Streamdata.io - Changing the Face of APIs with Real-Time Data that Mesmerizes

Streamdata.io, the French software company, provides Proxy-as-a-Service, which turns any API into a real-time experience, without requiring server-side code. Streamdata.io’s proxy polls APIs, caches responses, and pushes incremental updates to servers, applications and devices, allowing the focus to be on user experience as well as reducing the server load and preventing scalability issues. For users, this means UX that captivates, and a doubling in dwell time.

When trading, and doing personal banking, users don’t have time to waste by pressing a button to refresh a screen. Streamdata.io offers an effective service that will increase the order confirmation rate by providing current market information to clients. "Real- time UX is real time money,"  Eric Horesnyi, Streamdata.io, CEO, on his vision of the financial API revolution.

Real-time data is crucial in many sectors, especially finance. By providing data directly from market APIs to end users, Streamdata.io cuts inefficiencies associated with intermediary components: tromboning, bottlenecks and proprietary protocols, targeting a 500ms global dissemination of information. Although its CEO worked with people in “Flash Boys,” a book on High Frequency Trading by Michael Lewis, Streamdata.io focuses on the algorithmic and day-trader time range of hundreds of milliseconds to minutes, where information asymmetry hits most orders today. Compared to traditional architecture, Streamdata.io benchmarks shows offload of server CPU, and of outbound network by up to 99%.

Streamdata.io is being recognized across industry think tanks and throughout the API economy as being a vital API service provider.  Several prestigious recognitions and awards include:

Currently servicing over a million devices in 14 countries, Streamdata.io’s clients include large banks for retail brokerage and derivatives trading, as well as Fintechs launching their new services, in Europe, Asia and USA.

In 2016 streamdata.io  will be focusing on extending the developer tools and integrations they can offer to make themselves an accessible resource, which can be added to any developer’s preferred framework and tech stack.