KeepTrax Secures U.S. Patent for Its Location Tracking Technology

KeepTrax, Inc., a Venture Capital backed Location-as-a-Service company, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO") has issued U.S. Patent 9,432,944 for determining whether a mobile device user is substantially stationary within a geo-fence.  This patent broadly protects the methods used by KeepTrax that leverage mobile device sensors to efficiently deduce a user's motion state to trigger actions such as location data capture, content delivery, and other field-oriented requirements.

"We are pleased that this latest patent issuance covers the core technology underlying the KeepTrax location capture and curation platform," said Kedar Benegal, Founder and CEO of KeepTrax.  "This fundamental patent covers not only current market applications of our technology, but establishes a precedent for other patent applications that have been submitted on our portfolio of next-generation automatic journaling, tracking, geo-profiling, and location-based machine learning solutions."

The patent issuance reinforces that KeepTrax is on the leading edge of location-based services and motion-sensing technology.  KeepTrax today offers a range of solutions including, 

KeepTrax for Field Management: A solution specifically for field force / sales force management, this version allows integration with client and sales prospect databases to develop rich field visit histories, and also real-time tracking, messaging, and monitoring features. Captured data can be easily shared with peers and managers in real-time, and integrates seamlessly with standard CRM solutions.

KeepTrax for Travel: A travel-optimized version of KeepTrax that allows Travel companies (Travel Agencies, Airlines, Hoteliers, etc.) to deliver branded location journaling solutions to their customers. The offering includes base KeepTrax features and more advanced sharing and travelogue capabilities.  In addition to allowing Travel Companies to offer advanced journaling to their Travelers, the solution also provides rich data capture and curation capabilities to develop insights to help better understand user behaviors and preferences.

KeepTrax SDK: Advanced APIs and iOS, Android and Web SDKs available to developers that want to integrate KeepTrax features and functions into their own Apps and Sites. In addition to pin capture and curation (name, dates, times, locations, photos, calendar, etc.), the platform offers advanced reporting and analytics tools and capabilities for a range of use cases and geo-profile development.

About KeepTrax
Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, KeepTrax is backed by Venture Capital firm Naya Ventures. KeepTrax has developed an innovative Location-as-a-Service platform that leverages GPS and other mobile device sensors to convert physical location visits into context-rich digital pins.  The technology is being applied today to a range of use cases, from travel journaling and user geo-profile generation to field sales optimization and location-based insight development. To learn more about KeepTrax please visit www.keeptraxinc.com.

Source: PR Newswire