Solace Announces Open Data Movement Initiative

Solace, the leading provider of data movement technology, announced today a set of product enhancements and strategic commitments that reflect a corporate initiative called Open Data Movement which will give developers unprecedented freedom as they design, deploy, connect and scale enterprise applications, big data systems, cloud services and Internet of Things projects.

“The crux of Open Data Movement is unified support for all of the tools and techniques people use to create the application infrastructure that drives their unique business practices,” said Solace CTO Shawn McAllister. “We are on a path that leads to unified support for every open API, protocol and cloud environment that people care about, all with enterprise grade reliability.”

Today Solace unveiled nine new product and company announcements in support of the Open Data Movement initiative:

“The changes we’re announcing today will help enterprises leave behind the days of being locked in to architectural decisions, commercial products or specific cloud environments,” said Solace CEO Craig Betts. “The level of change CIO’s are driving requires pervasive choice now along with flexibility to change your mind later, and we’re committed to giving that to them.”

Source: PRWeb