ShapeShift Supports Decentralized Prediction Market, Augur

ShapeShift.io has integrated the Augur Reputation (REP) token, a tradable blockchain asset bestowing votes to users of Augur's prediction market platform. Customers anywhere in the world can now buy or sell Augur REP instantly along with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and dozens of additional blockchain assets. There is no signup process nor account required to use ShapeShift.

Augur’s REP token is the first decentralized oracle solution ever implemented, and allows its holders to report on the outcome of events on Augur, a decentralized prediction market platform. Each token entitles its owner 1/22-millionth of all market trading fees in return for faithful reporting on market outcomes.

“Decentralized prediction markets are one of the most important applications to derive from blockchain technology,” explained Erik Voorhees, ShapeShift’s CEO. “Augur has pioneered and popularized the concept and we’re honored to support REP on ShapeShift from day one.”

Demand exists for REP due to ownership of the token being the only way to obtain half of the fees on the Augur platform. A limited supply exists of 11 million of these tokens due to mathematical proof of ownership and a consensus of honest transaction validators. Ownership of Augur reputation grants the right to be paid in exchange for providing real-world information to Augur.

By including REP on ShapeShift, software developers and users can immediately exchange between Reputation and assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum, bringing seamless liquidity to the ecosystem.

“ShapeShift is known throughout the crypto space as one of the best services for digital asset users. New users will have an incredibly easy to use method to convert cryptocurrencies into REP tokens and vice-versa,” said Tony Sakich, Augur’s director of marketing, “It’s wonderful to have such an easy tool to recommend novice users who are interested in REP for the first time!”

Companies and individuals can immediately utilize the ShapeShift website or API to convert between REP and most other leading blockchain assets such as Bitcoin, with no account or sign up needed.

About ShapeShift.io
ShapeShift is a crucial piece of infrastructure in the world of Bitcoin. From start to finish, users can exchange blockchain tokens in seconds, with no account required. No emails or passwords. No lengthy sign­up process. No accounts. No bid and ask orders. No friction. ShapeShift's goal is the fastest, safest, and most convenient way to swap digital assets. See more at: https://shapeshift.io

About Augur REP
Augur Reputation (REP) token is the first decentralized oracle solution, allowing holders to report on the outcome of events presented in the Augur Platform’s prediction markets. Ownership of Augur Reputation grants the right to be paid in exchange for providing information to Augur. To learn more visit: https://www.augur.net/

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HCSS Partners with John Deere to Streamline Data for Construction Companies

Construction industry software solutions provider, HCSS, announces a new partnership with John Deere to streamline equipment maintenance and parts and service requests by leveraging AEMP 2.0 data, which John Deere refers to as their JDLink Machine Data API. HCSS will be among the first in the industry to be able to pull AEMP 2.0 data from a partnering manufacturer into a fleet management software.

By integrating data from the John Deere JDLink system into HCSS OEM Link, customers will be able to use JDLink telematics data to drive and automate workflows in the HCSS suite of products, including: Equipment360 fleet management software; HeavyJob time cards and reporting program; HCSS GPS telematics solution; and HCSS Dispatcher dispatching system.

"Integrating JDLink with the HCSS portfolio gives our shared clients an edge over their competitors by using OEM data to make more informed decisions to drive efficiency and productivity, which is critical for increasing profitability," said JP Giometti, HCSS Director of Strategy and R&D.

"Our partnership with HCSS empowers customers to take advantage of the existing telematics connection on their John Deere equipment and see their JDLink machine data in the powerful HCSS tool suite in conjunction with other telematics brands," said Liz Quinn, product marketing manager, John Deere WorkSight. "In addition, customers will be able to easily link from the HCSS application to the MyJohnDeere.com environment when they need to order parts, manuals or have a closer look at a John Deere machine in the JDLink Dashboard. Seeing all brands of telematics data in one application optimizes a customer’s fleet management decisions and eliminates manual data entry and jumping from one manufacturer’s portal to the next."

COMANCO Environmental Corporation was one of the first contractors to recognize the value telematics data can offer. Having been an HCSS customer since 2007, COMANCO’s IT Manager Matthew DiTarando says, “In nine years, we've leveraged GPS and telematics to hone our operations, achieving a significant return on investment. We look forward to utilizing the open JDLink Machine Data API and integrating that vital telematics data into our HCSS products. Combining these two into one cohesive system will enable us to thrust our fleet department forward into a future of advanced planning of scheduled maintenance utilizing real-time telematics."

John Deere selected HCSS as a partner based on compatibility with its WorkSight technologies and ease of use with customers. HCSS also is an alpha tester of JDLink Machine Data API (AEMP 2.0), which is scheduled to launch later this year.

To learn more about the partnership and capabilities, visit www.hcss.com/johndeere.


With a suite of products that includes HeavyBid, HeavyJob, HCSS Dispatcher, Equipment360, HCSS GPS, and HCSS Safety, HCSS provides the construction industry innovative software solutions with fully-managed Cloud hosting options that help companies work faster, smarter and more efficiently. Since 1986, HCSS products have delivered value for more than 45,000 construction professionals, including 24 of the Top 25 ENR Contractors. HCSS delivers world-class customer service with professional implementation, and 24/7 instant support, 365 days a year.


Deere & Company (NYSE: DE) is a world leader in providing advanced products and services and is committed to the success of customers whose work is linked to the land - those who cultivate, harvest, transform, enrich and build upon the land to meet the world's dramatically increasing need for food, fuel, shelter and infrastructure. Since 1837, John Deere has delivered innovative products of superior quality built on a tradition of integrity. For more information, visit John Deere at its worldwide website at www.JohnDeere.com.

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Vidyo Expands Partnership with Computacenter to Deliver Video In Europe

Embedded video communications pioneer Vidyo today announced its partnership with Computacenter, Europe’s preferred IT provider, furthering their goal of helping organizations throughout Western Europe better connect with one another through outstanding video collaboration technology, wherever they are, from any device and under any conditions. Computacenter will now offer VidyoCloudTM to their customers across the United Kingdom, France and Germany to provide greater efficiency in operational costs, flexibility and agility for IT leaders.

“Partnering with Computacenter was a natural fit for us, as they have a sterling reputation and a thriving business, and we share the same vision in terms of the value of video,” said Bob Smith, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Vidyo. “We are very happy to help Computacenter customers connect closely and consistently, and achieve their overall communications goals.”

Along with many other components of their business, enterprise customers are increasingly moving their communications to the cloud, eliminating inefficient operational overhead. Vidyo recently launched VidyoCloud, a video conferencing as a service (VCaaS) offering and announced its cloud-based API platform for developers, Vidyo.io, opening up exciting new possibilities and access for video-enabled applications.

The strategic partnership will assist Computacenter in their mission to offer a cloud-based, universal visual communications solution to their customers, helping employees take their collaboration to the next level while increasing engagement at a low cost.

"Video conferencing has moved from the boardroom to everyday devices, running on any and all networks. We are excited to advise and support our customers in their journey to the Digital Workplace, with IT designed for people. Vidyo’s technology is right at the forefront of this shift, and is a very powerful addition to the portfolio of Digital Workplace solutions that Computacenter delivers to our customers," added Jamie Allender, Computacenter Head of Workplace & Collaboration, UK.

Headquartered in Hertfordshire, Computacenter is a Vidyo Certified Premier Reseller that recently implemented the communications technology to deliver one of the UK’s largest video banking projects, cutting out expensive upgrades, and creating a stunningly beautiful, and reliable, visual engagement experience for millions of personal banking customers worldwide.

In key areas such as telehealth, field services, distance learning and customer engagement, Vidyo’s software and APIs are video-enabling the future of enterprise applications embedded into workflows, emerging IoT devices and more. Visit us here for a free demo today.

About Vidyo, Inc.

Millions of users around the world visually connect every day with Vidyo’s secure, scalable technology and cloud-based services. Vidyo offers video collaboration solutions for companies that require the highest quality video interaction available. Recognized with over 120 patents, the company’s software platform and APIs are used by enterprise customers, service providers, and ecosystem partners to create innovative HD quality video-enabled applications embedded into workflows and emerging IoT devices. Learn more at www.vidyo.com, on the blog, or follow Vidyo on Twitter @vidyo and on Facebook.

About Computacenter

Computacenter is Europe's leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services, enabling users and their business. We advise organisations on IT strategy, implement the most appropriate technology, optimise its performance, and manage our customers’ infrastructures. In doing this we help CIOs and IT departments in enterprise and corporate organisations maximise productivity and the business value of IT for internal and external users. Rooted in core European countries Computacenter combines global reach with local expertise. www.computacenter.com

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ThreatSTOP launches next generation of DNS Firewall to Stop Outbound Communications with Threat Actors

ThreatSTOP has released the next generation of its cloud-based solution that easily turns any DNS server into a DNS firewall. The service enables automatic blocking or redirection of network communications in accordance with customizable policies. Version 4 adds graphical reporting with drilldowns and enhanced “Check IOC” functionality. The ThreatSTOP® DNS Firewall prevents a broad range of threats including ransomware, drive-by downloads, botnets and other Internet risks from activating and doing their dirty work.

DNS Firewalls are a necessary layer in a defense-in-depth approach to securing networks and systems. Virtually all Internet connections begin with a DNS lookup, regardless of the device used or network type. ThreatSTOP’s DNS Firewall interdicts outbound connections to malicious domains and IP addresses by enforcing custom policies populated with timely threat intelligence using existing DNS servers. No new hardware or software is needed, and the flow of traffic in the network does not need to be reconfigured. Privacy and confidentiality are preserved because queries and data remain in the customer network.

“Every company uses a DNS server to initiate direct connections to domains and IP addresses. Turning that DNS server into a DNS firewall is the easiest and most effective way to secure networks and systems,” said Paul Mockapetris, DNS inventor and Chief Scientist for ThreatSTOP. “Most of the time, if you just shut down the outbound conversations between malware and the attackers, they will lose interest and move on. The real key though is having a layered policy driven enforcement system that allows for multiple response options, custom reports and detailed queries on specific events, and tools to truly understand the nature of the indicators of compromise.”

ThreatSTOP DNS Firewall supports BIND 9.8.1 and later and all its derivatives including: Infoblox, BlueCat, VitalQIP, and EfficientIP; as well as Windows Server 2016, F5, Knot and PowerDNS.

ThreatSTOP’s next generation DNS Firewall is a significant upgrade to the company’s legacy OEM solution distributed by Infoblox, providing:

  • Full customization of policy and action including custom policy elements from user provided data, enabling custom white, black, and greylisting.
  • Powerful new graphical reports that are fully customizable with filtering and scoping
  • An in-depth research tool that enables users to easily navigate between their data and compiled research information
  • A new agile alerting system.

Legacy OEM customers who migrate to the ThreatSTOP branded next generation version can take advantage of one-time support and transition offerings through ThreatSTOP and its channel partners. ThreatSTOP is offering a fully functional free trial for new customers that takes less than 15 minutes to configure.

Key benefits of the next generation ThreatSTOP DNS Firewall are:

  • Automated blocking or redirection of outbound communications per user policy
  • Graphical summary reporting with event and threat indicator drilldowns enable host forensics for immediate remediation or training
  • Easy to install and works everywhere:
    • Requires no new hardware or software
    • No network reconfiguration required: Queries and data never leave the customer network
    • Can be deployed on premise or in the cloud
    • Works with the overwhelming majority of DNS servers, whether physical, virtual, or cloud.
  • Works with the ThreatSTOP IP Firewall service to block inbound attacks

The DNS firewall acts as the perfect complement to the ThreatSTOP IP Firewall, which prevents inbound communications from bad actors. ThreatSTOP is currently offering a “Starter Kit” for companies of any size that includes both the DNS Firewall and IP Firewall for $25,000 per year. Multi-year licenses are available on request. More details available on the ThreatSTOP website http://www.threatstop.com.

About ThreatSTOP

ThreatSTOP is a network security company offering a cloud-based threat protection service that protects every device and workload on a network from cyberattacks and data theft. It can protect any network, from virtual cloud networks to branch LANs to the largest carrier networks. The service operationalizes threat intelligence to deflect inbound and outbound threats, including botnets, phishing and ransomware, and prevent data exfiltration. For more information, visit www.threatstop.com.  

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SpeedyCloud Partners with Tenable Network Security

Tenable Network Security®, Inc., a global leader transforming security technology for the business needs of tomorrow, today announced Chinese cloud industry leader SpeedyCloud as a partner in China with the selection of Tenable’s market-defining continuous monitoring solution to provide customers with increased cloud security assurance and advanced vulnerability management.

By deploying Tenable solutions into its cloud platform, SpeedyCloud is able to provide customers with comprehensive visibility across multi-tenancy environments, and the critical context necessary to take decisive action to improve their security postures. The continuous monitoring capabilities enable SpeedyCloud to collect real-time data across customers’ systems to assure the security of their networks.

“Understanding the importance of security, we’ve always been working hard to protect our customers’ digital assets. By partnering with Tenable to provide true continuous monitoring and advanced analytics, we can grant customers the benefits of cloud with the assurance that their data is secure,” said Hao Yu, CEO, SpeedyCloud. “With Tenable solutions now incorporated into our IaaS offering, we’re prepared to monitor and protect our customers’ cloud environments more fully.”

Tenable helps SpeedyCloud customers measure and address their risk exposure to provide assurance that applications deployed in the cloud are secure. SpeedyCloud leverages Tenable’s SecurityCenter API to incorporate security data into SpeedyCloud’s self-developed graphical user interface (GUI) for customers. This seamless integration makes the deployment more efficient and manageable.

Customers have access to Tenable’s Chinese-language reports and dashboards, which deliver consolidated vulnerability and continuous monitoring analytics. The dashboards and reports help to identify and prioritize threats and vulnerabilities, allowing for faster action and remediation of cyber threats.

“Cloud-based services introduce new levels of flexibility and elasticity that traditional computing platforms cannot provide,” said Gary Jackson, vice president APAC, Tenable Network Security. “SpeedyCloud has built its business around the goal of accelerating its customers’ success through the cloud, and Tenable is proud to provide security as an essential component of SpeedyCloud’s offering.”

Tenable formally entered the Chinese market earlier this year by establishing business entities and hiring employees in China.

“Tenable is investing heavily in the Chinese market, underscoring our confidence in the Chinese economy and signifying our plans to aggressively expand Tenable’s business operations, not only in China, but throughout Asia,” said Jackson.

For more information on how organizations can keep their networks secure with comprehensive next-generation vulnerability management and analytics, visit the SecurityCenter Continuous View product page.

About Tenable Network Security

Tenable Network Security transforms security technology for the business needs of tomorrow through comprehensive solutions that provide continuous visibility and critical context, enabling decisive actions to protect your organization. Tenable eliminates blind spots, prioritizes threats, and reduces exposure and loss. With more than one million users and more than 20,000 enterprise customers worldwide, organizations trust Tenable for proven security innovation. Tenable's customers range from Fortune Global 500 companies, to the U.S. Department of Defense, to mid-sized and small businesses in all sectors, including finance, government, healthcare, higher education, retail and energy. Transform security with Tenable, the creators of Nessus® and leaders in continuous monitoring, by visiting tenable.com.

About SpeedyCloud

SpeedyCloud is the IaaS brand owned by Beijing SpeedyCloud Technology Co., Ltd., who is one of the leaders in cloud industry. Most of the team came from public IT operating and service companies. SpeedyCloud provides the entire product line of IaaS related cloud products, including cloud servers, storages, object storages, cloud databases, SDN, CDN, DNS, etc. APIs are also provided for these categories. More than 12 cloud nodes spread in Asia, Europe and North America can be utilized to maximize global business for customer. To find out more about SpeedyCloud, visit: SpeedyCloud.cc

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San Diego Based Business Accelerator Targeting Cannabis Technology

Canopy San Diego, Southern California's only seed-stage accelerator program for technology and business infrastructure companies that support the legal cannabis industry, is pleased to announce the companies participating in their inaugural cohort. As an accelerator, Canopy San Diego invests cash, mentorship, and services to accelerate the development of their portfolio companies. Canopy San Diego does not invest in companies that directly grow or sell cannabis and its derivatives.

The Canopy San Diego accelerator program consists of a 16-week cannabis-specific business accelerator program that is designed to accelerate business development and prepare the portfolio companies to raise outside capital upon graduation in early February.

Each company participating in the accelerator program will be given office space for up to four employees at the Canopy San Diego offices in San Diego and will receive at least $20,000 in seed capital with the opportunity for an additional $50,000 in follow-on funding upon graduation. Most importantly, the companies will be given access to mentors in virtually every aspect of business development, as well as access to serious investors interested in technology companies targeting the cannabis market who use the program as their due diligence process to make decisions about where to deploy larger amounts of capital.

“The partners and our investors couldn’t be more excited about our inaugural cohort, especially the diversity of the companies included,” stated Canopy San Diego CEO Eric Gomez. “The cohort includes several back-office technology solutions, two companies specifically targeting the growing medicinal cannabis market, a digital media platform, as well as some consumer products and an agriculture-technology project that we are excited about.

“The goal of Canopy San Diego is to build a balanced portfolio for our investors and we believe that we are off to great start with our first cohort,” Eric continued. “Additionally, we are extremely excited that four of the companies have female founders and that at least three of the founders belong to minority groups that are typically underrepresented in technology startups.”

The eight companies selected for the Canopy San Diego are:

  • Cannabuds Company (Las Vegas) – Cannabuds is a cloud-based sales, inventory, and order-management platform offering deep-level analytics for the cannabis retailer, focused on eliminating pain points and user error by automating the most common business tasks.
  • DCN Media (San Diego) – Direct Cannabis Network is a digital news publication that is dedicated to profiling the startups, entrepreneurs, and innovative companies in the cannabis industry. The DCN mission is to create a voice for the startups, a platform for the professionals, and an entrepreneurial community for the industry.
  • Lodestone Data Technologies (Denver) – Lodestone Data Technologies is developing an enterprise-level inventory and grow manageent solution based on RFID technology to support the cannabis market. Their system automates inventory and captures data about a plant’s growth cycle from clone to harvest. APIs synchronize the cultivation data with compliance systems, minimizing error and maximizing efficiency.
  • Loose-Leaf Technology (San Diego) – Loose-Leaf Technology brings cloud solutions to emerging healthcare sectors to help providers keep track of critical date safely and securely.
  • LoudCloud (Los Angeles) – LoudCloud saves medical marijuana patients 15 minutes per visit by pre-verifying them in a secure database and enables consumers to discover products through reliable reviews from verified patients.
  • MycoCann (Georgia) – MycoCann, Inc. is a cutting edge biotech firm dedicated to improving the way cannabis is grown. Their microbial soil amendments increase sustainability, boost soil health and supercharge your grow.
  • Apothecarry Brands (Los Angeles) – Apothecarry Brands is a purveyor of luxury cannabis accouterment, providing high style and high quality goods designed with the upscale smoker in mind. Their premiere offering, the Apothecarry Case, is a luxury humidor and storage solution made to safely store herb at its freshest, most optimum quality while providing luxury tools and storage space for the discriminating connoisseur.
  • Inner Peace Lifestyle Gear (San Diego) – Inner Peace LifeStyle Gear is the only cannabis carrying solution with Pure Odor Trap Technology™. They manufacture bags, packs, duffles, sacks, and more. Their mission is to bring Inner Peace to every sector of the cannabis carrying industry.

Five of the companies are relocating to San Diego for the next four months to participated in the program. Lodestone Data Technologies CEO stated: “Relocation to participate in the Canopy SD accelerator program was a no-brainer. The mentorship and pilot-program opportunities through their partnership opportunity with OutCo Labs will give Lodestone Data Technologies a solid foundation that will help refine the business concept, bring a solution to market, and partner with some of the most innovative minds in the cannabis space.”

Additionally, several companies participating already have products on the market. Adelia Carrillo, CEO of DCN Media, explained that "launching a startup is tough; launching a cannabis startup is even tougher, and we knew that by applying and being a part of San Diego's first canna-business accelerator, we would gain the knowledge, experience and growth needed to reach our goals of becoming a global digital news publication focused on cannabis innovation, business, tech, startups and entrepreneurship."

Canopy San Diego was formed through a strong partnership with the CanopyBoulder organization, which has operated similar business accelerators in Boulder and Berkeley for the past 2 years. The Arcview Group is a partner in CanopyBoulder which ensures a close relationship between Canopy San Diego and ArcView’s over 550 investor members that have placed more than $84 million into 131 companies.

Companies interested in participating in Canopy San Diego’s spring 2017 cohort, which will be launching in March 2017, can find additional information on the Canopy San Diego website (http://www.canopysd.com).

Canopy San Diego is also currently seeking mentors and investors that are interested in being part of the team. Additional information for mentors and investors can be found on the Canopy San Diego website.

About Canopy San Diego
Canopy San Diego is Southern California's only seed-stage accelerator program for technology and business infrastructure companies that support the legal cannabis industry. As an accelerator, Canopy San Diego invests cash, mentorship, and services in their portfolio companies to 'accelerate' each company’s development. In return, they hold a 6-9.5% equity position in each company and their investors share in the success of the portfolio companies. Canopy San Diego does not invest in companies that directly grow or sell cannabis and its derivatives.

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Quantified Data to Show Extended Hours Prices Are Predictive

A new academic study by professors from four esteemed universities applied News Quantified’s unique data to conclude that, when crucial financial news is released during extended stock market hours, returns are positively and appreciably associated with subsequent main trading session returns.

News Quantified’s data also helped researchers determine that after-hours news releases – including earnings, SEC filings such as 8-Ks and analyst stock recommendation changes – can help predict market performance not just in the following main trading session (9:30 a.m. ET to 4:00 p.m. ET) but throughout the subsequent quarter.

In contrast, the researchers found that, when extended-hours trading does not include the release of important news, the returns are weakly and negatively associated with the following main trading session returns.

Crucial corporate news is often released outside of the regular trading session. Extended evening hours are from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET, and pre-market trading hours are from 4:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. ET.

News Quantified supplied the researchers with returns data for all three sessions for every firm in its database from 2006 to 2015. News Quantified also tapped its data to provide trading volume reports for each session, along with average trading volume in each session during the 30 days prior to the day of the important news release.

The researchers used the ratio of trading volume during each session to its prior 30-day average volume to measure nonstandard volume based on the release of important corporate news.

The research was conducted by Dr. Shari Levi, assistant accounting professor at the Tel Aviv University School of Management; Dr. Joshua Livnat, professor emeritus of accounting at New York University’s Stern School of Business and managing director at Quantitative Management Associates; Dr. Li Zhang, assistant accounting professor at Rutgers Business School; and Dr. Xiao-Jun Zhang, professor of accounting at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley.

Dr. Livnat notes, "The data supplied to us by News Quantified reduced data collection efforts immensely, and enabled us to perform rigorous tests of how extended market trading incorporates new information into prices, and how these market reactions can predict future returns.

“News Quantified has built a nice system to track the effects of market-moving information to actual extended-hours trades that occurred after the information is released. This matching of the precise time of the news with actual subsequent trades is extremely beneficial for researchers and practitioners who wish to examine the effects of particular news on market trading."

About News Quantified

News Quantified is a platform that seamlessly integrates breaking news events with the corresponding market data, delivering instant access to vital information — all in one place. Catering to a user base including financial professionals, corporate officers, market portals and business publishers, News Quantified analyzes major U.S. news feeds and regulatory filings in real time, covering all U.S.-listed stocks. With over 100 metrics assessed, the solution offers unmatched access to the most detailed news analytics in the industry through custom reports, dashboards, a historical database and direct API integration. The platform provides users with a deep analysis of how and why a stock is moving at any given time, and helps them forecast equities’ reaction to anticipated events. In doing this, News Quantified eliminates the past separation between news and market data.

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Princess Juliana Airport Streamlines Passenger Flow

Named after the Caribbean island where it is located, Sint Maarten Airport, also known as Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM), is implementing an integrated Passenger Experience program to streamline identification processes and enhance passenger flow. The project is a joint initiative by SXM Airport and the Immigration and Border Protection Services, a department within the Ministry of Justice of Sint Maarten, who are strongly committed to the modernization of airport processes and to the improvement of the customer experience at SXM Airport when visiting this touristic Island.

The first milestone of the comprehensive program has been achieved: 6 self-service Security Checkpoint eGates have been recently installed to provide a seamless experience to departing travelers, who will simply have to scan their Bar Coded Boarding Pass (BCBP) at the self-service eGates prior to entering departure hall. The eGates, integrated with the common-use infrastructure of the airport, offer a very fast security control procedure, validating the authenticity of the boarding pass and confirming the passenger’s eligibility to enter the restricted area on the day of travel for all airlines operating on the island. Once the process is completed successfully, the passengers proceed to departure level.

And this is only the beginning: SXM has planned a self-service revolution, having designed, together with Vision-Box™, a modernized passenger experience across the whole airport, covering both arrivals and departures. While Security Checkpoint eGates are expediting eligibility control from landside to airside, the latest generation of Automated Border Control eGates will soon be ready to enhance the next step of the passengers’ journey: exit emigration procedures. At the eGates, passengers will be able to automatically authenticate their passport and have a photo taken, to be matched to the one stored on the passport’s chip. Upon successful authentication, the passenger will cross the border and proceed through the airport security screening. In turn, passengers arriving at the island will be able to use self-service Automated Immigration Control Kiosks supplied by partner YVR, integrated into the Vision-Box™ Border Management suite.

SXM Airport Deputy Managing Director Larry Donker has stated that “SXM Airport is proud of this accomplishment, which is another successful milestone. Automation has and continues to revolutionize the aviation industry. With self-service solutions being the new standard in the industry, SXM Airport is making leaps and bounds towards its vision of offering passengers an experience that will move them”.

All interacting machines will be smartly integrated, building a trusted chain of secure common-use touchpoints based on biometric passenger verification at critical identification stages of both Departures and Arrivals: this is a Single Token approach, leveraging modern identity verification methods founded on biometrics.

The robust unifying management platform – vb orchestra™ - offers both SXM Airport and Immigration and Border Protection Services with an overview and control of the whole security and passenger flow infrastructure. This extended software suite further allows for effective pro-active monitoring and risk-based assessment features, reporting on operational, security and flow metrics, as well as passenger workflow and business rules configuration.

vb orchestra™ is ready for the integration of further passenger touchpoints and the achievement of the last chapter of the contracted program which includes the implementation of Vision-Box’s API/PNR (Advance Passenger Information/Passenger Name Record) platform, thus delivering a full-fledged Entry/Exit system targeted for 2017.

Jean-François Lennon, Vice-President for Global Business Development & Sales of Vision-Box™ highlights that “This is indeed just the beginning. With the latest generation of passenger identification technology in place, Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) is embracing the new era of aviation. In addition to the modernization of passenger experience, SXM will soon be ready to benefit from a game-changing asset made possible by the conjunction of a Single Token approach using biometrics, smartly combined with an API/PNR solution: thus delivering the power of anticipation. The identification of travelers in advance will allow for increased situational awareness, for the detection of potential risk situations and for the activation of preventive measures, as well as offer a range of opportunities to leverage data, in a privacy-responsible matter, towards more secure, agile, and efficient processes. Princess Juliana International Airport is, no doubt, a first-mover in establishing a new paradigm of border management and hassle-free experience to its growing passengers’ flow.”

About Vision-Box™

Founded in 2001, Vision-Box™ is the leading provider of electronic identity solutions, intelligent security management, and automated border control systems that use ICAO- compliant standards.

The biometric border control portfolio aimed at airports, airlines and immigration authorities, includes solutions addressing a variety of business scenarios which englobe security check-points, self-boarding gates and automated border control gates.

Every second, millions of images are being captured and processed by Vision-Box™ systems, installed right at the heart of the most prestigious organizations, who trust our biometric identity and digital video management solutions for their critical applications.

Covering the entire ID management life cycle, Vision-Box™ also delivers, to governments and issuing authorities, solutions ranging from live biometric enrollment stations, document verification kiosks and digital document dispensers.

Starting with the process of identity enrollment, covering the life cycle of a biometric identity document and finally assuring its verification and identification towards the user, Vision-Box™’s product portfolio is linked together through a powerful service platform, which orchestrates the trusted chain of identity of the citizen. Vision-Box™’s solution portfolio enables the implementation of advanced border management systems, integrated with advanced digital video analytics solutions, intelligent biometric and biographic data management engines and danger management functionalities.

Vision-Box™ operates over 1200 Automated Border Control solutions in more than 70 international airports and has over 3000 electronic identity systems deployed across the globe.


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Phantom Extends Lead in Security Automation Market

Phantom, the first company to provide an open, extensible, and community-powered security automation and orchestration platform, has extended its lead since entering the market and being named RSA Conference 2016’s Most Innovative Startup earlier this year. Product innovation, plus growth with partners and playbooks shows the strength of a community-powered approach.

“Security automation and orchestration has become a top priority for organizations,” said Oliver Friedrichs, Founder & CEO of Phantom. “This has driven strong interest in our platform, our partner ecosystem, and the playbooks our community has developed. The innovation and growth proves that reducing time spent on tedious and repetitive tasks through automation is becoming a must-have means of increasing the capacity of security teams and driving consistency for more accurate results.”


Phantom 2.0 became generally available in late September. Fueled by feedback from customers and the community, this release delivered more than 500 enhancements including:

  • Playbook Editor 2.0 for Tier 3 Analysts to visually create automation playbooks. The new Playbook Editor provides a new experience through a rich, visual, BPMN-based (Business Process Model & Notation) editor enabling users to create playbooks more easily, with or without coding skills.
  • Mission Control 2.0 for Tier 1 Analysts to triage security events and alerts more efficiently. The details of the incident, triage, status, and results are presented in a single view, speeding the event and alert triage process for security operations teams. Mission Control also introduces an Activity Feed that is a Slack-like interface enabling collaboration and commenting between all team members working on an event or alert.
  • Onboarding Process to get new users executing automated playbooks in less than 5 minutes. The process allows users to quickly configure a data source like a SIEM platform, threat intelligence feed, email message, RESTful API, or sample data, and then configure security tools utilized in the playbook before enabling the automation playbook to execute.

Visit the TryPhantom YouTube channel to see these enhancements and others.


Solution and technology partners are embracing the growing popularity of security automation and orchestration as well as Phantom’s unique, community-powered approach. Companies like World Wide Technology (WWT) recognize Phantom’s extensibility as a way to grow their services businesses and deliver increased value to clients.

Mike McGlynn, Vice President of Security Solutions at WWT said, “Automation is becoming increasingly important to our clients who face the challenge of limited resources, an increasing threat surface and incident rate, and an overwhelmingly complex IT infrastructure. We’ve tapped Phantom as a key solution partner based on the strength of their product combined with our security domain expertise. We are seeing significant demand for security automation from our clients.”

Phantom’s community-powered approach enables collaboration, development, and sharing of apps and playbooks amongst users. Phantom has more than 75 apps available that span reputation services, endpoint technologies, sandboxing, firewalls, and common mobile, virtual and cloud based security products. Many of the apps were developed by Phantom partners as well as the community at large.


The new Phantom Playbook Editor and updated community site offers users the most extensive resource in the industry to address security challenges, share information, and showcase their skills. As with Phantom Apps, many of the playbooks were developed by partners.

Mark Kendrick, Director of Business Development, DomainTools said, "The new Playbook Editor in Phantom 2.0 makes it incredibly easy to build complex registrant and infrastructure pivots on domain names and the actors who register them. It's the perfect setting for DomainTools data because it makes proven workflows available to an entire team. Our updated DomainTools App will take advantage of the new features in Phantom 2.0, and it will also enable access to our Domain Reputation and Reverse Whois datasets."

Phantom offers playbooks for investigation, threat hunting, and several others through the community playbook library. Users can easily pull other playbooks from the Phantom Community Site or create their own with the new Playbook Editor in the Phantom 2.0 release.

Anyone interested in seeing how Phantom can help their organization should sign-up for the free Phantom Community Edition, attend a Tech Session to see Phantom in action, and read more about playbooks on the Phantom blog. Those interested in showcasing their security automation and orchestration skills, may also opt to join Phantom’s Playbook & App Challenge. The contest, which runs through December 2, 2016, will award a cash prize to the community user submitting the most impressive playbook and app combination.


Phantom, which was recognized as the most innovative company at the 2016 RSA Conference, automates and orchestrates key stages of security operations from prevention to triage and resolution; delivering dramatic increases in productivity and effectiveness. Ranging from simple automation to fully autonomous response, Phantom lets you choose the best balance that fits your organization’s needs while increasing security and accelerating security operations. Focused on closing the security gap by enabling enterprise security operations to be smarter, faster and stronger; Phantom provides the flexibility to connect in-house and third-party systems into one open, integrated and extensible platform. Phantom was founded by enterprise security veterans Oliver Friedrichs and Sourabh Satish who have helped propel companies like Symantec, Sourcefire, Cisco and others to success. For more information visit: www.phantom.us.

Source: PBusinessWire

NeuroMama, Ltd. Launches Multifaceted SOCIAL NETWORK

NeuroMama, Ltd. (OTC:NERO), the Internets premier provider of customized search engines to business, think tanks and research facilities, today announced the launch of Vica.Life the world's most technologically advanced and versatile content distribution network.

Jeremy Thomas, the company Interim CTO said,“Imagine a world where your phone, TV and computer could all communicate on a common platform. Imagine being able to make an audio and video call from any device, anytime, anywhere in the world. Just think about the convenience, practicality, and overall value provided by real time communication features available completely FREE, anytime & anywhere. No need for plugins, downloads, a mobile application, subscription, or membership.

"Welcome to http://vica.life powered by https://neuromama.com.

"Pioneering the global communications industry, http://vica.life has become what many are stating as the, 'next generation web based communication platform' offering a bundle of real time communication features via WebRTC.”

Jeremy continues, “Vica.Life is the world's most technologically advanced and versatile social network, and much, much more.

"In addition to all the typical features offered by Facebook and other social networks, members of Vica.Life will be able to explore other cultures and interact with people in other countries with real-time language translations, enjoy the web's highest quality Audio/Video calls thanks to Vica.Life's WebRTC technology and instantly collaborate on projects and share thoughts, sketches and graphics via Vica.Life's integrated Whiteboards.

"Vica.Life's Audio/Video Conference technology makes it easy for members to participate in virtual personal and business meetings while the network's Audio/Video Broadcast capability lets members interact with multiple users instantaneously.

"Other major features of the Vica.Life social network include one-click sharing of photos and videos, sending and receiving of virtually any file type, easy blocking and unblocking of specific users, push button text message broadcasting to all or specific groups of members, up-to-the-minute reporting of when friends were last active on a chat window and seamless performance on all types of devices via elegant, high-performance Android and IOS apps."

"Vica.Life is dedicated to the memory of Victoria 'Vica' Zubkis who was brutally murdered and thrown into the ocean near San Diego in May of 2015," Victoria's father and NeuroMama, Ltd's General Design and Marketing adviser Steven Schwartzbard said. "Victoria, though only 20 when she died, was truly a citizen of the world. Vica had the most important element of human character - compassion. She could sing in English, Russian and Spanish, she competed in Rhythmic Gymnastics events, played piano, at 6 years old started to perform with Olympic champions in Cirque Style Productions. Vica worked with world-class cirque artists from every continent except Antarctica.

"In the near future youth of Rosarito Beach will have an opportunity to be involved in various extracurricular activities that Victoria was involved with offered by Victoria Prestige program. This program will be fully funded by profits from live entertainment events promoting Vica.Life and NeuroMama.com

"Because of the person she was and the life she led, we knew that the Vica.Life Social Network had to embrace the whole world in a way other social networks didn't.”

"Yes, of course, it's true that all the social networks, particularly Facebook, are active in every country except those that block any internet access to the outer world," Schwartzbard continued. "But their emphasis is mainly on enabling people in each country to communicate with friends in the same country. Our emphasis is international. We feature real-time language translation and have optimized our network, communications technology and audio/video capability to make sharing between members in the U.S. and Russia or England as simple and reliable as sharing between L.A. and Las Vegas."

Schwartzbard also noted that Latin America is the market NeuroMama is interested in, and it has moved its headquarters from Novosibirsk, Russian Federation to the very beginning of Latin America, to the state of Baja California in Mexico.

However, most of the company's mathematicians and computer programmers are still located in Russia.

"In the very near future all NeuroMama's technological advancement will become available to Chinese people through Equity/Revenue Share and Service Agreement with one of its strategic Chinese partners able to scale the Great Anti-Internet Wall of China and begin to offer services in that virtually untapped market by the end of Q4," Schwartzbard continued.

Mr. Thomas said, “So much more than just a social network, http://vica.life is a search engine, online community, business directory, shopping channel, and of course a provider of real time communication features topping any other provider in the market. With WebRTC just click and you’re connected. No app to download or proprietary plug-in or client to struggle with. No muss, no fuss.

"These features include:

  • high quality and crystal clear audio video calls
  • audio & video group calling
  • audio & video broadcasting
  • radio communication
  • instant photo and video sharing
  • send and receive files
  • whiteboard collaboration
  • real time translations
  • text messaging and SMS
  • Smiley faces and stickers
  • Single and multiple player games

"All features are available to use with an internet connection via WiFi or 3G, 4G, LTE. http://vica.life can be easily accessed on all devices. This includes on the Web with www.Vica.Life, Desktop messenger, and native applications available to download for Android & iOS.

"An additional real time communication feature that we’ve just launched is a web page that will offer an easy, secure, and free way for multiple people to connect via Audio/Video by simply sharing a session ID via email or text message. There’s no need to share personal information or download anything at all. The 'Chat Now' feature provides an anonymous and secure way of communicating worldwide instantly thus providing a much more convenient and practical way to communicate compared to other apps and plugins such as Skype.

"Another feature that is under development for released this year will be the 'Call out' feature allowing users the ability to make and receive calls to and from landlines and cell phone networks for a low rate per minute.

"By far one of the most exciting products on our list for development are online video games built using WebRTC, and will let you play face to face with your friends and video chat right in the browser, no plug-ins necessary. The get UserMedia API provides access to your webcam and microphone, RTCPeerConnection sends the audio and video to your friends, and RTCDataChannel exchanges all the bits and pieces that keep the game in sync.

"Play in 3D thanks to CSS3, with the same game engine running under the hood. All the graphics run on your GPU, freeing the CPU for other tasks. An example of a video game built in WebRTC is https://www.cubeslam.com, however the video games developed by NeuroMama, Ltd. will be focused on engaging the user with learning material such as Math, Reading, Spelling, etc.

"Aside from its flagship product www.Vica.Life, NeuroMama, Ltd. is also heavily involved in the research and development of WebRTC technologies relating to the business sector.

"A primary focus of NeuroMama, Ltd. is the development and implementation of a WebRTC-based products to provide an instant direct connection between the consumer and the business, and could decrease time to resolution, lowering customer support costs and increasing customer satisfaction and retention. The outcome is an increase in revenue for the merchant and a more pleasant experience for the customer.

"Additional business models include but may not be limited to:

  • Closed user communities: Social Networks, Mobile applications, Field Agents, organizations that need a secure way of communicating.
  • Web-based merchants operating contact centers. As a bonus, you can run the agent-side app in a browser without needing a separate soft client or desk phone, and you can take advantage of omni-channel features such as co-browsing
  • Large-scale videoconferencing: Traditional multipoint control units are expensive and have a limited repertoire of display formats.
  • Contact centers: These represent a strong potential market for WebRTC-based services because people are increasingly using the Web to access customer support information, rather than turning to the Yellow Pages (phone directory) or their existing bills. Customers would find an easier time of accessing real-time interactive customer support services directly through their Web browsers with voice, messaging, and video chat applications,” ends Mr. Thomas.

About NeuroMama, Ltd. -- International Holding Conglomerate -- Identifying successful business models to enhance shareholder value with holdings.

One of the operating businesses of NeuroMama, Ltd. is the https://neuromama.com Search Engine based on Artificial Intelligence and Neural Technology.

NeuroMama's Business-To-Business model involves providing Private Label Search Engines, and Social Networks with WebRTC capabilities powered by https://neuromama.com to businesses, organizations and governments with marketing power and large customer base via Equity, Revenue Share and Service Agreements.

Neuromama, Ltd. (OTC: NERO) is a company worth $29.3 billion and it's shares trade on (OTC) of the US Stock Exchange.

Source: BusinessWire

Hold Brothers Announces New Updates to Proprietary Graybox Software

Hold Brothers’ proprietary Graybox™ software is designed to help maximize traders’ ability to perform quickly and competitively. Hold Brothers has a team of expert in-house developers devoted full-time to keeping Graybox up to date and on the leading edge.

Hold Brother’s Chairman and CEO, Gregory Hold explains, “Our goal with Graybox is to maximize traders’ ability to perform in any market environment by offering customizable solutions for any trading style. We encourage traders to give their input to the software team. Trader suggestions are implemented in subsequent versions of Graybox so we can continue to best fit their trading needs.”

Significant updates to Graybox in version 5.3 include:

  • Added ARCA imbalances (available in Level 1 control of the Market Maker window and the Boardview/Baskets window)
  • Level 1: Added VWAP (volume weighted average price) field
  • Multiple enhancements for the Graybox API
  • Faster cancel when cancelling multiple orders
  • Added IEX as an exchange in the quote/time and sales montage
  • Multiple enhancements for charts, including bug fixes and stability issues. Some of the issues fixed include: Issues with weighted moving average, Volume bars, Some 1-2 minute bars where incorrect
  • 64-bit version now available for Graybox
  • New desktop icon and splash screen
  • Fixed issue with SuperECN key and floating buying power limitations
  • Fixed issue with LULD (limit up/limit down) price not updating
  • General performance and stability improvements

Other benefits to Graybox include:

  • Fast Quotes - Integrated Level II and direct ECN Books provide super-fast quotes interfaces
  • Built in data center and risk management system
  • Fast Executions - Direct executions with major exchanges and ATS’s
  • A scalable execution system with in-built redundancy
  • Keystroke shortcuts for 80 possible functions let you trade at the touch of a button

For more information on Graybox, visit http://www.holdbrothers.com/proprietary-software

About Hold Brothers
Hold Brothers Capital is a leader in providing equities traders with the tools and information they need to execute trades quickly, effectively and efficiently, in any market environment. Since 1994, Hold Brothers has been committed to developing flexible and cutting-edge technology designed to meet the changing demands of the global trading industry. For more information, please visit http://www.hold.com.

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CallFires Political Communications Platform Now Optimized by BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter, the leader in open source-based continuous performance testing, today announced that CallFire, a voice and text connectivity provider to more than 100,000 worldwide businesses and political organizations, has adopted its solution to maintain optimum platform performance during the final 30 days of the U.S. elections.

CallFire’s platform contains a wide variety of communications solutions, including voice and text messaging, automated calling, call tracking and interactive voice response (IVR). At any given time, the company must manage thousands of simultaneous calls and messages in order to carry out their customers’ marketing, promotional and customer service activities.

Volume is especially important to CallFire during an election year, as it is used by several high-profile political candidates and activist groups. To ensure their platform can effectively manage a particularly high volume of traffic, CallFire now utilizes BlazeMeter’s continuous performance testing solutions.

CallFire works with BlazeMeter to continuously test a variety of traffic scenarios using both the Selenium Webdriver to exercise their website and JMeter to manage their API. With this approach, they can quickly observe the impact of load on a variety of systems, analyzing traffic patterns and system stress through New Relic and Zabbix. BlazeMeter’s ability to combine a variety of open-source testing tools and APM technologies provides a clear picture of the potential traffic impact on performance, helping CallFire alert its DevOps teams when it’s time to add capacity.

The end result is a development team that puts performance testing at the heart of DevOps and continuous delivery, with clear and consistent insights to keep the platform running smoothly. As a result of BlazeMeter tests, the development team has made several system changes to better handle inbound and outbound volume. In a time when platform performance is especially critical, BlazeMeter is depended upon to ensure system reliability. Due to customer demand and performance testing, the Cloud Call Center application went from handling 300 simultaneous agents, to more than 2,000.

“The stakes are raised for us this year, as more business creates a critical need for performance,” said Sean Gera, strategic analyst at CallFire. “We have particularly high-profile clientele this year, and we want to keep those clients for the next election season. Providing high performance is the way to do that.”

“You never know what’s going to happen during a campaign,” said Adrian Rodriguez, principal engineer, CallFire. “BlazeMeter revealed things that you wouldn’t expect to consume critical system resources. With BlazeMeter, JMeter isn’t difficult to adopt, and it keeps our system running smoothly.”

“The CallFire story is an example of how testing consistently allows DevOps teams to change course and solve hidden problems before they have a critical impact,” said Alon Girmonsky, CEO and Founder of BlazeMeter. “Their engineering team is a valuable example of how CD can proactively improve tech performance, making it a key differentiator during a busy and business critical time for their team. With BlazeMeter and JMeter, testing can make a huge business impact.”

Find out more about how CallFire prepared for the 2016 elections in this case study. For more information on how to improve site performance through continuous performance testing, visit https://blazemeter.com/.

About BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter ensures delivery of high-performance software by enabling DevOps teams to quickly and easily run open-source based performance tests against any mobile app, website or API at massive scale to validate performance at every stage of software delivery. The rapidly growing BlazeMeter community has more than 100,000 developers and includes prominent global brands such as Adobe, Atlassian, Gap, NBC Universal, Pfizer and Walmart as customers. Founded in 2011, the company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California with Research & Development in Tel Aviv, Israel.

For more information, sign up for a free 14-day trial at www.blazemeter.com, visit our blog or find us on Twitter @BlazeMeter and on LinkedIn.

About CallFire

CallFire provides user-friendly, intuitive voice and text connectivity products to over 100,000 businesses. The company is dedicated to providing high-availability systems, intuitive user interfaces, furious developer support, and unparalleled customer care. Our customers include small business owners, nonprofits, political groups, insurance agents, and marketers. CallFire is headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif., with affiliated offices in Jersey City, NJ, and Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

Source: BusinessWire

Axway Security Solution Now Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Axway (Paris:AXW) (Euronext: AXW.PA), a market leader in digital business enablement, today announced that its key secure email and file sharing solution, Axway MailGate Secure Collaboration (SC) is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. With this powerful solution, administrators can seamlessly and securely control cloud-based, hybrid, or on-premises email and file-sharing.

Enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud strategies to collaborate across departments and geographies. However, without robust encryption, policy enforcement and centralized management, organizations can run the risk of virus exposure, governance and compliance failures, or even loss of valuable data.

The content management capability of Axway MailGate SC allows high-security access to critical data via different devices, including mobile. Organizations can utilize either a full-cloud or hybrid architecture by implementing the same security policy and efficiency throughout the entire enterprise. In addition to its availability on Microsoft Azure, Axway MailGate SC can now integrate with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange to create a comprehensive, enterprise-grade solution for collaboration.

“As cloud and hybrid environments and work styles continue to evolve, particularly with collaboration across mobile environments, the need for security is vital,” said Jeanine Banks, executive vice president, global products and solutions, Axway. “With the combination of Axway MailGate SC on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 or SharePoint or Exchange, customers can benefit from a strong suite of productivity tools, to safely foster collaboration in our growing world of connected, digital business. This availability of MailGate on Microsoft Azure is a strengthening our relationship with Microsoft.”

Axway MailGate SC is available via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace through a subscription-based model in 32 countries, with global availability coming soon. Microsoft enterprise users can now benefit from a global, enterprise-class solution that is easy-to-access, easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use in any IT environment.

For more information about Axway MailGate SC, visit here.

Follow Axway on Twitter: @Axway

Subscribe to the Axway Blog: https://www.axway.com/en/blog

About Axway

Axway (Euronext: AXW.PA) empowers more than 11,000 customers worldwide to collaborate smarter, innovate faster and engage better with their partners, developers and customers. From integration technology that securely connects people, processes and things to an engagement platform that enables API management, identity management, mobile app development and analytics, Axway solutions are enabling digital business. Axway is registered in France with headquarters in the United States. More information is available at: www.axway.com.


Source: PRWeb

AxiomIO Partners with IndependenceIT for Citrix Workspace-as-a-Service

IndependenceIT, a workspace automation software platform provider that allows IT departments, service providers and ISVs to easily deliver workspaces, applications and data from any cloud infrastructure, today announced the company’s partnership with AxiomIO, a Newark, California-based provider of high performance cloud computing solutions for SMBs and the enterprise. AxiomIO is standardizing on Cloud Workspace® automation to enhance deployment tasks, operational workflow, and administrative control of its Citrix Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS) solution.

The AxiomIO Citrix WaaS solution empowers business users with on-demand access to their computing desktops, applications, and data anytime and from any device. The AxiomIO offering is a complete IT workspace solution delivered as a cloud service with predictable, pay-as-you-go monthly billing. With greater IT simplicity, flexibility, affordability, and user productivity, the AxiomIO WaaS solution provides businesses with a high value alternative to locally managed IT.

By enhancing the AxiomIO Citrix WaaS solution and control of its all-flash hyper-converged Software Defined Data Center environment with IndependenceIT, the company is able to significantly reduce its cost to manage these environments. IndependenceIT’s Cloud Workspace software has also allowed AxiomIO to unlock the full potential of WaaS with its automation and enhanced workflows that also allow AxiomIO to delegate controls to customers as requested. The resources saved in terms of time and expense have been proven across IndependenceIT’s partner ecosystem and will be significant in increasing AxiomIO’s service margins.

Built on cloud infrastructure and powered by the integration of IndependenceIT’s Cloud Workspace and Citrix solutions, including Netscaler*, XenDesktop*, and XenApp*, AxiomIO is able to more efficiently serve its customers with a platform that requires fewer capital and operational resources. Cloud Workspace software integrates with XenServer* to centralize and streamline management, resulting in a turnkey platform that offers greater administrative controls. IndependenceIT also provides auditing capabilities which support regulatory compliance by providing greater accountability of all actions for enhanced oversight and reporting.

About IndependenceIT
IndependenceIT provides a workspace automation software platform that allows IT departments, service providers and ISVs to easily deliver workspaces, applications and data from any cloud infrastructure to users anywhere, on any device. The company’s Cloud Workspace Suite combines application, end-user and infrastructure management into a seamless, easy-to-manage platform, with a unified management interface and robust API for ease of integration with existing systems, simplifying deployment and increasing responsiveness. Contact IndependenceIT at 888-299-4552 or visit www.independenceit.com

About AxiomIO
Axiom IO is a provider of end-to-end cloud services for best-in-class CloudStack development and Citrix Solutions for the global enterprise. With a nimble team that offers more than 20 years of combined experience, we’re uniquely poised to address some of the most complex challenges for forward-thinking organizations who want more from their technology. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California with global offices in Canada and Asia, AxiomIO offers a growth-centered culture that supports both our customers and our employees, delivering compelling value at every stage of engagement, with cost-effective services that offer flexible engagement models delivered by dedicated performers. Learn more at www.axiomio.com.

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Wealthbox CRM and Advizr Announce Integration

Wealthbox CRM, a web-and-mobile CRM service for financial advisors, and Advizr, a financial planning software provider and FPPad’s 2015 Best Client Facing Technology winner, today announced an integration to allow the exchange of client data between the applications, allowing greater efficiency for financial advisors. Financial advisors using Wealthbox and Advizr technologies will also have single sign-on capability, and users can choose to send client data from Wealthbox CRM to Advizr on a case-by-case basis or import all of their existing client data with the click of a button.

"We are thrilled to be integrating with our friends at Wealthbox. John and team have a proven track record, having built several successful CRM businesses in the last few years. We believe Advizr and Wealthbox will greatly enhance the overall experience for our joint advisor base." says Hussain Zaidi, CEO of Advizr.

John Rourke, CEO of New York City-based Starburst Labs, the makers of Wealthbox , said, “Advizr and Wealthbox share a modern design sensibility in our respective products so this integration is a natural fit. We’re happy to enable it and honored to be the first CRM technology that Advizr chose to integrate with via the Wealthbox API.”

This integration will benefit the burgeoning customer bases of Advizr and Wealthbox, including larger buyers like the XY Planning Network, a fast-growing organization of fee-only financial advisors that specializes in Gen X and Gen Y customers.

“Advizr and Wealthbox CRM are two of the most favored and adopted technologies by XYPN members and this time-saving integration will add even more value to our stack of preferred technology offerings for our advisors,” said Alan Moore, co-founder of XY Planning Network.

Advizr and Wealthbox CRM will host a webinar on Thursday, June 30th at 4PM ET where they’ll be showcasing their new integration. To register, please sign up here for this webinar.

About Wealthbox CRM | Starburst Labs, Inc.

Wealthbox CRM is the flagship product of Starburst Labs, Inc., headquartered in New York City. Starburst Labs is creating a suite of wealth management technology products, including Wealthbase and InvestorSay, that compliantly connects financial advisors with investors. Wealthbox CRM was launched in 2014 and has grown quickly among financial advisors due to its modern design, intuitive user-experience, and collaborative set of features that results in high user-adoption rates within advisory firms.

For more information about Starburst Labs and Wealthbox CRM, see www.StarburstLabs.com and www.Wealthbox.com and @Wealthbox on Twitter.

About Advizr

Advizr, based in New York, NY, is dedicated to creating software that will expand consumer and advisor access to high-quality financial planning services in an accessible format. The powerful, automated, interactive financial planning solution empowers advisors to serve their clients in a cost-effective way, regardless of net worth. To learn more about Advizr, please visit www.advizr.com.

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Voxbone Makes Worldwide Enterprise Communication Feel Local for PM Group

A sales team in Orlando, back-end developers in Jakarta, and executive management in Berlin. Does this organizational structure sound familiar? With the rise of technology, businesses are finding that breaking from the traditional office mold and giving employees the option to work from anywhere in the world can have some serious benefits. That flexibility has shown to keep employees motivated while saving on rent for office spaces (CFOs really love that last one). While there are many upsides to this structure, it’s not always easy to pull off. Businesses need to make a careful decision about who they can rely on for their global conferencing infrastructure so they can keep the communication flowing between teams and across oceans.

Take PM Group for example: an architectural and engineering firm with over 2,100 employees spread over 18 locations worldwide. To deliver their best work to clients, teams must maintain excellent communication, regardless of where they’re based. PM Group leverages Voxbone’s direct inward dialing (DID) numbers for its internal conferencing, so employees in different locations can set up a conference call and work as if they were around the same table. All of Voxbone’s numbers are maintained on a private global network and available on demand, so PM Group can quickly provision local numbers for its employees.

PM Group is just one company that’s seen the benefits of having employees out of the office. In the United States alone, the telecommuting population has increased 103 percent since 2005, according to research firm Global Workplace Analytics, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Millennials in particular are fond of this option, and now that they’re the dominant generation in the workforce, you can expect to see more businesses looking for the best way to support their remote teams. Voxbone’s reach in 59 countries and 9,000 cities makes it a great choice for businesses who want to give global teams a local touch.

To find out additional information on how Voxbone’s DID numbers can improve your enterprise communications, visit www.voxbone.com.

About Voxbone
We are Voxbone: the market leader in providing virtual local phone numbers (often referred to as DID numbers). Our services make it simple for cloud communications providers, international carriers and enterprise contact centers to extend the reach of their voice networks quickly, globally, and economically. We deliver high-quality DID numbers from more than 55 countries and over 8,000 cities around the world. Our geographic, mobile and toll-free numbers can be ordered in real-time via our web portal or an API. We are the only operator of our kind, with our own number ranges, telecommunications licenses and a global private VoIP backbone. Our happy customers include: Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom, Orange Business Services, NTT Communications, 8x8 Inc., InContact, LiveOps Cloud and Skype. Want to know more? Come and check out our website at www.voxbone.com, read our blog or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

About PM Group
PM Group was established in 1973 and has grown to become one of the most respected engineering design, architecture, project and construction management firms in the world.

In business for over 40 years, we have over 2,100 experienced team members based in 18 locations worldwide. Our success has come from our commitment to creating close partnerships with our clients, working side-by-side with them on complex engineering, architecture, and technical consultancy projects.

PM Group collaborates with many of the world’s leading private companies and major public sector organizations. Right now we are involved with projects in 30 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and the USA.Vo

Source: BusinessWire

Symphony Grows Workflow Productivity With Multi-Modal Collaboration Stack

Symphony Communication Services, LLC, the secure collaboration platform technology company, announces two new major additions to its platform: Symphony Meetings will enable users to launch real-time interactions with voice, video, and screen sharing; and Symphony Webhooks API, will allow developers to contribute their own integrations to an ecosystem of partner applications. These new features advance enterprise collaboration capabilities while maintaining security and compliance.

Further strengthening its platform and its available 3rd party applications, Symphony is open sourcing these comprehensive integrations to Symphony Software Foundation:

The growing momentum of Symphony’s application ecosystem is powered by the Symphony Software Foundation, the open source non-profit organization fostering a community of innovators including Symphony, its partners, its customers, and the financial services community at-large.

Breakthrough Innovation via Symphony Partner Program

The Symphony Partner Program will introduce a host of complementary enterprise applications:

  • Avaya Avaya team engagement capabilities on the Symphony platform enables end-users to seamlessly and securely escalate messaging interactions to voice calls with a powerful, easy-to-use, development platform.
  • ChartIQ—Time series-based charting and data visualization solutions for capital market applications.
  • Dow Jones Dow Jones on Symphony combines premium content with actionable context, delivering global business news, rolling market commentary and expert analysis from the Dow Jones newsroom, including exclusive content from The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s.
  • FactSetFactSet leverages Symphony by integrating the message and collaboration platform with both its Workstation and other value-add installed applications. Symphony and FactSet will create a powerful communication utility for the investment community.
  • FinTech Studios—FinTech apps, news, research, financial data, and analytics from apps, content partners, and websites in real-time, leveraging big-data, machine learning, AI, and natural language processing (NLP) technology.
  • FIS MarketMapFIS provides workflow integration between Symphony and MarketMap Terminal. Users can look up colleagues on Symphony, see user presence information, initiate a chat session from MarketMap Terminal or share content (prices, charts, etc.)
  • FlexTrade—Communicate and distribute content to both portfolio managers and brokers directly from your trading blotter. Communications can be initiated by the trader or automatically based on a specific market event or situation.
  • Gemalto—Gemalto has integrated its industry-leading SafeNet HSMs with the Symphony platform, providing financial firms with the highest level of security to protect encrypted data and financial communications.
  • IHS Markit—The Markit Trade Manager app enables counterparties to resolve OTC derivatives trade breaks from the Symphony environment. Once trade details are amended, app integration permits the trade to match and be affirmed in MarkitSERV.
  • Money.NetReal-time US equity prices, options, international equities, foreign exchange, bond, and commodity futures to empower investors and traders.
  • NexJ Systems Inc.—Enable NexJ’s customer management solutions on Symphony’s secure communication platform to better collaborate on opportunities.
  • S&P Global Market IntelligenceGain more convenient access to a growing universe of public and private company data. Find fundamentals, ratios, earnings, estimates, ownership, and industry data at a glance by launching S&P Global Market Intelligence over Symphony.
  • Selerity Context A.I. powered contextual search and real-time recommendation on proprietary and public content, automatically surfacing important information tailored to a user's workflow.
  • Synchronoss—The future of our mobile lives relies on maintaining security and productivity in all contexts. Synchronoss has partnered with Symphony to optimize the mobile user’s experience by enabling highly secure collaboration for highly-regulated enterprises.

Efficient Workflows via Full-Stack Collaboration

Symphony Meetings will enable users to launch voice, video, and screen sharing inside chat rooms with just one click, offering multi-modal interactive sessions while maintaining the context of a single workflow.

“Symphony Meetings, Webhooks, and our partner program collectively balance our vision of building the secure collaboration platform that powers work” says David Gurle, Symphony Founder and CEO. “By addressing the needs of employees who count on cutting-edge, rich interactive tools, the needs of developers to integrate applications into Symphony to improve workflow, and the needs of enterprise IT managers for security and compliance, Symphony responds to the way we work. Symphony enables and represents a community of innovators building the future of work, together.”

“Cross-company collaboration redefines work and improves how business gets done,” says Brad Levy, CEO MarkitSERV and Global Head of Loans at IHS Markit. “Integrating our datasets and workflow tools with Symphony creates a seamless experience for users to access information and collaborate whether they’re on Symphony or inside one of our applications.”

“Community is the key, and open source is the way forward for true innovation,” says Gabriele Columbro, Executive Director, Symphony Software Foundation. “Open sourcing fintech apps, bots, and integrations gives Symphony the competitive edge to create the platform where work gets done and become a trusted arena where firms collaborate on common goals.”

About Symphony

The secure, cloud-based communications platform that connects markets and individuals, Symphony promotes collaboration and increases workflow productivity while maintaining organizational compliance. Founded in October 2014 and headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, the company has offices in New York, Hong Kong, and London. Symphony has raised $170 million from the world’s largest financial institutions and recognized investors, including: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BlackRock, BNY Mellon, Citadel, Citi, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Google Inc., Goldman Sachs, HSBC, J.P. Morgan, Jefferies, Lakestar, Maverick, Merus Capital, Morgan Stanley, Natixis, Nomura, Societe Generale, UBS and Wells Fargo.

To sign up for Symphony, find out more about the company and keep up on the latest news, visit www.symphony.com and follow @Symphony.

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Symmetrics Announces General Availability of Symmetrics Data Broker

Symmetrics Business Intelligence, a provider of reporting solutions for contact centers, today announced the general availability of the Symmetrics Data Broker, a revolutionary new reporting platform that unifies real-time, historical, and contact detail data streams within a single, “big data” architecture. The new platform is currently in use by key customers in North America and Europe.

With the Symmetrics Data Broker, contact center administrators can a use single data integration platform to seamlessly mix and match real-time data streams with historic, summarized, and/or contact detail information in customized reports, scorecards and dashboards.

“Our mission in the contact center reporting world has always been to break down the silos of data between contact center systems,” says Richard McElroy, Symmetrics president and chief operating officer. “First, our Symmetrics Data Mart eliminated data silos from the historic data stored in ACDs, IVRs, workforce management systems and other contact center applications. But another barrier remained — the walls between real-time data streams, historic data repositories with aggregated and summarized data, and the very granular contact detail data that tracks every step of the customer interaction.”

“What we needed was a new kind of platform that uses proven ‘big data’ technologies to unite these three data domains using a single architecture. The Symmetrics Data Broker is that platform.”

Proven “Lamdba” Architecture
The Symmetrics Data Broker is based on the “lambda” data processing architecture designed to handle massive quantities of data through both streaming and batch-processing methods. Using a generic architecture designed for scalability and fault-tolerance, the Symmetrics Data Broker uses this proven method for collecting, processing and analyzing huge amounts of real-time data from virtually any contact center system that provides it. It can also aggregate and store such data for long-term trend reporting through conventional data warehouses like the Symmetrics Data Mart.

Furthermore, the Symmetrics Data Broker can act as an enabling service for core contact center systems requiring outside data — for instance, Symmetrics has developed “snap-ins” offering data retrieval and storage capabilities to Avaya Breeze, Avaya’s engagement development platform.

An Open Platform
McElroy notes that while the Symmetrics Data Broker can act as the common integration platform for the rest of Symmetrics Suite’s reporting modules, each of these modules can still be deployed independently or together in any combination a customer needs.

And as a completely open platform, the Symmetrics Data Broker can integrate with any third-party reporting solution the customer may choose, just like the rest of Symmetrics Suite, he adds.

“With the Symmetrics Data Broker, we finally have a single architecture that effectively erases the boundaries between real-time, historical, and contact-detail data as it is created,” McElroy concludes. “Today’s real-time data can form the basis of tomorrow’s historical trend report — or cradle-to-grave audit report.”

Integrating with major contact center systems from Avaya, Cisco, Verint, Aspect, Unify and Interactive Intelligence, Symmetrics Suite is a modular reporting solution that includes:

  • Symmetrics Data Broker, a revolutionary new platform that unites real-time, historical, and contact detail data streams within a single reporting architecture.
  • Symmetrics Data Mart, which consolidates historical data from multiple contact center systems and applications and/or multiple call centers into a true data warehouse optimized for reporting and analytics.
  • Symmetrics Info Manager, an intuitive, easy-to-use, web-based reporting application to design, access, schedule, manage and interact with all of a contact center’s relevant real-time, historical and contact-detail data.
  • Symmetrics Real Time, a module that taps into multiple contact center systems’ native real-time interfaces and APIs to deliver mission-critical contact center metrics in true real-time.
  • Symmetrics Contact Detail, a module for analyzing granular, detail-level data to help troubleshoot call failures, issues or problems, and to better understand the overall customer experience.

About Symmetrics
Symmetrics Business Intelligence specializes in real-time, historical and contact detail reporting for contact centers. We take best practices from business intelligence, data warehousing, and big data and apply them to the specific domain of the contact center. With support for major systems from Avaya, Cisco, Verint, Aspect, Unify and Interactive Intelligence, our Symmetrics Suite allows you to bring all your contact center information together in one place for reports, dashboards and scorecards that solve business problems. Our solutions fit the unique reporting and analysis needs of our customers, no matter how many different systems, applications, or call center sites they have. For more information, please visit http://www.symmetrics.com.

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Solution from Fluke Networks & Brother Centralizes Testing Installed Cable Systems

Brother Mobile Solutions, Inc. (BMS) and Fluke Networks recently introduced the LabelLink™ mobile application which integrates Fluke’s LinkWare™ Live API with Brother’s P-touch EDGE PT-E550W industrial label printer. This market-first solution is engineered to help meet the ongoing challenge for integrators and field installation contractors. System designers and installers have struggled to navigate multiple and disparate installed project databases, on multiple tools, including testing devices. The new solution enables system designers to centralize project data to be accessed wirelessly by labeling and testing devices – a significant technical development that can cut costs and increase the quality and efficiency of cabling projects.

LabelLink enables installers to access a single centralized LinkWare Live data file where unique identifiers for network cables and components can be stored then downloaded wirelessly to Brother PT-E550W labelers or Fluke Versiv testers at the jobsite. The solution is designed to increase workflow efficiency and accuracy in the cable labeling phase and in testing and validation of the installed system.

By tapping into cloud-based data storage, contractors can now meet multiple project needs for cable identification by entering data only once. This saves time and minimizes errors for onsite workers and technicians responsible for installing, labeling, testing, certifying and documenting the finished installation.

Here is a snapshot of how LabelLink works:

  • In the office, the project manager or system designer uses CAD to plan the network infrastructure, and then uploads cable ID and component identifiers to LinkWare Live, Fluke Networks Cabling Certification tester and report management application. Information about the types of tests and their configuration are set up for each cable.
  • Contractor downloads and installs free LabelLink app.
  • On the jobsite, the contractor downloads label identifiers from LinkWare Live to their smartphone via the Brother LabelLink app – then transfers database with identifiers directly to Brother P-touch EDGE® PT-E550W industrial labeling tool to create and print high-quality laminated labels.
  • On the jobsite, the contractor also downloads the same identifiers and test settings into the Fluke Networks Versiv™ Cabling Certification System to perform tests, and can upload testing results for each identifier using LinkWare Live.

This means that the cable identifiers and test results for each project can be stored in one place and can be retrieved and used as often as needed. Preview the video at www.BrotherLabelLink.com.

The LabelLink app leverages advanced technologies and tools from two industry-leading companies to automate multiple workflow processes. The solution not only ensures accuracy and consistency of the network labeling scheme as designed and built, but also provides the foundation for an effective cable management program going forward.

To learn more, contact us at 800-543-6144 or visit www.BrotherLabelLink.com.

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Metropolitan Equity Partners Increases Investment in Bizfi

Metropolitan Equity Partners (“Metropolitan”) announced it has invested $20M in Bizfi , the premier FinTech company that combines aggregation, funding and a marketplace for small businesses. This investment represents an increase from the $65M financing of the Company in December.

This round of financing will enable Bizfi to:

  • Expand its suite of funding programs, increasing its ability to fund America’s small business capital needs.
  • Increase the speed at which funding applicants access direct financing from Bizfi.
  • Develop and implement a national marketing campaign designed to increase the awareness of the Bizfi brand and platform within the small to medium-sized business community.

Paul Lisiak, Managing Partner of Metropolitan stated, “While the FinTech industry has experienced some recent headwinds, our confidence in both Bizfi and its place in the alternative financing industry has never been stronger. Since our original investment, Bizfi’s management has proven month after month its ability to generate profits and growth in an industry where most companies are calculating burn rate.”

Bizfi and its proprietary marketplace and funding technologies have provided in excess of $1.7 billion in financing to more than 30,000 small businesses across the United States since 2005. The Bizfi platform has integrated with 15 funding partners, including OnDeck, (NASDAQ:ONDK), Funding Circle, Kabbage, IMCA Capital, Bluevine, SmartBiz and more than 30 additional partners that are available offline. Bizfi also participates in funding on the platform. The platform provides multiple funding options including short-term financing, medical financing, lines of credit, equipment financing, invoice financing, franchise financing, medium-term loans and long-term loans guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

“Metropolitan has proven to have a clear vision for both Bizfi and the industry. Our relationship has deepened over the past few months and when the opportunity to raise additional capital presented itself, MEP was the most logical partner,” said Stephen Sheinbaum, Bizfi founder.

About Bizfi

Bizfi (www.bizfi.com) is the premier FinTech company combining aggregation, funding and a participation marketplace on a single platform for small businesses. Founded in 2005, Bizfi and its family of companies have provided in excess of $1.7 billion in financing to more than 30,000 small businesses in a wide variety of industries across the United States.

Bizfi's connected marketplace instantly provides multiple funding options and real-time pre-approvals to businesses from a wide variety of funding partners. Bizfi's funding options include short-term financing, franchise financing, medical financing, lines of credit, equipment financing, invoice financing, medium-term loans and long-term loans guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration. The Bizfi API provides a turnkey white label or co-branded solution that easily allows strategic partners to access the Bizfi engine and present their clients with financial offers from Bizfi lenders all while maintaining their customer's user experience. A process that once took hours, now takes minutes.

About Metropolitan Equity Partners

Metropolitan Equity Partners Management, LLC is an alternative investment manager that provides expansion capital to growing private companies via collateralized loan structures. Metropolitan was founded by Paul Lisiak who has 20 years of experience investing in private U.S. companies through both debt and equity. Metropolitan traces its roots to a successful equity strategy managed by the current Metropolitan Principals which was backed by the Man Group plc. Since 2008, Metropolitan has committed over $330MM in collateralized debt investments through call funds, blind pools and institutional managed accounts. Metropolitan is based in New York City.

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LiveOps Cloud Offers Free Trial of CxEngage

LiveOps Cloud, a leading contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) provider, today announced a free trial of CxEngage, an always-on, highly secure, true multi-tenant and instantly scalable CCaaS platform. The 30-day free trial program allows organizations a risk-free opportunity to explore the value of CxEngage firsthand, realize the power of a cloud-based contact center and transform their customer service operations and customer experiences from day one.

“The contact center is on the brink of a major transformation - faced with aging infrastructure, outdated software and budget constraints, organizations are turning to cloud-based solutions to provide the flexibility and quality required for unparalleled customer service at a time when it is more important than ever before,” said Jeff Thompson, CTO. “The very nature of software-as-a-service demands that customers have the ability to try before they buy, which CxEngage makes easy. From the onset of the 30-day trial, customers will experience the immediate ease of deployment, the openness of our API-first architecture and the scalability of our global, true cloud platform – all with no risk.”

All the features and functionality of the CxEngage platform, including a smart agent toolbar, data exchange, real-time dashboards, historical reporting, instant provisioning, flow authoring and much more, are available as part of the free trial. Trial customers will have access to CxEngage and all APIs to customize their system for a 30-day period. Training and technical documentation will be provided, along with a dedicated LiveOps Cloud resource who will help define the customer’s goals, desired outcomes and how to measure success with CxEngage.

Launched earlier this year, tens of thousands of users are already providing exceptional customer experiences with CxEngage and organizations are seeing immediate value through services that support agents across the globe while allowing an improved level of management and supervision over on-premises solutions. The LiveOps Cloud CxEngage Platform runs on Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) and offers the flexibility, reliability and scalability global organizations of all sizes need to service their customers anywhere, anytime. Designed for effortless administration and informed performance, CxEngage integrates with a broad set of applications such as customer relationship management (CRM), workforce management (WFM) and business intelligence (BI) to perpetually improve global service delivery.

Free Trial Sign Up

Unlike many free trials, no payment information is required to get started, no cancellation notice is needed, and there is no auto-bill at the end of 30 days. Set up is simple, visit http://bit.ly/1WNXooj to get started with a free trial today.

About LiveOps Cloud

LiveOps Cloud is building a happier world, one customer experience at a time. The world’s most passionate, customer-focused brands empower their workforces, delight customers and improve the bottom line – all with LiveOps Cloud’s always-on, highly secure, true multi-tenant and instantly scalable Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, LiveOps Cloud has operations in California, Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Learn more at www.liveopscloud.com. For live updates: Follow / Connect.

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Cali and York Replaces NetSuite with GoECart to Power Growth

GoECart, the leading provider of unified commerce platform for brand manufacturers and distributors, announced that Cali and York has selected GoECart’s commerce suite to power its next-gen ecommerce store.

After an exhaustive search for a multi-channel ecommerce solution provider to be a partner in its growth, Cali and York selected GoECart for its outstanding order management and fulfillment capabilities, flexible and scalable storefront technology, rich API, robust marketing and promotion features, and contact center and CRM functionalities that will allow it to provide timely and personalized 24/7 support to its loyal customers. GoECart’s unified approach to digital commerce and top notch customer support were also considerations.

The site will be a top destination for Cali and York’s clients online, enabling them to purchase more than 2,000 items of fashion apparel, jewelry, and accessories from multiple fashion lines.

“We are very excited to have a platform that will allow us to easily push changes to our website in real-time without having to go through a lengthy and complicated process, and that offers all the functionalities we need to stand-out from the competition,” said Jeff Farmer, President at Cali and York. “Thanks to GoECart, our customers can interact seamlessly with the store, catalog or customer care, benefitting from a unified, omni-channel user experience that is optimized for the modern shopper. And, best of all, such a full featured suite is affordable and puts users in full control of the site operations, no IT required.”

"GoECart is the perfect solution for Cali and York in so many ways. It is enterprise grade and yet affordable. It offers advanced features, integration flexibility and scalable IT architecture combined with rapid deployment that today’s apparel and fashion brands seek. Our solution will drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and significantly improve Cali and York’s operations, while offering them far greater autonomy to implement changes quickly that drive both the top and the bottom line," said Manish Chowdhary, CEO of GoECart. "I am pleased with the work the GoECart team has done so far, and I welcome Cali and York to our family of fast growing customers."

About Cali and York    
Dedicated to delivering high quality fashions for women who are fun and fabulous, Cali and York delivers seasonal collections that offer head–to-toe outfit options for the woman on-the-go looking for effortless styles. Cali and York travels the world searching for the finest fabrics, trend details and styles for their customers’ wardrobe. Designed to perfection, they take pride in every piece of the collection making sure details are functional and never excessive: the perfect pocket, the slimming stitch, the elegant drape. The finishing touches down to custom jewelry, coordinating handbags and novelty shoes. Cali and York is more than just clothing, it’s a community. An amazing team of customer service stylists are available 24/7 to take questions and help create the perfect outfit for wherever life leads you, while high levels of excellence will ensure total satisfaction.

About GoECart    
GoECart provides a complete commerce platform, GoECart 360, which enables emerging brands and established merchants to manage all aspects of unified commerce—from b2b and b2c ecommerce, multi-channel order and inventory management, and in-store POS, to marketing, merchandising, e-marketplaces, fulfillment, and customer service. GoECart eliminates technology and integration hassles, allowing businesses to run better and grow faster. Additionally, GoECart’s cloud-based model delivers on the rewards of software-as-a-service (SaaS). These include zero investment in infrastructure, no integration headaches, free upgrades, and affordable pay-as-you-go pricing.

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Bigstep Launches the First Real-Time Container Service

Bigstep, the big-data cloud provider, today launched Bigstep Real-Time Container Service designed especially for real-time streaming applications, microservice-based architectures and memory-intensive workloads that require low latency and high performance.

“The industry is moving toward a fine-grained, streaming compute model to increase resiliency, throughput and reaction time. The challenge now is firstly how to manage all these moving parts and secondly how to avoid cascading latency issues. The Bigstep Real-Time Container Service is designed to address both problems,” said Bigstep Founder and CEO Lucas Roh.

The Bigstep Real-Time Container Service is based on Docker and can easily run distributed streaming applications on Bigstep’s bare-metal cloud, such as those built on Spark Streaming, Storm/Heron or Flink. Applications can operate at the same performance levels as running directly on bare metal, bypassing performance and security issues associated with hypervisors and virtual machines.

Unique, powerful features include:

  • Low-latency network: 40Gbps container-to-container network fabric, without using overlay networks and without virtual switching;
  • High-performance persistency support: storage volumes follow containers as they move across the cluster;
  • Single-tenant bare-metal compute fabric: high-performance bare-metal hosts are single-tenant and hypervisor-free, and yet can be scaled on-demand; and
  • The capacity to quickly design and manage complex streaming architectures using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface or through the Bigstep API.

The Bigstep Real-Time Container Service provides dynamic resource allocation and load balancing, all within a high-availability and fault-tolerant environment. The benefits include push-button scalability of high-performance environments for real-time analytics. It easily plugs into existing environments, making it simple to “containerize” monolithic applications into microservice-based solutions. Bigstep Real-Time Containers are available with Bigstep’s 24/7 support, without any additional fees to customers.

To learn more about or explore Bigstep Real-Time Containers, please visit http://bigstep.com/services/managed-containers.

About Bigstep

Bigstep’s full-stack big data cloud makes it easy for any organization to create, launch and scale robust, secure and cost-effective big data solutions in minutes. Bigstep serves a global customer base from multiple data centers in Europe and the U.S. and has dual headquarters in London and Chicago. For more information, please visit bigstep.com.

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Automic pioneers Workload Automation for Digital Transformation

Automic Software, the leader in Business Automation, today unveiled a new era of workload automation, designed to power Digital Transformation and automate the critical business processes of modern hybrid-cloud enterprises.

Automation Powering Digital Transformation

Today automation is deployed across every aspect of the modern enterprise – from core business processes on SAP and Oracle, to service delivery, to Big Data, to Analytics and to the Cloud. However, the automation capabilities employed are often fragmented solutions from point vendors pieced together by over-worked operational teams with different interfaces, different analytics and different learning skills.

As a result, traditional enterprises are failing in their ability to meet the needs of the business in driving agility and speed across their operational environments.

Today, Automic is unveiling a new generation of workload automation that unifies these silo’s of automation and empowers operational IT with the tools they need to be the powerhouse of their digital transformation.

“Operational teams in IT have struggled too long with poor tools to drive automation across their enterprise” says John Purrier, Chief Technology Officer at Automic. “Today with Automic V12 we are changing that. Automic Workload Automation V12 and Automic Service Orchestration V12 give operational IT the tools they need to leverage automation to drive their digital transformation initiatives across their hybrid-cloud IT”.

Unifying the Silo’s of Automation

For too long, automation has existed as an after-thought from point vendors that look to augment their product capabilities with silo’d technology. This results in a piece-meal approach that lowers productivity, reduces re-use and impedes operational IT in their ability to support their digital transformation initiatives.

Automic Workload Automation V12 and Automic Service Orchestration V12 have been designed to orchestrate across all these point solutions with an open API approach:

  • Through a new unified interface, operational teams can manage automation tasks from the cloud to the mainframe, from managed file transfers to SAP operational execution.
  • Through new unified reporting & analytics, operational teams can gain intelligent insights across their automation silo’s.
  • Through new SLA management, operational teams can define SLA’s for specific tasks and ensure delivery against business imperatives.

Removing downtime from automation upgrades

For too long, planned downtime has been the standard operating approach for on-premises technology. Automic V12 ends that today.

  • With Automic Workload Automation V12, customers now benefit from zero-downtime upgrades when deploying new server or agents. Automic’s new agents update themselves with zero business impact by intelligently determining when to upgrade based on their workload and operational schedule.

Towards Automation Centers of Excellence

Automation is now the strategic enabler of Digital Transformation. As automation becomes more prevalent across enterprises, skills re-use and the sharing of automation components has become difficult due to the point solutions being employed.

  • With Automic Workload Automation V12 skills reuse is made simpler through the unified interface, while reporting and analytics drives greater insight by connecting these islands.
  • Automic Service Orchestration V12 enables the “uber” orchestration of processes across different silo’s and shares the same unified, scalable and open engine that powers workload automation. This further improves TCO and increases skills-reuse.
  • Sharing of automation artifacts across public or private cloud processes is made possible by the availability of NEW secure private Vaults within the Automic Marketplace. Now operational IT have the tools to orchestrate the cloud alongside their traditional enterprise stacks, while building centers of excellence for automation to empower and drive productivity across their organizations.

“We use automation to drive the business processes that support the digital services we deliver to our customers” says Shay Guttman, VP Technology & Digital Officer, OPSI (International Forwarding) Ltd., Authorised Service Contractor for UPS. “With Automic we get a strong automation platform (engine) that helps us orchestrate our entire system from the infrastructure level all the way through to the app. Automic V12 greatly enhances our customer experience with one common, unified interface from which they can track their requests and underlying business processes. Advances to the REST APIs will also allow us to extend the integrations we already have with our Chat and VIVR [visual integrated voice recognition] channels. The packaging of new analytics and reporting modules will mean we will no longer need to rely on external BI tools.”

Availability and Pricing:
Automic Workload Automation V12 and Automic Service Orchestration V12 are immediately available for general shipment. All plugins are immediately available on the Automic Marketplace. Pricing is on demand for non-Automic customers.

About Automic
Automic, the leader in business automation, helps enterprises drive competitive advantage by automating their IT and business systems - from on-premise to the Cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things. With offices worldwide, Automic powers over 2,700 customers including Bosch, Netflix, eBay, AMC Theatres, Carphone Warehouse, ExxonMobil, Vodafone, Société Générale, NHS SBS, General Electric and Swisscom. More information can be found at www.automic.com.

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Automated Voice & Data Solutions Partners with Vidyo On Video for Customer Service

The Vidyo/CIC integration allows real-time queuing and connectivity of video interactions between contact center agents and customers.

“Our research shows that companies can immediately improve their customers’ experience using our Vidyo/CIC integration,” said AVDS President Sharon Moon. “For instance, claimants involved in an auto accident can engage with an adjuster via a video interaction to show damages on the spot, thus speeding up the claims process.”

The integration, when used in conjunction with CIC’s recording capabilities, can also enable supervisors and managers to review each video interaction to see if agents are being empathetic, thus further improving the customer experience.

The total video conferencing market is on a high growth trajectory and is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.2 percent from 2015 to 2020 to reach $11.44 billion by 2020 (Growth Opportunities in the Video Conferencing Market, Frost & Sullivan, June 2016).

Vidyo, already a major player in the video conferencing space, has been at the forefront of video-enabled communications in telemedicine, financial services and government. The Vidyo/CIC integration will significantly leverage Vidyo in contact centers that use CIC.

“The impact of face-to-face interaction as part of a contact center is clear and compelling. We have seen a tremendous response to our video collaboration platform and Vidyo is pleased to have been selected by AVDS for this integration into the Interactive Intelligence CIC contact center platform,” said Bob Smith, Senior Vice President, Global Sales, Vidyo.

The Vidyo/CIC solution is ideal for all industries, including insurance, financial services, healthcare and education.

About AVDS
AVDS is a leading provider of communications solutions manufactured by Interactive Intelligence, Vidyo, IBM, TantaComm and CallScripter that deliver measurable results to enterprise organizations and contact centers across all industries. Founded in 1992 by Sharon Moon, Automated Voice & Data Solutions was an early adopter of software-based communications. AVDS serves a range of industries with customers in the U.S., Europe and Australia and has been recognized by several organizations, including Inc. Magazine, Houston Business Journal, Woman’s Chamber of Commerce of Texas, DiversityBusiness.com and Forbes. Learn more at http://www.avds.com or follow AVDS on Twitter @avdsolutions.

About Vidyo, Inc.
Millions of users around the world visually connect every day with Vidyo’s secure, scalable technology and cloud-based services. Vidyo offers video collaboration solutions for companies that require the highest quality video interaction available. Recognized with over 120 patents, the company’s software platform and APIs are used by enterprise customers, service providers, and ecosystem partners to create innovative HD quality video-enabled applications embedded into workflows and emerging IoT devices. Learn more at http://www.vidyo.com, on the blog, or follow Vidyo on Twitter @vidyo and on Facebook.

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1WorldSync Adds Product Discovery Community To Its Global Network

1WorldSync, the leading global multi-enterprise product information network, today launches 1WorldSync Showcase, a business-to-business, community-based application that gives buyers and sellers enhanced ability to expose and discover products, opening new channels of revenue and providing consumers with the rich commerce experience they demand.

Expanding upon 1WorldSync’s existing set of offerings, Showcase connects sellers and buyers worldwide; enabling sellers to be discovered by existing or new buyers and allowing buyers to search and discover products to diversify their product offerings. The mobile-ready app gives retailers, distributors and wholesalers seamless access to robust product pages from thousands of suppliers, empowering them to diversify their products for greater customer satisfaction.

“There’s a new normal in eCommerce today, where sellers, merchants and distributors are expected to offer tens or hundreds of millions of product choices to the consumer,” said Nick Parnaby, CMO of 1WorldSync. “1WorldSync Showcase gives buyers and category managers a venue to discover new products, and pull rich digital product content from global brands and sellers. We invite our 23,000 member brand community to use the Showcase to drive demand, find new customers and easily share digital content with app developers.”

For retailers, distributors and wholesalers looking to diversify their product offerings, 1WorldSync Showcase will enable an easy connection with thousands of suppliers to discover new products and convert more customers. Buyers can search and browse a catalog of products and content direct from manufacturers in their specific industry, empowering retailers to expand their partner community and improve their product selection for consumers. Digital-ready product information can be accessed via simple APIs, decreasing time to market for new product listings on apps or e-commerce properties.

Sellers’ product pages are showcased in category-specific catalogs, in which buyers can search, browse, and even download rich product spec sheets. Manufacturers can choose whether their products in the 1WorldSync Showcase applications are public or private, giving them full control over who can view their content.

“Having already aggregated rich product content from 23,000 brands across the globe, it’s only logical that we should increase the value our customers drive from 1WorldSync by exposing these great products to new buyers and digital product developers who crave trusted content.” said Nihat Arkan, CEO of 1WorldSync. “Whether you’re in retail, grocery, foodservice or healthcare, Showcase will allow you to sell and discover more products to stay competitive and satisfy consumers’ need for detailed product information.”

To learn more about how 1WorldSync can help you showcase and discover products, http://www.1worldsync.com.

About 1WorldSync
1WorldSync is the leading multi-enterprise product information network, helping more than 23,000 global brands and their trading partners in 60 countries – share authentic, trusted content with customers and consumers, empowering them to make the right choices, purchases, health and lifestyle decisions.

Through its solutions, technology platform and expert services, 1WorldSync provides solutions that meet the diverse needs of its customers. For more information, please visit http://www.1worldsync.com

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Veritone Adds Speech Recognition, Expands Suite of Cognitive Engine Providers

Veritone, Inc., a leading cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) technology company pioneering the first Cognitive Media Platform™ (CMP), announced today that it has partnered with VoiceBase, Inc., a highly scalable speech recognition and speech analytics API platform. This collaboration is expected to add new speech recognition capabilities to Veritone’s growing list of cognitive engines.

Speech recognition allows users of Veritone’s CMP to accurately, quickly and affordably identify words and phrases in customer interactions to build custom predictive solutions found in historical and transactional data. Identifying these patterns enables users of VoiceBase’s cognitive engine to identify and optimize opportunities and risks.

“VoiceBase’s contribution to Veritone’s CMP is central to our machine learning capabilities, allowing us to analyze recorded audio with unprecedented granularity,” said Chad Steelberg, Chairman and CEO of Veritone. “Their highly accurate transcription quickly recognizes specific words being spoken in a recording that can transform audio into actionable intelligence. Finding relationships and trends between words provides insight that was previously extremely difficult to extract, giving our customers an edge over their competitors,” added Steelberg.

Veritone is leading a new wave of AI that is changing multiple industries and its CMP allows businesses of all kinds to search across audio and video as others have done for search through text. This game-changing technology allows Veritone to expand its international footprint as a leading AI analytics, search and predictive solution for media firms, corporate enterprise, political campaigns and government. Veritone’s innovative AI platform renders every second and frame of audio and video content searchable for voice identification, objects, faces, license plates, logos, phrases, sentiment and translation, plus additional capabilities that continue to evolve.

About Veritone, Inc.
Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, Veritone, Inc. is a leading cloud-based Artificial Intelligence media technology company pioneering the world’s first Cognitive Media Platform™ (CMP), an ecosystem that enables media, enterprise, politics, corporate security and government to extract value from the intelligence embedded in the world’s public and private media audio and video content, which comprises the majority of all global data produced each year. Founded in 2014, Veritone has already won several of the industry’s most prestigious awards including the 2016 Red Herring Top 100 North America Award and the 2016 SIIA Business Technology CODiE Award for Best Native Advertising Platform or Service. Veritone was founded by serial entrepreneurs and brothers, Chad and Ryan Steelberg. The duo have a successful track record in identifying new market opportunities, creating disruptive technology-based companies and leading them to successful exits for their stakeholders. To learn more about how Veritone seeds the cloud, visit http://www.veritone.com.

About VoiceBase
VoiceBase provides easy-to-use APIs that automatically transcribe audio and video, extract relevant keywords and topics and enable the instant search and discovery of spoken information. Every month VoiceBase processes millions of recordings that allow users to access and analyze rich data from call centers, conference calls, webinars, educational lectures, podcasts and videos. VoiceBase is privately held, and has raised over $20 million dollars. They are based in San Francisco, California. Visit http://www.voicebase.com to request a demo and learn more.

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TeleSign Deploys Machine Learning to Fight Online Fraud

TeleSign, the leader in mobile identity solutions, today announced the addition of machine learning and other key features to its industry-leading fraud intelligence solution, TeleSign Score. TeleSign Score enables companies to achieve greater identity assurance, protect brand reputation and effectively grow user bases. With 86% of companies extremely or very concerned about authenticating the identity of their users (TeleSign 2016 ‘Beyond the Password’ Report), this first-of-its-kind fusion of machine learning and phone number data further increases the effectiveness and accuracy of predicting and scoring online user risk.

TeleSign Score is a powerful risk assessment API that delivers reputational scoring based on phone number intelligence, traffic patterns, machine learning and a global data consortium to web and mobile-based applications around the world. Now with the addition of machine learning, TeleSign Score is able to use historical indicators to uncover hidden insights and predict fraudulent activity. Score is customizable by customer, industry or specific use case, enabling companies to proactively identify fraud while streamlining the user experience for legitimate users.

“With 90 percent of companies experiencing online fraud in the past year, finding ways to proactively block fraudsters has become an increasingly vital component of every online fraud prevention strategy,” said Aled Miles, CEO at TeleSign. “The advances we’re making using machine learning within TeleSign Score are helping our customers uncover hidden insights and predict, prevent and respond to fraud in real-time.”

“Everything we do is based on our ability to ensure our renters and landlords are who they say they are,” said Jonathan Eppers, CEO of RadPad. “Integrating TeleSign Score has helped our brand reduce fraudsters’ chances of creating multiple fake accounts and disrupting the genuine user experience. TeleSign Score has not only helped us streamline the account registration process, we’ve also increased conversions and securely grown our user base with verified users.”

Easily integrated into existing account security workflows, TeleSign Score helps companies combat a variety of high-impact fraud use cases including account takeovers, phishing attacks, fake account registrations and more. Through TeleSign’s deep relationships with mobile network operators, TeleSign Score is able to analyze massive volumes of real-time and historical data on phone number usage and then feed this information into customer-specific machine learning algorithms to provide a risk score and recommended response for each new user. Complete with customizable, pre-set response actions, the end result is a brand and user-base that is safer, more authentic and more valuable.

Key feature upgrades to TeleSign Score include:

  • Machine Learning: A customizable, data analysis technique that trains TeleSign’s proprietary algorithm to uncover hidden insights in phone number data to populate a range of predictors for both good and bad phone numbers.
  • Labeled Data Analysis: The ability to analyze company-provided labeled data – a list of phone numbers specific to their fraud situation/industry/use case that have been identified as either good or bad – to develop a machine learning model that identifies and predicts fraud in Score transactions.
  • Additional customer-submitted trust anchors: Companies can submit additional data objects - email address, account ID, and device ID. These unique data points are correlated to a phone number or transaction, making Score even more effective.
  • New IP Address Rules: Companies can also submit a user’s originating IP address associated with the Score transaction to provide insight into the user’s location. Rules can be applied based on customer requests that impact the determination of the risk assessment score.

The TeleSign Score API for web and mobile applications is available today around the globe and can be easily embedded into new or existing app-based platforms.

Learn more about TeleSign Score and get full product details by visiting: https://www.telesign.com/products/score/.

About TeleSign
TeleSign’s account security platform is trusted by the world’s largest brands to prevent online fraud. Combining real-time data & analytics, phone verification and two-factor authentication, TeleSign helps customers secure billions of end-user accounts from compromise. To find out more, visit http://www.telesign.com or follow us on Twitter - @TeleSign.

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PrismTech Releases Scalable Connectivity for Integrating Systems

PrismTech, a global leader in software platforms for distributed systems, today announced the availability of its Vortex™ 2.3 Intelligent Data Sharing Platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). This latest version of its award winning data connectivity solution provides the ideal solution for connecting Industrial IoT systems.

Vortex is based on the Object Management Group®'s (OMG®) Data-Distribution Service™ (DDS™) standard and builds on proven technologies to provide an efficient solution for real-time device, edge and cloud IoT data sharing. Vortex is a crucial enabler for systems that have to reliably and securely deliver high volumes of data with stringent end-to-end qualities-of-service (QoS).

Key Vortex capabilities such as automatic discovery, shared memory architecture, configurable QoS framework, and portability of the platform, together enable system-wide scalability and save valuable development time, particularly when integrating legacy systems. With the support of PrismTech’s world-class tooling and professional services, Vortex customers are able to successfully meet stringent development milestones.

Vortex 2.3 includes enhancements that simplify the challenge of connecting nodes and sharing real-time data in complex Industrial IoT environments that consist of a combination of device, edge and cloud networks.

Vortex 2.3 includes the following new functionality and improvements:

  • Vortex Cloud and Fog include a number of optimizations that simplify deployment, reduce routing latency and improve scalability significantly
  • The elegant C99 API will be supported by both Vortex Lite and Vortex OpenSplice as of version 6.7.1
  • Vortex now fully supports the Java 8 platform
  • Google Protocol Buffer (GPB) extensible data types are now supported by Vortex OpenSplice Tuner
  • Group coherence support has been added to Vortex OpenSplice Tuner and Tester
  • Vortex Cafe can now use UDP and TCP transports simultaneously
  • Instance lifecycle support has now been added to Vortex Web, providing access to SampleInfo in Javascript
  • Vortex OpenSplice includes an Open Source reference implementation of the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Consortium’s v2.1 Transport Services Segment (TSS) API

“This latest release of the Vortex platform is the most scalable and user friendly version of the platform to date,” said Andrew Foster, Product Marketing Manager, PrismTech. “We are really pleased with all the improvements that have been made to the product and are sure that our users will see the benefits of our efforts.”

Further information about PrismTech’s Vortex platform is available at: http://www.prismtech.com/vortex.

About PrismTech

PrismTech’s customers deliver systems for the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet and advanced wireless communications. PrismTech supplies the data connectivity solutions, tools and professional services they need to build systems with the required: platform coverage, performance, scalability, efficiency, flexibility and robustness. PrismTech’s customers service many market sectors, including: industrial automation, energy, healthcare, transportation, smart cities, financial services, aerospace and defense. For additional information about PrismTech, visit the web site at http://www.prismtech.com.

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Nuance Advances OCR Technology With OmniPage SDK and New OmniPage Server

Nuance Communicationsa today announced a new OmniPage software developer kit and server that provide powerful modules and APIs to create innovative document conversion and data capture solutions. The OmniPage Capture Software Development Kit (SDK) adds extraordinary new capabilities on top of the world’s most accurate OCR technology providing new choices and unparalleled capabilities in document classification, routing and processing automation to software engineers. OmniPage Server is a highly scalable, 24/7, industrial strength standalone server product for document conversions or for linking business applications requiring high-volume document processing and conversion.

“Context aware capture technology enables organisations to utilise OCR solutions that drive strategic business processes with direct lines to revenue generation and employee productivity,” said Ron Glaz, research director, document solutions and services at IDC. “The OCR solutions driving the most meaningful business results in the industry today start with premium character recognition which in turn delivers accurate word identification for the best possible contextual awareness. The organisations that move from image to awareness the fastest with the minimal effort realise the maximum benefits.”

OmniPage Capture SDK for Windows

Leveraging the new features and functionality of the updated Capture SDK, users can create powerful productivity applications with enhanced automation tools, greatly reducing manual verification for faster time to market. New capabilities include:

  • Document Classifier empowers developers to create applications that separate documents consisting of multiple types and apply different processing technologies to each document type. This helps businesses create automated document preprocesses, such as invoice sorting and document routing, within an organisation.
  • Intelligent Workflow Runner features a new XML descriptor that defines the conversion processes with as many settings as required to produce the best possible format and OCR results from the original documents. It also includes a utility that converts OmniPage Ultimate Workflows into XML, and an API that connects into a COM Server to queue up and manage conversion jobs. The unmatched level of automation in this feature ensures that developers don’t have to dedicate time to creating these processes on their own.
  • The Mixed Raster Content compression method to create small-sized PDF files with perfectly legible textual content has been enhanced with the latest JPEG2000 compression technology and now delivers faster, more efficient PDF creation.
  • Improved Logical Form Recognition technology with support for radio buttons and enhanced recognition of checkboxes. This enables more accurate conversion of scanned forms into fillable PDF forms.
  • Central Licensing significantly increases the productivity of developing server applications with OCR capabilities. This unit can manage multiple OmniPage SDK runtimes to provide automatic scalability to server applications for high volume document conversion processing. Also available with this new licensing are page and term-based licenses that can be tailored to meet specific business needs.

OmniPage Server for Windows

The new OmniPage Server with APIs gives developers and business process owners a sophisticated new tool for high volume document conversion that can be run standalone as a complete solution or connected to business system applications for more comprehensive workflows. It is the ideal solution for organisations that want to quickly and easily create automated, watched folder conversion processes with minimal effort from their local IT. The server also allows more sophisticated business application developers to programmatically connect to other applications further enhancing and advancing business infrastructure and processes. Product capabilities include:

  • A simple-to-use API enabling developers to integrate OCR functions into client applications which can support virtually all operating system platforms for desktop computers and mobile devices
  • Web browser integration allowing end users to initiate conversion processes and access the results using their preferred browser
  • Watched Folder Support providing users the ability to quickly process scanned documents in network folders that automatically place the converted, editable and searchable files into output subfolders for archival or additional use in the document workflow.

“The two OmniPage solutions, OmniPage Capture SDK and OmniPage Server, address a wide spectrum of developer needs ranging from assembling reliable and fast document conversion applications with low effort to developing sophisticated and robust workflow solutions,” said Chris Strammiello, vice president of global alliances and strategic marketing, Nuance Document Imaging. “They provide the high OCR accuracy and quality document imaging needed to create strategic, impactful applications.”

The OmniPage Capture SDK 20 and OmniPage Server with APIs delivers to developers everything they need to add robust imaging, optical character recognition (OCR), and PDF creation and conversion capabilities into applications as well as barcode recognition technology, intelligent character recognition, zonal recognition and more. The OmniPage Capture SDK version 19 also features editions that support Linux and Macintosh. Please go to http://www.nuance.com/for-business/by-product/omnipage/for-developers/index.htm for more information and a detailed comparison by features.

About Nuance Communications, Inc.

Nuance Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of voice and language solutions for businesses and consumers around the world. Its technologies, applications and services make the user experience more compelling by transforming the way people interact with devices and systems. Every day, millions of users and thousands of businesses experience Nuance’s proven applications. For more information, please visit www.nuance.com

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Genetec Inc. Announces Collaborative Case Management System

Genetec Inc. (“Genetec”), a leading provider of open-architecture, IP security solutions today announced Genetec Clearance™, a case management system designed to speed up investigations by allowing different organizations to collect, manage and share video evidence and other relevant case information. Genetec Clearance will be showcased for the first time on booth #3517 at the IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) conference, taking place in San Diego, CA from October 15th to 18th 2016. Genetec Clearance is expected to be available in Q4 2016 via subscription, through certified Genetec channel partners and resellers.

Genetec Clearance allows police officers, investigators and security managers to gather digital evidence from a variety of sources (such as Genetec™ Security Center and other video management systems, body-worn devices, in-car systems and cellphone footage from bystanders and witnesses), and easily store, manage, review and share it from within a single application.

Genetec Clearance enables collaboration across independent agencies and private sector organizations. All pertinent files related to cases (video files as well as audio, images, documents etc.) are centralized and can be securely shared between investigators or requested by 3rd parties, without needing to physically ship or deliver the recordings. As the application is not licensed per seat, access can be shared with as many users as needed, without incurring any additional fees. With built-in video redaction, the privacy of bystanders can be protected by allowing identifiable information to be masked before sending video to other stakeholders. All user actions initiated within the system, whether internal or external, are automatically tracked to ensure the chain of custody of the evidence is maintained at all times.

"The increased evidence that is now available from video surveillance systems, body cameras, and from witnesses can help solve crimes. However, the sheer amount of data to be managed can also become cumbersome to process and review, increasing the time spent on case preparation, rather than the investigation. That's why we have developed a case management system to help automate certain tasks that are frequently performed manually today and to facilitate collaboration between law enforcement, corporate security departments, legal entities, and the public," explains Erick Ceresato, Product Manager at Genetec.

Organizations today are looking at ways to streamline their evidence sharing process while maintaining stringent audit capabilities. The growing volume of video recordings has become increasingly complex to manage and it is important for users to collaborate while also maintaining a clear chain of custody.

Larry Waite, Safe City & Corporate Security Manager with Ipswich City Council, Queensland, Australia recently evaluated Genetec Clearance. The Council routinely shares video with numerous outside entities and was looking to find a new approach to streamline the process.

"Our existing tools did not allow the level of file sharing or auditability that Genetec Clearance offers. Being able to collaborate across teams and with the police department will speed up our case investigations process and reduce time and costs associated with collecting and sending recordings," says Waite.

Because Genetec Clearance supports many common video codecs, video evidence can easily be reviewed, while also eliminating the time-consuming manual process of video codec conversion. Designed as an open platform, Genetec Clearance APIs can be used to integrate with 3rd party systems and automate the upload of video recordings and associated metadata to be reviewed within the system. Integration with Record Management Systems (RMS) enables law enforcement departments to automate the creation of new cases with their existing record system, reducing the need for duplicate data entry.

Genetec Clearance will be available on a subscription basis and includes access to all the latest software updates and features. Updates are automated within the system as they become available, requiring no additional intervention from the client’s own staff. For more information on Genetec Clearance, please visit http://www.genetec.com.

About Genetec
Genetec™ develops open-architecture software, hardware and cloud-based services for the physical security and public safety industry. Its flagship product, Security Center, unifies IP-based access control, video surveillance and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) into one platform. A global innovator since 1997, Genetec™ is headquartered in Montréal, Canada, and serves enterprise and government organizations via an integrated network of resellers, certified channel partners, integrators and consultants in over 80 countries. Genetec™ was founded on the principle of innovation and remains at the forefront of emerging technologies that unify IP physical security systems. For more information about Genetec™, visit: http://www.genetec.com

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Full Sail Joins As Concur Provider to Synchronize Concur Data with Deltek Vision

Full Sail Partners, a Deltek Vision Premier Partner, today announced it joined the Concur Solution Provider program and can now refer clients, including those using Deltek, to Concur, the leading provider of spend management solutions and services.

This partnership expands the Full Sail Partners offering to include Concur solutions and allows Concur data to flow into Deltek Vision, helping professional services firms create a better expense reporting experience for their employees and also enable the firms to realize significant cost savings.

“We are ecstatic to introduce Concur to our clients,” said Tanya Drake, Full Sail Partners Technology Division’s Technical Consultant. “This partnership gives project-based clients the most efficient expense reporting solution ever. Our clients will experience firm-wide cost savings and eliminate mistakes and fraud with the automated controls and duplication verification. Employees will love the automatic pull of data to their expense reports, virtually eliminating manual entry of expense reports. It’s a win-win for both the firm and employees.”

Concur Travel, Expense and Invoice are the industry’s leading solutions to help businesses manage spend and gain insights that drive savings. Concur has more than 40 million users globally, and in 2015 the company processed transactions worth more than $70 billion in travel and expense spend.

Kelly Duquette, Principal Solutions Consultant at Full Sail Partners who has worked with the Concur product at a previous firm said, “We believe this is a great opportunity for the Deltek Vision community to leverage Concur to create a fast, efficient process that allows employees to spend less time on tedious tasks and more time focusing on their billable work.”

Together, Full Sail Partners and Concur will enable HR and accounting professionals to better manage expenses and invoice processing from approval to payment posting. The expanded capabilities offered through Concur will enable professional services firms to capture paper and electronic invoices, enabling efficient, automated processing – from purchase request through payment, including 2-way and 3-way match capabilities.

“Travel and expense is the second largest area of controllable business spend – a challenge especially significant to SMBs. With a partner-focused initiative like the Concur Solution Provider program, we can help partners like Full Sail Partners expand the value they provide SMBs while driving business growth and profitability,” said Christal Bemont, SVP and GM of SMB and National Accounts, Concur.

To receive details about this partnership and the Concur solutions offered through Full Sail Partners, please visit http://www.BlackboxConnector.com/Concur.

About Full Sail Partners
Full Sail Partners provides technology services and solutions for more than 1,000 professional services firms nationwide. Blackbox Connector, a division of Full Sail Partners, helps bring data together with a no-code, low cost, integration solution connecting Deltek Vision users to any API-powered application within minutes. Full Sail Partners represents project-based products focused on integrating business processes by connecting front-end and back-end systems. We seek to help organizations identify the critical resources needed to create a faster, more efficient, and cohesive business infrastructure.

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Cybersecurity Firm DefenseStorm Expands to Secure AWS, Office 365 & OpenDNS

DefenseStorm, the leading security data platform provider, announced today support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Office 365, and OpenDNS. The product expansion stems from growing concern in the financial sector on how best to secure both ground and cloud assets against today’s threat actors.

“Financial institutions are increasingly relying on cloud business productivity applications and services such as AWS and Office 365. While adoption of these productivity applications is accelerating, unfortunately so is the risk factor tied to them. Many cloud users are not aware that their providers have a shared responsibility model for cloud security. Continuous monitoring of your cloud infrastructure for security events is crucial - which is why we are pleased to now offer financial organizations a new level of security,” said DefenseStorm's Chief Product Officer, Edgardo Nazario.

With an innovative and patent-pending technology suite, financial institutions can use the DefenseStorm platform to aggregate on-premise, colocated data center, and cloud logs into a single system for comprehensive cybersecurity management. The cloud has become essential to running a modern financial institution and as more in the industry move to a hybrid cloud setup, the new features have been eagerly anticipated.

“Cloud security is different than traditional network security, and as a fast-paced tech company, Tealium needed a unified security data platform to manage our entire cybersecurity program. DefenseStorm is the fastest, easiest to use solution we could find,” said Tealium CEO, Jeff Lunsford.

DefenseStorm works diligently to provide solutions and pricing tailored to the unique needs of banks and credit unions. Financial institutions will pay a single, asset-based, fee to affordably secure their entire network; something DefenseStorm feels strongly about.

“Our mission is to aggregate event data across all cybersecurity tools and business productivity applications for banks and credit unions, which can then be linked to controls and processes that allow security analysts to meet their intended security posture,” said Nazario. “It also allows executives to prove to their CEO, board and regulators that they are secure and compliant with evolving FFIEC cybersecurity requirements - all without having to pay extra to do so.”

A look at the new features reveals exciting news for security analysts, as the robust enhancements solve the universal problem of getting relevant alerts on potential security issues within the cloud infrastructure. Highlights include:

DefenseStorm Cloud watches and alerts on critical parts of your AWS cloud, like API access, configuration, applications and access management.

AWS CloudTrail events are complicated. To know what one should look for requires a complete and comprehensive list of events to monitor. The DefenseStorm platform ships with a standard Trigger Library that protects their customers; which includes the required and correct alerts right out of the box.

Office 365
With this new feature, customers can write alerts that warn a security analysts about Office 365 security events. Analysts will also be able to correlate Office 365 events with other events in their network - or other cloud services.

Customers can leverage all of DefenseStorm’s existing technologies; such as PatternScout, ThreatMatch and Alert Inbox, to detect and (when needed) remediate Indicators of Compromise (IOC’s) that stem from events received via Office 365.

The feature allows DefenseStorm to correlate OpenDNS logs to the rest of an organization’s network events; giving insight into what DefenseStorm customers' users are doing both when they are inside and outside of the the corporate network.

About DefenseStorm
DefenseStorm is a Security Data Platform that watches everything on your network and matches it to your policies, providing cybersecurity management that is safe, compliant and cost effective. Built from the ground up in the cloud, DefenseStorm unifies detection, investigation, reporting, and compliance into a single place to manage cybersecurity data. Formed by bankers and technology experts, DefenseStorm aggregates event data across all cybersecurity tools and links policies to real-time alerts, so that financial institutions can prove to regulators they are both secure and compliant with evolving FFIEC cybersecurity requirements. For more information please visit http://www.DefenseStorm.com.

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Voxox Cloud Phone Adds Two-Way Business Texting

Voxox, innovator in cloud communication solutions for businesses with the most comprehensive Unified Communications Platform as a Service, today announced that it has included two-way texting at no additional cost for all customers subscribed to Cloud Phone, the cloud-based virtual phone system for entrepreneurs and very small businesses. The paid subscription plans, which range from 1,000 to 5,000 minutes per month, will now also include between 1,000 to 5,000 free text messages per month, depending on the plan. Popular virtual PBX services typically do not include two-way texting within their monthly calling plans without extra charges or fees. The inclusion of free SMS for Cloud Phone customers is in line with Voxox's strategy to differentiate its services by providing the best business value.

"Two-way SMS has been our most requested feature for Cloud Phone with 60 percent of customers indicating in surveys their desire to add business texting to their accounts," said Bryan Hertz, CEO and co-founder of Voxox. "Not only did we add the feature but we also included it for free with all Cloud Phone calling plans, which is unorthodox in our space. Our goal with Cloud Phone is to disrupt the marketplace with innovative features and unique offers that empower micro-businesses."

Cloud Phone enables “micro-businesses” (businesses that operate on a very small scale), as well as individuals and small organizations seeking a business-grade telephone presence, to easily obtain local and toll free numbers that support up to 25 extensions and advanced call routing capabilities. With Cloud Phone, users can place and receive calls, manage call activity, access features such as voicemail transcription, call recording, device transfer, faxing, and much more -- all within a sleek, elegant design. No special equipment or advanced skills are necessary to use Cloud Phone. Once a Do It Yourself (DIY) set-up is completed online, all that a user needs is a calling device (e.g., mobile or landline phone) to which calls can be routed. The effortless user experience and set-up process, which can be completed in less than a minute, along with highly competitive global calling rates and exceptional call quality, are key differentiators as compared to alternative solutions.

Cloud Phone comes with a complementary mobile app for iOS and Android. The Cloud Phone mobile app leverages Voxox's new breakthrough VoIP codec, a technology used to encode and compress voice signals into digital form for transmission. This is particularly significant for small businesses with a disbursed or traveling workforce, as the codec dramatically improves voice quality in poor bandwidth settings, such as hotels, convention centers, rural locations, etc. To hear the dramatic difference visit, http://www.voxox.com/codecdemo.

Apart from two-way business texting available through Cloud Phone, Voxox also offers wholesale SMS services for text-enabling business communications through a web service API. More information available at http://www.voxox.com/business/sms.

To sign up for Cloud Phone, please visit http://www.cloudphone.com.

About Voxox
Voxox is an innovator in unified cloud communication solutions for businesses. The foundation of the company's offerings is its award-winning unified communications Platform as a Service, which enables the company and its customers to build powerful, scalable applications and services. For end-users, Voxox provides an extensive suite of carrier-grade business phone solutions, including its flagship business app, Cloud Phone, as well as SIP Trunking, hosted PBX, and a wide array of wholesale services, such as high volume SMS. For service provider partners, Voxox delivers cutting-edge mobile and desktop applications that integrate voice, video, messaging, fax, media sharing and more. Voxox is headquartered in San Diego. For more information, please visit http://www.voxox.com.

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React Mobile Releases API for Development of Wearable Emergency Alert Solutions

React Mobile, a leading personal safety platform with a range of safety products for the enterprise, today announced the release of the React Mobile API, providing the development community at large with access to React Mobile features and data. Using the new API, developers building wearables, apps and other platforms can leverage the React Mobile safety platform and add widespread SOS alerting capabilities to their products.

“Consumers everywhere want safety included in their devices,” said Robb Monkman, Founder and CEO of React Mobile. “Now mobile app developers and hardware designers can use our API to provide their users with the features and functionality of the React Mobile platform. We’ve already conducted a private beta of our API with the Amazon Echo and several wearables, so we’re excited so see how the development community at large integrates our technology with other apps, connected devices or platforms.”

React Mobile’s personal safety solution turns any smartphone into a powerful lifeline. The company has developed a mobile panic button, called The React Sidekick, that pairs with the React Mobile safety app via LE Bluetooth. With a single click of the Sidekick, users can activate the app and issue an SOS alert for immediate emergency assistance, even when their phone screen is locked or their phone is out of reach. The React Mobile safety app’s “Follow-Me” feature shares the user’s location with friends, family, administrators or colleagues, enabling them to track the user’s whereabouts in real-time and follow him or her to safety.

The company also recently released the React Dispatch Console, a software solution designed exclusively for companies, universities, or other professional organizations responsible for the safety of their employees or private community. The React Dispatch Console helps corporate security professionals quickly identify incidents, shorten response times, document events – and ensure the safety of everyone under their protection.

The React Dispatch Console combines alert management, computer aided dispatch, and incident reporting in one central application for improved situational awareness and faster response times. GPS-enabled maps allow safety personnel to visualize where incidents are occurring in real-time, enabling quicker response and greater visibility during critical events. Once incidents have been identified, responded to, and documented, the React Dispatch Console’s advanced analytics also help security professionals identify location-specific incident trends or patterns, strengthening preventive safety measures.

React Mobile provides fully-customized branding opportunities for businesses and institutions – including branded apps, Dispatch Console, and panic buttons with name, color, logo and user interface customizations.

For more information about the React Mobile API, visit: http://reactmobile.com/api-sign-up/

About React Mobile

React Mobile was established with the singular goal to help people in times of distress. The React Mobile safety system is the fastest way to reach a wide network of family and friends when it matters most. React Mobile’s products center around wide spread emergency alerting with GPS location sharing. From families to large universities, React Mobile’s products leverage technology to enhance the safety of students, employees, and loved ones.

React Mobile was the first to bring a panic button to market following a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014. Since then, the company has secured key national partners such as such as Take Back the Night and is a Featured Safety Provider in the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) REALTOR® Safety Program. React Mobile also has exclusive commercial contracts with Seattle University, Occidental College, Windermere Real Estate, BNSF Railway, Nortek Security and Control, Digistar (Asia), Qualico and many others.

The React Sidekick is available for $69.00 at Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Fingerhut.com, Zulily.com (during select events) and ReactMobile.com. Pricing and availability is subject to change.

Click the following link to watch a short video out how React Mobile is keeping people safe: https://vimeo.com/150820518

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PSA Group Partners with Masternaut to Provide Telematics to Fleets of Vehicles

The PSA Group (Paris: UG) and Masternaut have partnered to help businesses run safer, cleaner and more productive fleets. The partnership will see Masternaut Connect telematics platform more easily accessible to European Peugeot, Citroën, DS connected cars and light commercial vehicles from early 2017.

Customers will benefit from Masternaut’s next generation telematics services to optimise the cost per mile of their vehicle, boost productivity, improve driver safety and reduce the fleet’s carbon footprint.

Masternaut is one of the leading providers of fleet telematics and vehicle tracking services in Europe. Masternaut ’s services will be available for all PSA Group vehicles through the “Connect Fleet Management” program, using PSA Group telematics technology. Masternaut ’s services can also be used in fleets com prised of other automotive brands, using Masternaut ’s nonintrusive, patented CANBus telematics technology.

Data from all vehicles is fed back over the air in realtime to the Masternaut Connect online platform. Fleet managers can reduce the total cost of ownership of their fleet through the monitoring of fuel consumption, driver behaviour, emissions or geofencing in a consistent and effective way.

Dhruv Parekh, CEO of Masternaut, commented, “ Masternaut’s partnership with PSA will improve the customer experience and reduce barriers for telematics adoption. It gives our customers choice and reduces the hassle of deploying telematics. We are excited to work with PSA Group to increase the usage of telematics so we can help improve safety on the roads and the CO2 emissions in our communities.”

Brigitte Courtehoux, Head of the Connected Services and New Mobility Solutions business unit of PSA Group, commented, “the PSA Group wants to enable corporate customers to optimise their connected cars through the “Connect Fleet Management” program, and by working in association with Masternaut, we are providing a way for fleet managers to reduce their vehicle’s total cost of ownership. Our partnership allows PSA Group to offer market-leading services in Europe, which is a significant step in PSA Group’s strategy in mobility services.”

About PSA Group

With sales and revenue of €54 billion in 2015, the PSA Group designs unique automotive experiences and delivers mobility solutions that provide freedom and enjoyment to customers around the world.

The Group leverages the models from its three brands, Peugeot, Citroën and DS, as well as a wide array of mobility services, to meet the evolving needs and expectations of automobile users. PSA is the European leader in terms of CO2 emissions, with average emissions of 104.4 grams of CO2 per kilometre in 2015, and an early innovator in the field of autonomous and connected cars, with 1.8 million such vehicles worldwide. It is also involved in financing activities through Banque PSA Finance and in automotive equipment via Faurecia. Find out more at groupe-psa.com/en.

About Masternaut

Founded in 1996, Masternaut has over 10,000 customers across Europe, including the largest fleets in the UK and in France. Masternaut specialises in the development and delivery of telematics solutions that help customers achieve greater operational efficiencies by lowering vehicle fuel consumption, effectively tracking assets, increasing workforce productivity, reducing vehicle wear and tear, improving management of driver behaviour, and reducing CO2 emissions.

The Masternaut Connect platform is modular and fully customisable to allow customers to create a flexible fleet management package to suit business needs. The Connect platform is scalable, robust, and secure, and offers market-leading features and API integrations.

Masternaut continues to invest significantly in R&D, innovating to ensure customers can maximise the benefits from telematics.

For more information, please visit www.masternaut.com

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NYMBUS Acquires Sharp BancSystems, Inc.

NYMBUS, the world's first complete, full-stack, API-driven core processing platform, announced today the acquisition of Sharp BancSystems, Inc. (SBS), a Texas-based software provider founded in 1987. The transaction is the most significant for Nymbus to date, as it continues growing rapidly in expanding its capabilities, geographic footprint and client base nationwide. The company now owns $200 million of intellectual property, running software that has been tried and tested in publicly-traded financial institutions.

“SBS is a true pioneer in the industry, running a best-in-class organization with nearly three-decades of success,” said Alex Lopatine, Founder. “For that reason we’re thrilled to welcome them to the growing NYMBUS family, and fortify our position as the true leader in this new generation of core processing.”

For many years, SBS offered clients the most comprehensive integrated banking software solution available in the marketplace at extremely competitive pricing. The company provided client banks with a one-stop vendor for all their IT related needs, including all in-house functions such as Core, Item Processing, Online/Mobile, ATM/Debit Card Processing, Loan & Deposit Account Origination.

However, SBS management identified the need to rewrite and replace the back-end core system with something more nimble in 2014. When it became apparent that significant capital was required, a partnership strategy became an attractive option. In mid-2015 SBS and NYMBUS identified each other’s synergies, began discussions and closed the deal in early 2016.

“We’ve always put the customer first, and this partnership will render incredible results for our trusted clients. The functionality that allowed banks to be on the top performing list for all these years is being developed in the NYMBUS core today,” said Scott Sharp, Chief Operating Officer of Nymbus and formerly CEO and shareholder of SBS.

“There are inherent efficiencies built into the single stack application approach with a modern user experience, and there won’t be anything that can touch us in side-by-side comparisons in the very near future,” added Sharp.

“SBS brings unparalleled banking knowledge and NYMBUS had a platform for rapid application development. This is a perfect partnership in that each party has benefited and, most importantly, so will our valued clients,” added Scott Killoh, Chairman of the Board of NYMBUS.

For more information on how NYMBUS -- together with its partners -- is revolutionizing the community banking industry, visit www.nymbus.com.


NYMBUS provides the most modern and advanced core processing platform built to date. The NYMBUS solution is a secure, cloud-based, full-stack product that includes all of the mission-critical functions financial institutions need to build their businesses. NYMBUS' revolutionary platform enables financial institutions to effectively respond to today's digital revolution. NYMBUS provides financial institutions a holistic, pre-integrated solution that includes an entire core platform with all digital channels and payments to service their members.

Source: PBusinessWire

Inferscience Certified by Allscripts Developer Program for Clinical Decision Support

Inferscience, provider of point-of-care Clinical Decision Support solutions, announced today it has been certified by the Allscripts Developer Program (ADP) to integrate its Infera solution into Allscripts electronic health record (EHR) platform. The certified integration allows Allscripts practices to leverage EHR patient data in real time to provide evidence-based care recommendations. 

With the Infera solution, clinicians can:

  • Save valuable time looking up clinical recommendations
  • Make informed clinical decisions at the point of care
  • Provide optimum guideline and standards-based care
  • Improve patient outcomes

Infera enables clinicians to view recommendations on what to do for specific conditions based on a patient’s specific data at that point in time. With one click, an evidence-based recommendation is delivered to the provider in seconds during the patient’s encounter. Infera validates a clinician’s diagnosis or offers a new recommendation.

“We believe our solution will transform the doctor’s visit,” said Dr. Sunil Nihalani, CEO & Founder of Inferscience. “Our goal is to improve patient outcomes, not by inundating physicians with pop-ups and forms, but by providing physicians with timely, patient-specific actionable recommendations at the point of care. Our solution not only improves the patient-doctor experience; it improves clinical care.”
More information about ADP partners and certified solutions available to Allscripts clients can be found at https://store.allscripts.com. Developers are encouraged to create a free account at https://developer.allscripts.com for access to its Open API and to start building innovations for Allscripts users.

About Inferscience
Inferscience is a Clinical Decision Support company that provides clinicians with real-time, evidence-based clinical recommendations at the point of care. With medical errors representing the number three cause of death in America, clinicians need medical best practices on hand, with patients. Inferscience is committed to delivering evidence-based recommendations for patient care to clinicians at the point of care to optimize their time with patients and improve health outcomes.

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Hyperwallet Reveals Integrated Tax Compliance Services

Hyperwallet, a top global payout provider to the new economy, today announced the launch of its Tax Compliance Services, an initiative aimed at streamlining the tax process for on-demand and marketplace businesses utilizing 1099-classifed workers. The Hyperwallet payout platform will now provide integrated US tax form collection and verification, as well as annual 1099 form e-distribution, enabling clients to drastically reduce the administrative effort required for tax form collection and annual tax reporting.

“Remaining compliant with the tax requirements of a 1099 workforce is no small task,” said Brent Warrington, Hyperwallet’s CEO. “We believe that our tax features are an important next step in providing a truly comprehensive payout solution for drivers, taskers, developers—and for the companies that pay them.”

Hyperwallet’s Tax Compliance Services provide a simple and convenient way for clients to integrate the collection and verification of W-9 and W-8BEN tax forms directly into their existing payout processes. Utilizing Hyperwallet’s embedded tax widget, clients can mandate that payees are required to complete the necessary tax forms before allowing payouts, or can implement graduated verification wherein payees are only prompted to complete their tax documents once they have received payments exceeding the reporting threshold established by the Internal Revenue Service. All taxpayer information is verified against the IRS database to ensure its validity.

Hyperwallet distributes digital copies of payee tax forms—W-9, W-8BEN, 1099-MISC, 1099-K—eliminating the need for slow and costly physical distribution. Tax documents are also hosted in the payees’ web-based payout portals, allowing for easy retrieval in the future. Clients can seamlessly export all tax information required for reporting purposes, or can implement Hyperwallet’s end-to-end solution and delegate reporting to the platform’s third-party tax partners.

The announcement signals Hyperwallet’s ongoing commitment to resolving the supply-side payout issues faced by on-demand and ecommerce platforms. Just last month, Hyperwallet revealed its expanded developer features and functionality, which included new software development kits (SDKs), additional API calls, and a bolstered self-serve developer portal.

About Hyperwallet
Hyperwallet is payout platform that provides growing organizations with a frictionless, transparent, and reliable way to manage payments and enhance the payee’s experience anywhere in the world. Trusted by enterprise, ecommerce, and on-demand platforms, Hyperwallet’s advanced payment architecture unifies fragmented financial infrastructure in a singular environment. Put your payees in control of their earnings with enhanced financial management tools, integrated payment tracking technology, and payment choice. Hyperwallet has offices in San Francisco, Austin, and Vancouver. You can learn more at http://hyperwallet.com.

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Exodus, the Cryptocurrency Wallet, Integrates ShapeShift

ShapeShift.io, an instant digital asset exchange for Bitcoin and other blockchain tokens, is pleased to announce a new API integration partnership with multi-asset desktop wallet Exodus. The API integration allows Exodus wallet users to quickly and securely convert between blockchain assets without leaving the application or sending coins to an exchange.

Exodus and ShapeShift AG have been working behind the scenes since late 2015 to create a seamless asset exchange experience directly inside the Exodus wallet application. Going forward, Exodus will be working in parallel with the ShapeShift team to innovate on new services and future upgrades.

“We could not be more excited to announce our partnership with ShapeShift,” said Daniel Castagnoli, Exodus chief creative officer. “Erik and his team understand the overall customer experience, design, marketing and support. The ShapeShift integration inside Exodus is just the beginning of what we can now do together.”

Exodus currently supports Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ether, with more to come.

"Exodus has to be the most beautiful cryptocurrency wallet ever made,” said ShapeShift CEO and Founder Erik Voorhees, “It's one of those products you try once and instantly see the magic."

Outside of its API offering, ShapeShift offers a intuitive, user-friendly website for direct blockchain asset exchange. For businesses interested in learning more about ShapeShift API integrations, please contact emily(at)shapeshift(dot)io.

See how seamless exchanging digital assets with Exodus can be by watching this short demo video.

Full disclosure: Erik Voorhees and ShapeShift AG are shareholders in Exodus.

About ShapeShift.io
Swiss-based ShapeShift AG has pioneered the fastest exchange for blockchain assets, with industry-leading consumer protection features. From start to finish users can convert digital assets in seconds, with no account required. No emails or passwords. No lengthy sign­up process. No accounts. No bid and ask orders. No friction. See more at: http://www.ShapeShift.io

About Exodus
Exodus is a friendly, all-in-one application, to secure, manage and exchange blockchain assets. In the past, to gain exposure to blockchain assets, investors had to learn about exchanges, private keys, backup seeds, mining fees, cold storage, hot wallets, and more. Exodus simplifies this process to give digital asset investors an easy, safe and private way to secure and manage a diversified portfolio of blockchain assets. Exodus is the only desktop wallet that allows you to hold 5 of the top blockchain assets simultaneously - with more coming soon. Learn more: http://www.exodus.io

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BlazeMeter Contributes Latest Developments to the JMeter Ecosystem

BlazeMeter, the leader in open source-based continuous performance testing, today released a number of key contributions to the JMeter community, helping to advance JMeter from a scripting and load generation tool to a more complete environment where practitioners can develop, debug and execute tests.

Leading the list is the BlazeMeter Step-by-Step Debugger, which simplifies and expedites script development in JMeter 3.0 by allowing testers to debug scripts step-by-step and receive updates in real time. Testers can also skip over the step-by-step approach by setting breakpoints and running scripts until that breakpoint is reached. Now JMeter users can easily pinpoint precisely where the components are executed, understand how JMeter scoping works and, for the first time ever, view the execution order of the test plan. The debugger provides testers with a professional-grade tool to speed design and troubleshooting of sophisticated tests. A detailed guide on how to install and use the debugger is available on the BlazeMeter blog.

Additionally, a new Keyboard Shortcuts feature dramatically speeds scripting with an entirely new way to drop components into the test plan. Instead of manually inspecting menus to find components, JMeter users can select the command key with another predefined key, enabling them to build entire test plans with a series of keystrokes. As a core JMeter feature, Keyboard Shortcuts is available to all users by default when they install JMeter 3.0. For a demo of this and other helpful new features in JMeter 3.0, view our recent webcast: What's New in JMeter 3.0 and Q&A.

BlazeMeter’s Chief Scientist Andrey Pokhilko also released the Plugins Manager --- a faster and easier way to work with JMeter Plugins. Historically, installing and removing plugins by downloading file bundles was a complex and manual process that often resulted in menus cluttered with extra plugins. The Plugins Manager eliminates these issues by enabling JMeter users to install and remove plugins through one simple user interface.

“We’re always looking to develop new features that support the core JMeter community,” said Pokhilko. “We’ve heard from developers that several common functionalities could be improved, so we worked on capabilities that make for an easier and more productive experience with JMeter.”

“The BlazeMeter Step-by-Step Debugger adds professional-grade power to test development and speeds onboarding of developers and seasoned test practitioners to JMeter,” said Dave Karow, Director of Product Marketing at BlazeMeter. “Andrey’s Plugins Manager reduces complexity and the Keyboard Shortcut feature enables power users to create test plans in the blink of an eye. These features come directly from our engagement with hundreds of enterprise customers who want to move faster and more confidently with JMeter as they distribute responsibility for performance testing out to agile teams, closer to where development occurs.”

BlazeMeter’s open source initiatives extend beyond the scope of its JMeter contributions. The company continues to support and enhance the open source project Taurus, which offers an automation friendly framework for continuous testing using JMeter and other leading open source tools.

At Velocity Santa Clara 2016, Pokhilko will reveal how Taurus can bring load testing up a level by adding a consistent layer of automation and a wider scope of functionality to existing open source tools. Specifically, he will be presenting ‘Take Your Load Testing Up a Notch With Open Source Tools’ at 2:10 p.m. on Thursday, June 23. For more details, click on the link here.

About BlazeMeter
BlazeMeter ensures delivery of high-performance software by enabling DevOps teams to quickly and easily run open-source based performance tests against any mobile app, website or API at massive scale to validate performance at every stage of software delivery. The rapidly growing BlazeMeter community has over 100,000 developers and includes prominent global brands such as Adobe, Atlassian, Gap, NBC Universal, Pfizer and Walmart as customers. Founded in 2011, the company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California with Research & Development in Tel Aviv, Israel.

For more information, create a free account at w#mce_temp_url#ww.blazemeter.com, visit our blog or find us on Twitter @BlazeMeter and on LinkedIn.

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Axway and Partners Look to Speed Up DevOps Adoption


Axway (Euronext: AXW.PA), a market leader in digital business enablement, has extended its API Management suite to help organizations rethink traditional IT processes and rapidly introduce new digital services. The new Axway API Management Plus solution simplifies management and enhances security across the full API lifecycle. It enables developers, IT security professionals and enterprise architects to quickly and efficiently take advantage of DevOps best practices, master API development and build microservices with built-in policy enforcement.

Organizations across the world are faced with a perfect storm of business and technological change as digital technologies are increasingly woven throughout every facet of society. To help organizations achieve the agility and efficiency needed to be successful in this new digital reality, Axway has introduced Axway API Management Plus to enable customers to capitalize on the latest developments in DevOps and microservices.

Axway API Management Plus provides an all-in-one solution that drives speed and efficiency across the full API lifecycle from creation and management to consumption and analytics. It is the result of the integration of the Axway API Management solution with Arrow, part of Axway’s acquisition of Appcelerator in January, expanding Axway’s ecosystem to more than 880,000 developers globally. Supported by digital conferences like Axway Spark 2016 on November 3, Axway collaborates closely with technology and services partners to help enterprises get up to speed quickly as they embrace new approaches to people, process and technology

“Now more than ever before, organizations have first-hand proof how disruptive innovation can be for their traditional business models. Yet, they have been slow to transform rigid architectures and development processes to meet rapidly shifting user expectations,” said Jeanine Banks, executive vice president, global products and solutions, Axway. “By using Axway API Management Plus to wire up the complete API lifecycle and leveraging the combined strength of our partners, API development teams can take advantage of DevOps best practices and services to collaborate on projects. Now, they can shrink release cycles from months down to weeks or even days, improving both agility and quality.”

Axway API Management Plus allows teams to work in parallel on API policies and to quickly build APIs and Microservices, supporting massive scale in an elastic Node.js based environment. Embracing this approach speeds up delivery of complete OAuth and OpenID connect coverage, decreases time-to-market and multiplies the number of deployments while drastically reducing the risk of error. In addition, Axway API Management Plus enables customers to securely manage the full digital experience through robust capabilities that span cloud, on premises, or hybrid IT environments.

“Automating API deliveries in a cloud agnostic and scalable way, including the ability to customize shipped Cookbooks, is the new foundation for a DevOps-ready solution which will significantly improve time to market for digital innovation,” said Ken Cheney, vice president of business development, Chef. “We are excited that Axway selected Chef as the foundation to deliver these capabilities.”

“Embracing best practices and adopting a DevOps model allows organizations to reach the next level of velocity and quality in their API lifecycle,” said Divakar Tantravahi, Chief Executive Officer, Innominds Software Inc., an Axway System Integration partner. “The Axway API management solution offers adopters the right transition to reach the next level of maturity required by digital initiatives at an enterprise scale, and Innominds accelerates the API adoption for enterprises.”

To learn more about Axway API Management Plus, click here.

To learn more and register for Axway’s premiere, live, and virtual on-demand conference, Spark 2016, click here.

Follow @Axway: #APIFirst #Digital Business #RoadtoDigital

About Axway

Axway (Euronext: AXW.PA) empowers more than 11,000 customers worldwide to collaborate smarter, innovate faster and engage better with their partners, developers and customers. From integration technology that securely connects people, processes and things to an engagement platform that enables API management, identity management, mobile app development and analytics, Axway solutions are enabling digital business. Axway is registered in France with headquarters in the United States. More information is available at: www.axway.com


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Automic Introduces V12 to Drive Operational DevOps

Automic Software, the leader in Business Automation, today announced Automic V12, a unified suite of business automation products for driving agility across Enterprise Operations and empowering DevOps initiatives:

  • V12 allows agents to auto-update with zero business impact
  • V12 removes maintenance windows
  • V12 makes managing core business applications agile
  • V12 drives intelligent insights across automation silos

Agile IT Operations Integral to Driving Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is driving the need for agility and speed across organizations of all sizes. DevOps has emerged as a response to fast development of customer facing apps for both web and mobile. Alongside these, enterprises are left grappling with complex, enterprise systems while being told to ‘rip and replace’ these backend systems and move them to the cloud.

As a result, traditional enterprises are under tremendous pressure. Automic V12 was built to address these needs and assist IT operations teams in their digital transformation by driving agility across their core business applications, and empowering their DevOps initiatives.

“As enterprises embrace digital transformation, they are being asked to “rip & replace” their core business applications into the cloud,” said Todd DeLaughter, CEO of Automic Software. “We believe you don’t have to throw out all your battle-tested operational know-how in order to increase speed and agility. Automic V12 has been designed for the hybrid enterprise to drive agility across operations, while empowering new DevOps initiatives”.

The Automic V12 Unified Product Portfolio:

Automic V12 comprises three unified products that are built on the industry’s most open and scalable business automation platform:

  • Automic Workload Automation V12, to centrally create, manage and monitor business processing across your hybrid clouds.
  • Automic Release Automation V12, to coordinate application release and deployment for core business applications and DevOps initiatives across your hybrid clouds.
  • Automic Service Orchestration V12, to orchestrate automation services across the business, application and infrastructure layers of your hybrid clouds.

Automic V12 Drives Agility and Empowers DevOps:

Automic V12 introduces new capabilities that help drive agility across enterprise IT, while empowering their DevOps initiatives:

1. NEW: Intelligent Auto-Updating of Agents and Removal of Maintenance Windows

Automic V12 ushers in an era of zero-downtime upgrading for operational IT.

  • Automic’s new agents auto-update with zero business impact by intelligently determining when to upgrade based on their workload and operational schedule.
  • Maintenance Windows are now a thing of the past for Automic software. With V12, our customers now benefit from zero-downtime upgrades when deploying new server or agents.
  • Automic V12 enables our customers to achieve zero-downtime upgrades by embracing our unique blueprint for continuous delivery of their own core business applications.

2. NEW: Driving Agility Across Core Business Applications

Automic V12 allows operational IT to upgrade, deploy and manage core business applications at will, with zero downtime upgrades.

  • Automic’s new Environment Blueprint Provisioning enables users to encapsulate their application deployment plans and models, without changes, to include the required stack template. Now enterprise IT can provide on-demand working application environments at the click of a button
  • Zero-downtime updates and deployments are made possible through the unique blueprint to continuous delivery. Blue-green, canary and hot swap strategies for deployments are all supported through automating the entire application stack.

3. NEW: Intelligent Insights Across Automation Silos

Today, organizations are leveraging disparate tools to automate different silos across their enterprise environment – from ERP systems, to Datawarehousing, Big Data and the cloud. Automic V12 provides a completely new unified interface, together with unified analytics and SLA management to provide enterprise Operations with intelligent insights across their various automation silos.

  • With Automic’s new unified interface, customers can now utilise the same learnings and user interface across their workload automation, release automation and service orchestration – from mainframe to open systems and the cloud.
  • With Automic’s new unified reporting and analytics, customers can now drive intelligent insights across all their disparate automation needs.
  • With Automic’s new SLA management, customers can now define and manage SLA’s to intelligently streamline business workflows. Users can now define deadlines for each task, monitor execution deviations, notify and automate actions on violations from the SLA and analyze and predict future violations.

4. NEW: Automation Centers of Excellence

Automic V12 is designed to empower IT operational teams to drive intelligent automation across their enterprises. The unified interface, reporting and analytics help drive down TCO and re-use skills across different islands of automation. The sharing of automation artifacts is now made possible through the new, secure private vaults within the Automic Marketplace. Now, IT Operations have the tools they need to empower their business.

Availability and Pricing:

Automic Workload Automation V12, Automic Release Automation V12 and Automic Service Orchestration V12 are immediately available for general shipment. All plugins are immediately available on the Automic Marketplace. Pricing is on demand for non-Automic customers.

About Automic

Automic, the leader in business automation, helps enterprises drive competitive advantage by automating their IT and business systems - from on-premise to the Cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things. With offices worldwide, Automic powers over 2,700 customers including Bosch, Netflix, eBay, AMC Theatres, Carphone Warehouse, ExxonMobil, Vodafone, Société Générale, NHS SBS, General Electric and Swisscom. More information can be found at www.automic.com.

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360pi Launches 360price on THINK Marketing

360pi today announced the availability of 360price on THINK Marketing, a new one-stop destination for marketers to gain knowledge, learn skills and ultimately drive a digital transformation within their business. Starting today, companies can access, try and learn more about 360pi’s real-time retail pricing and product intelligence.

360price delivers online retail intelligence including pricing, availability, regional, and shipping information for exact matched products and “like” items. The availability of 360price on THINK Marketing takes advantage of 360pi’s real-time API to deliver this retail intelligence on-demand within the IBM ecosystem.

Designed to help Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) and their teams build proficiency and experience, THINK Marketing delivers news and thought leadership content from the industry's top marketing influencers and news outlets. The news content links to learning materials, demonstrations, and trials from a variety of vendors around topics such as campaign management, digital marketing and analytics. Through these assets, marketers can gain a deeper knowledge and, when ready, match their needs with solutions from IBM and more than 60 marketing technology companies from around the globe.

"Being part of THINK Marketing expands our addressable reach from merchandising and pricing teams within enterprise retailers to include their marketing counterparts,” said Jenn Markey, 360pi’s VP of Marketing. “Retail marketers play a critical role in promotional decisions and execution, so having access to competitive pricing and product intelligence on demand is sure to increase promotion effectiveness and overall ROI on marketing spend.”

“Marketers face an overwhelming number of solutions and opinions on what’s the right path to business success,” said Maria Winans, CMO, IBM Commerce. “With THINK Marketing, IBM and partners such as 360pi will deliver the education, opinions and solutions to support this digital marketing transformation.”

About 360pi
360pi derives profitable insights from product and pricing big data to help leading omnichannel retailers, etailers, and brand manufacturers compete and win with shoppers. 360pi’s customer base accounts for over $US200 billion in annual product sales and includes Ace Hardware, Build.com, and Overstock.com, along with several Fortune 500 consumer products companies. With the majority of in-store purchases being influenced online, 360pi helps retailers and brands successfully navigate the multi-channel landscape with real-time insight into who is selling what, where, when, why and for how much. Ultimately, 360pi customers make smarter decisions faster to drive increased revenues and margins across all channels.

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Yellowfin releases new Twitter dashboard that can analyze competitor data

Yellowfin’s Twitter Connector will ship with a range of pre-built dashboards and reports, enabling users to gain instant insight into their Twitter activities in order to optimize campaigns and even analyze the Twitter strategies of competitors. With pre-built Twitter dashboards, users can begin analysis within a few clicks, customize their analytics experience by building their own reports, and even incorporate existing business data.

For details on Yellowfin’s Twitter Connector, simply visit the Yellowfin Marketplace: http://www.yellowfinbi.com/YFWebsite-Marketplace-77991

“Yellowfin’s Twitter Connector empowers users to easily analyze their own, as well as competitor Twitter data, via intuitive visualizations and dashboards,” said Yellowfin Global Marketing Director, Daniel Shaw-Dennis. “Not only can users perform more comprehensive competition analysis by monitoring attributes like brand mentions and hashtags, they can also improve their own engagement strategies, or assess how larger campaigns drove online conversations.”

Yellowfin’s Twitter Connector lets users analyze and directly compare key performance metrics, such as tweet and engagement frequency over time, as well as conduct in-depth content analysis to ascertain the successful elements of a tweet, including word count, character and image inclusions and even mentions. What’s more, the connector enables users to gain insight about which influencers had reached out to them and when.

“Social Media Intelligence [SMI] is quickly becoming a buzzword in the spheres of market research and BI,” said Shaw-Dennis. “Businesses use SMI to listen to social media and can gain insights.

“With Yellowfin’s Twitter Connector we realized that social media listening was important, but we also wanted to enable users to combine Twitter data with existing internal business data to deliver greater insights,” said Shaw-Dennis. “By adding social media data to existing data, it is possible to identify new campaign related trends and opportunities.”    

In the lead-up to the US elections, Yellowfin was able to use its Twitter Connector to analyze the Twitter activity between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Yellowfin’s analysis found Trump’s self-promotion on Twitter was much higher than Clinton’s, mentioning his own Twitter handle three times more often than Hillary. The results and analysis are available HERE: http://www.yellowfinbi.com/YFCommunityNews-Marketing-analytics-assesses-the-Trump-vs-Clinton-battle-for-the-Twitterverse-239242

Using its Twitter Connector, Yellowfin compiled a guideline around how to produce a statistically perfect tweet based on post time, word count, hashtags and images. The link to the article is HERE: http://www.yellowfinbi.com/YFCommunityNews-Data-visualization-uncovers-that-short-and-sweet-makes-a-good-Tweet-238948

Yellowfin introduced its open connector framework – enabling users to connect to, visualize and act on data from any third-party Web-based application – as part of the launch of Yellowfin 7.2 in March this year. Yellowfin users can also access a range of pre-built connectors for popular third-party applications, which ship with pre-built reports and dashboards, from the Yellowfin Marketplace: http://www.yellowfinbi.com/YFWebsite-Marketplace-77991

Yellowfin will continue to develop its library of third-party API connectors, making them available on the Yellowfin Marketplace, over time.

About Yellowfin
Yellowfin is a global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor passionate about making BI easy. Founded in 2003 in response to the complexity and costs associated with implementing and using traditional BI tools, Yellowfin is a highly intuitive 100 percent Web-based reporting and analytics solution. Yellowfin is a leader in mobile, collaborative and embedded BI, as well as Location Intelligence and data visualization.

Over 10,000 organizations, and more than 2 million end-users across 70 different countries, use Yellowfin every day. For more information, visit http://www.yellowfinbi.com

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WillowTree Named A Google Developers Certified Agency

WillowTree, a leading mobile strategy, UX design, and app development company, announced today that it has been named a Google Developers Certified Agency. As one of the first agencies in the US to earn the certification, WillowTree joins an exclusive group of elite firms to receive this designation.

To become a Google Developers Certified Agency, agencies must undergo the required training and demonstrate a history of world-class Android application development. Google’s program not only enables WillowTree developers early access to upcoming Google developer products and APIs, it also provides the mobile company personalized training and priority support from Google.

“We’re excited about the opportunities this certification brings,” said Tobias Dengel, CEO of WillowTree. “While we’ve always stayed on the cutting-edge of Android application development, this recognition reaffirms to our clients that we will continue to incorporate the latest and greatest innovations and products in their apps. We also look forward to the benefits that receiving priority support from Google’s product and developer relations teams will bring our team and, more importantly, our clients.”

According to the Google Developers Blog, “The Agency Program hopes that doing so [launching the certification program] would make it easier for clients who’re looking to hire an agency to make an informed decision while also pushing the entire development agency ecosystem to improve.”

To see the complete list of certified agencies, visit https://developers.google.com/agency/directory/

About WillowTree
WillowTree, Inc. is a mobile strategy, UX design, and app development company whose focus is to bridge the highest level of consumer user experience with enterprise-grade deployments and security. WillowTree is an industry leader in field solutions, media delivery, loyalty programs and payments, and connected devices. We work with companies such as GE, Johnson & Johnson, Time Warner, AOL, American Express, and Harvard Business Publishing who trust WillowTree to guide and execute their mobile initiatives. Learn how WillowTree can help your business by visiting willowtreeapps.com. We Take Mobile Personally™

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Wayfair Opens 3D Model API to Developer Community

Wayfair Inc. (NYSE:W), one of the world’s largest online destinations for home furnishings and décor, today announced the launch of its first-party 3D Model API. Developed by Wayfair Next, the company’s in-house research and development team, the platform enables access to more than 10,000 3D furniture and décor models, allowing developers to integrate more realistic content into their applications. The announcement marks the first API launch for Wayfair since the company was founded in 2002.

“Technology innovation is deeply engrained in Wayfair’s culture,” said Steve Conine, co-founder and co-chairman, Wayfair. “Through our team’s dedicated efforts to expand our 3D model library to encompass thousands of products, we now have one of the largest 3D selections of any home décor company. We are excited to be first to market with our world-class 3D model API for home furnishings, and look forward to seeing future developments that stretch beyond the home space.”

Leveraging technology developed in house, Wayfair has built an extensive 3D model library to fuel its ongoing innovation in photographic rendering, virtual and augmented reality. WayfairView and Patio Playground, launched in June and August of this year, utilize Wayfair’s 3D models to create an elevated shopping experience for their consumers.

“At Wayfair, we never stop innovating as we continue to transform the way people shop for their homes,” added Steve Conine. “With the launch of our 3D model API, we are enabling people to visualize furnishings and décor in their homes in a way that was never possible before. Whether harnessing the technology to help real estate developers better envision the interior design of a new building, or for a video game integration to add an extra level of authenticity to the player experience, we are excited to explore what’s next with our API launch.”

To gain access to the API, interested developers should contact Wayfair. Once approved, they will be given an individual key to unlock access to the API.

About Wayfair
Wayfair Inc. offers an extensive selection of home furnishings and décor across all styles and price points. The Wayfair family of brands includes:

  • Wayfair, an online destination for all things home
  • Joss & Main, where beautiful furniture and finds meet irresistible savings
  • AllModern, a go-to online source making modern design more accessible
  • DwellStudio, a design house with a decidedly modern vibe
  • Birch Lane, a collection of classic furnishings and timeless home décor

Wayfair is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with operations throughout North America and Europe.

Source: BusinessWire

PowWow Mobile Collaborates with VMware to Accelerate Mobile App Development

PowWow Mobile, the leading enterprise mobility platform that allows companies to deliver powerful, modern native mobile apps quickly, simply and economically, today announced at Connect Atlanta 2016 that it is collaborating with VMware to accelerate enterprise mobile app development and management. Together, PowWow Mobile and VMware will offer enterprises the ability to create and deploy secure apps for mobile users with unmatched speed, simplicity and economy.

“The consumerization of mobility within the enterprise is re-defining business operations and processes like never before, and IT and line of business need tools to meet these challenges”, said Gregory Lehrer, director of Technology Alliances VMware. “The collaboration between PowWow Mobile and VMware simplifies how organizations design, build and deploy their mission critical mobile apps, and VMware is thrilled that a leading enterprise mobility platform such as PowWow Mobile is helping us to drive this initiative.”

The PowWow Mobile solution is based upon revolutionary technology that is disrupting the speed, complexity and economics commonly associated with delivering productivity enhancing apps to an increasingly mobile-first workforce. The PowWow SmartUX Platform accelerates mobile app development by transforming existing Windows and web applications and workflows into modern mobile experiences or; by creating net new apps that connect to any third-party data source, API or SQL. With PowWow Mobile, users can easily design and deploy personalized, intelligent and secure apps that run anywhere, on any device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone or watch) and any OS (iOS, Android, Windows 10, or HTML5).

“Mobilizing core business processes is key to enabling a productive workforce,“ said PowWow Mobile CEO, Kia Behnia. “However, the vast majority of companies have yet to deploy meaningful enterprise apps beyond email, calendar and contacts due to the time, cost and complexity of traditional enterprise mobile app development. Enterprises can leverage the PowWow Mobile SmartUX Platform to deliver apps that transcend mobile device families and form factors in weeks, without changes to existing applications and infrastructure, and a total cost of ownership that is unparalleled in the industry. In collaboration with VMware companies can also simplify the management and security of mobile apps to increase productivity and drive business growth unlike ever before.”

PowWow Mobile Joins The AppConfig Community
PowWow Mobile also announced today that it has become the newest member of the AppConfig Community, an organization comprised of industry leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution providers and app developers with the mission to deliver the first standard approach to enterprise mobile app configuration and management. By leveraging the extensive app security and configuration frameworks that are available in an operating system (OS), AppConfig allows IT to easily configure and manage complex enterprise apps. AppConfig also provides end users with instant app access without requiring cumbersome setup flows or user credentials.

About PowWow Mobile
PowWow Mobile allows enterprises to transform business applications into modern, mobile app experiences. PowWow Mobile eliminates business-IT friction as enterprises seek competitive advantage and increased productivity through mobile for today’s digital workplace. SmartUX Platform accelerates enterprise application transformation by creating new, native mobile apps from any web or Windows app, quickly without sacrificing quality, and at a lower cost than custom solutions or other tools. PowWow Mobile works with customers across industries, including financial services, healthcare, telecom, software, consulting and public sector. PowWow Mobile is based in San Francisco. Learn more at http://www.powwowmobile.com

Source: PRWeb

New Xactly Integration With Salesforce Helps Customers Strike Sales Lightning

Xactly, (NYSE:XTLY), a leading provider of cloud-based incentive solutions, today announced pre-built integrations with Salesforce through the Xactly Connect™ Open Platform. Enabling a seamless flow of data and extending functionality between Salesforce and Xactly, customers can get the intelligence they need to power better selling.

“Combining these solutions makes sales teams more efficient and effective,” said Ron Rasmussen, CTO and SVP of Engineering, Xactly Corporation. “By empowering customers to connect information and processes in their Salesforce ecosystem, they can get a better view of how to structure deals, serve customers, motivate reps and drive performance.”

For instance, through the integration, Salesforce customers can place the Xactly Incentive Estimator, a Salesforce Lightning component, directly into their Salesforce dashboard to run “what-if” scenarios on deals. This allows reps to model how every change in a deal structure impacts their compensation while enabling the company to encourage selling behavior that is in-line with corporate objectives.

Similarly, Salesforce Wave Analytics users can pull in essential information from Xactly, analyze it and deliver insights via custom reports. This provides stakeholders a holistic view of sales performance – from the initial point of contact, through to the commission payment.

In addition, users can automatically load critical data directly from Salesforce into their Xactly IncentTM software to gain an immediate, accurate picture of their sales environment. For example, sales hierarchy data is essential when granting information access, as well as structuring compensation payments. However, it’s also data that quickly changes and becomes outdated. With the Xactly Connect integration, customers can pull this data, as well as opportunity information and orders, from Salesforce into Xactly Incent as frequently as they desire.

These are early examples of how the Xactly Connect Open Platform can link Salesforce data with other Xactly services to achieve more effective selling, shorter cycle times and improved rep engagement. For more information, visit: https://www.xactlycorp.com/connect.

The announcement was made today at Dreamforce, the world’s largest cloud event. Attendees can visit Gold-sponsor Xactly in Moscone South, booth #1719 to see the power of these integrations in action.

Salesforce and others are among the trademarks of Salesforce.com, Inc.


About Xactly

Xactly is a leading provider of enterprise-class, cloud-based, incentive compensation solutions for employee and sales performance management. We address a critical business need: To incentivize employees and align their behaviors with company goals. Our products allow organizations to make more strategic decisions, increase employee performance, improve margins, and mitigate risk. Our core values are key to our success, and each day we’re committed to upholding them by delivering the best we can to our customers.

Source: BusinessWire