API Fortress Launches Automatic Test Generation with RAML


Partnership Integrates API Fortress Monitoring and Testing with Apiary’s API-First Design Platform

San Francisco, CA - November 8, 2016 - API Fortress, a leading provider of API monitoring and test solutions, and Apiary, the leader in API-First design platforms, today announced new integration capabilities. The joint functionality provides mutual customers with the ability to complete the entire API development lifecycle by allowing API design contracts to automatically create scenarios to be used in test-driven development.

Test-driven development for APIs has traditionally been hard to achieve. Now, you can login to your Apiary account from within API Fortress and automatically generate tests from your Apiary Blueprints. The tests generated can be used against both staging and production environment and connects the API-First development power of Apiary with API Fortress’s robust monitoring and testing.

The joint functionality will be available on all API Fortress accounts, and the Apiary API Flow Pro plan.

Free trials are available with full functionality are available on both www.apifortress.com and www.apiary.io.

About Apiary
Apiary provides the world’s first platform, Apiary APIFlow, designed specifically to help companies accelerate and control the development of APIs. Over 230,000 API developers from 3800 companies with 2.1M consumers have created API products with Apiary that their customers, business partners, and machines love to use.

About API Fortress
API Fortress handles testing and monitoring for APIs. Get notified the moment flaws or vulnerabilities are found, and the platform facilitates the process of taking corrective action. All without writing any code.

For more information, please visit apifortress.com.