About The API Report

API.Report is where I publish the API related press releases that I process each day as part of my monitoring of the API space. Currently I pull releases from PR Newswire, but I will be opening that up to other services in the near future. Press releases are a great way to tell which companies, institutions, organizations, and government agencies are doing APIs.

Press releases are not in chronological release order, as they are all entered into a database, and processed as I have time. The date for each post is the date / time in which I published to API.Report. The site is meant to reflect which API related news releases I'm tuned into for the week.

After each press release is published, using the Github repository that drives the web site, I pull any company names, and URLs referenced in each release. Once a company is added to my API monitoring system I also pull a logo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Github accounts, as well as any RSS, Atom, XML, or JSON feeds that I discover.

You can find my analysis of the API space on API Evangelist, and find the regular stream of companies who are doing APIs, and talking about it here on API.Report. If you have a story you would like to submit, feel free to submit a pull request on the sites Github repository, or submit as an issue--either way I'll get around to publishing it as part of my regular work in this area.