Paragon Application Systems Extends Capabilities of Web FASTest

Paragon Application Systems, the leading independent testing services provider for the financial services industry, today announced the latest version of its Web FASTest solution. These enhancements expand the automation and configurability of the product, allowing financial services companies to test more code in less time. Organizations using the solution reduce overhead associated with desktop testing and can optimize the skills of their available resources.

The secure, cloud-based solution, introduced one year ago, was built to accommodate the increased complexity and risk that financial services providers are facing in their mission to future-proof their payments systems. Web FASTest provides a testing platform for simulation and validation for ISO based payments schemes as well as next generation transactions. With the latest release of Web FASTest, organizations may quickly adapt to rapidly changing API standards as they implement new digital payments strategies, while ensuring the integrity of their core payments systems.

Web FASTest allows a test engineer to build functional tests and execute them through a secure performance test engine. This provides real-time updates that automatically configure each connection, further enhancing efficiencies. The APIs used in the solution eliminate the time and hassle of exhaustive manual searches. Users can also automatically customize test cards, empowering them to better tailor Web FASTest for their organization’s unique needs.

Users can choose to deploy Web FASTest in a multi-tenant test cloud environment, providing the flexibility of on-demand testing across multiple sites for multiple users. This testing as a service (TaaS) offering delivers a continuously updated platform with access to numerous financial message formats, giving users the freedom to securely test whenever and where is most convenient. The solution can also be deployed onsite for those organizations who have testing needs that are continuous.

“As new payment methods and avenues are added by the day and the overall payments infrastructure becomes increasingly complex and sophisticated, our testing methods must concurrently evolve to ensure the end customer can consistently and reliably complete secure, successful transactions,” said Jim Perry, CEO of Paragon. “With the latest enhancements to Web FASTest, we deliver more automation, customization and options than ever before. Now, users have the power to use the solution in a way that makes the most sense for their organizations’ specific use cases and business structures, reducing overhead and increasing quality.”

Additional enhancements in the recent release include:

Advancements to Web FASTest represent Paragon’s latest efforts to revolutionize payments testing. For more than 20 years, the company has provided software testing solutions to the world’s leading financial services brands, including the top six global card brands, the top 50 merchant acquirers, the top 10 payment processors, the top 50 retailers and the top 300 banks in the world.

About Paragon
Paragon Application Systems is the leading independent provider of simulation, configuration, certification and end-to-end testing solutions for the financial services industry. Paragon enables more than 600 financial institutions, major interchanges, software providers and payment processors across 90 countries to improve their quality and reduce time to market. The company’s software and services empower financial services organizations to deliver the services their customers need when they need them. Visit www.paragonedge.com for more information, and follow our blog at www.testingrevolution.com/blog.

Source: BusinessWire