Capriza, a leader in enterprise mobility for business applications, today announced its latest release, Falcon, introducing the industry’s first set of Universal Micro Apps designed to reduce the time it takes organizations to deliver value through enterprise mobility. As opposed to siloed approaches, Capriza’s pre-built micro apps uniquely work across widely-varied business applications, simplifying and accelerating high valueprocesses.

Falcon was inspired by the challenges businesses face in identifying where to apply mobility to achieve the fastest time to value, how to leverage their enormous investments in business applications that were not designed for the modern mobile workplace, and the knowledge gap most organizations face in creating user-centric mobile experiences. Furthermore, Gartner has predicted that, "Through 2017, the market capacity for mobile application development services will grow at least five times faster than internal IT organization capacity to deliver them.”1

Falcon’s Universal Micro Apps enable organizations to overcome these obstacles by embedding best practices developed with Capriza’senterprise customers, spanning over 30 industries and 500,000 users. These pre-built micro apps provide immediate impact and business value across multiple line segments and can be quickly attached to any web-based business application.

Typical businesses operate via hundreds of processes that happen on any given day. Friction in those processes can compound, impacting business agility. While many are fundamental and necessary for governance and compliance, they can be a significant contributor to operational drag.

Universal Micro Apps are initially available for a wide range of common approvals processes, including purchase orders, requisitions, invoices, expenses, and time-off. The new micro apps simplify, mobilize, and accelerate these approval processes so that employees can purchase goods or services to keep the business running, or invoice customers faster to accelerate time-to-cash.

“We have hundreds of managers working at remote sites who need to approve purchase orders for materials to keep our projects moving. In one month alone, a district manager spent over 33 hours approving 800 POs,” said Kent Lyon, Vice President, Finance for RPC, a leading oilfield services company. “The accumulative impact of approvals across the entire organization takes a major toll on our productivity, creating significant operational drag. With Capriza, we’ve been able to eliminate that burden and reduce approval cycle times by more than 75 percent. From a compliance standpoint, this ensures peace of mind, while providing a quick and consistent mobile user experience.”

Key capabilities of Universal Micro Apps include:

“Pre-built micro apps from Capriza can help companies deploy more quickly, without ‘reinventing the wheel’ in terms of user experience,” said Brennan Sullivan, CIO at Allscripts. “Rather than spending cycles trying to design mobile apps, my team can focus on what we know best: our employees’ needs, our processes in Oracle EBS,, and others, and how to use Capriza to deliver a user-centric experience to connect them for maximum business impact.”

Falcon’s Universal Micro Apps are generally available today. Visit to learn more.

About Capriza
Capriza mobile-enables your core applications to make it easy to do business inside and outside your organization. Capriza’s enterprise mobility platform empowers IT and business units to mobile-enable critical business workflows in a matter of days without any coding, APIs or integration. Capriza disrupts the speed and economics of the enterprise mobility journey by extending the capabilities of existing applications from SAP, Oracle, Salesforce as well as custom-built solutions in a simple and useable way, onto any smartphone or tablet. Founded in 2011 by former executives of Mercury Interactive, Capriza is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA and is funded by Andreessen Horowitz, CRV, Tenaya Capital, Harmony Partners, Allen & Company, Entre Capital and Vintage Investment.

Source: PRWeb