Circonus Announces C:OSI

Circonus, Inc., creators of the Circonus real-time monitoring and analytics platform, today announced C:OSI (Circonus: One Step Install), a feature which enables one prescriptive way to collect performance data from systems. This elegant methodology provides strong consistency in data collection, which allows the user to explore more dynamic applications.

Site reliability engineers, and people in DevOps organizations responsible for monitoring their environments, know that standing up new systems can be a time consuming task. Efficiencies created by C:OSI save time and prevent errors found in more complex onboarding processes. With this dynamic enhancement, Circonus monitoring customers can run a single command on new machines that will "self-instrument" important metrics, graphs, and worksheets.

C:OSI represents one feature in a long pipeline of continuous innovation underway at Circonus. Upcoming enhancements slated for Q3 & Q4 will broaden the flexible Circonus collection, visualization, and alerting tools, further enabling sophisticated statistical analysis.

Since launching in 2010, Circonus has been an innovator in the DevOps monitoring and analytics space. With patent-pending histogram-based technology, the Circonus platform stores raw data which allows for infinite analysis and review. Referred to by engineering blogger, Erik Hollensbe, as the "hacker-grade monitoring system," Circonus has been adopted by leading enterprises and allows DevOps teams to more intelligently interpret and analyze the vast amounts of data produced by their apps, tools, and services.

Customers rely on Circonus to reduce time and effort resolving issues that impact service delivery to their own customers. Industry trends, microservices, and DevOps-centric continuous delivery environments changed user expectations. "Slow" is the new "down," and ensuring a quality online experience is critical to a company's reputation. Superior analytics and monitoring tools, such as Circonus, are increasingly necessary to meet users' expectations of service quality.

Demo Circonus: http://bit.ly/1r0sJG1

About Circonus
Circonus is a microservices monitoring and analytics platform built for on premises or SaaS deployment. Its fully automatable API-Centric platform is more scalable and reliable than systems it monitors. Developed for the requirements of DevOps, Circonus delivers percentile-based alerts, graphs, dashboards, and machine-learning intelligence that enable business optimization. If you're not using Circonus, your results are average.

Source: PR Newswire