solutions have evolved to fully support enterprises which increasingly require personal and direct contact with their client base at the rate of thousands or millions of messages per month,” stated Behfar Razavi, Slooce Technology Founder and CEO. “Our solution makes sense on a technical level because our robust platform can handle heavy traffic and complexity; and it makes sense on a financial level because our flat monthly fee model leaves no room for surprise spending—it gives enterprises the opportunity to ramp up their messaging without the risk of incurring increased costs.”

By offering high-performance text messaging short codes provisioned on all U.S. mobile operator networks, Slooce Technology's platform enables enterprises to reach their customers instantly on any mobile device and any wireless network.

“Slooce has enabled us to effectively reach our audience of more than 50 million members while they are on the go,” says John Krautzel, VP of Marketing and Member Experience at Beyond.com. “Slooce’s mobile messaging platform allows us to provide job seekers, who want to be the first to know about quality job opportunities, with the information they need to become someone’s next great hire.”

By creating an opportunity for enterprises to obtain unlimited messaging for a flat monthly fee, Slooce's platform enables them to cap their operational and variable costs as their subscriber base grows. The platform also provides substantial cost savings enabling them to focus on revenue growth instead of worrying about messaging costs spiraling out of control. Having text messages as a fixed-cost line item is convenient and continuously saves thousands of dollars for those who switch over from per-message-fee providers.

Through the use of Slooce Technology's easy-to-integrate messaging API and campaign management tools, customers are able to add innovative text messaging features to their products and services and launch new services in a matter of days.

About Slooce Technology, Inc.
Slooce Technology offers mobile solutions to companies in and outside the U.S. In addition to their robust SMS messaging platform and flat monthly fee messaging, their core offerings include: 2-way dedicated or shared short codes, international long code options for all markets, a build-your-own SMS application service, and a front-end platform that includes web administrative tools. Its diverse client portfolio includes Beyond.com, ShiftAdmin, Univision, DimeCuba, TLC (The Learning Channel) and Princeton University.

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